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Full text of "Thirty-Third Annual Catalogue, Pennsylvania State Normal School, Mansfield, Tioga County Pa., 1895-1896 [Catalog]"

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Zbixt^Zbixb * 
Hnnual Catalogue. 

IWormal , # 
ScbooL ♦ ♦ 

-,/«ir««; COLLEGE 


South Hall 



Zhixty * ftbirb. 

Hnnual Catalogue 


State IRormal Scbool 

flDansfielfc, £ioaa Counts, pa. 

Hnnouncements for 1895*96. 

fltansficto, Ipa.: 

Dan Ikeurcn 8. Coles, printers. 




Calendar 3 

Board of Trustees 4 

Standing Committees of Board 5 

Board of Instruction and Discipline. . . 6 

State Board of Examiners 7 

Catalogue ok Students, 

Scientific Course 8 

College Preparatory Course 8 

Elementary Course 9 

Course in Art 18 

Course in Music 19 

Model School 30 

Summary of Catalogue 22 

Courses of Study, 

Elementary Course 33 

Regular Normal Course 24 

Scientific Course 24 

Advanced Normal Course 25 

College Preparatory Course 26 

Course in Art 27 

Course in Music 29 

Text Books Now in Use 29 

Rules for Final Examinations 30 

Certificates and Degrees 32 

Departments of Instruction 32 

Department of Pedagogy m 

Department of Language 34 

Department of Mathematics 37 

Department of Physical Science ... 38 
Department of History and Civil Gov- 
ernment 41 

Department of Physiology and Hy- 
giene, and Dept. of Gymnastics . . 42 

Department of the Arts 42 

Prizes 44 

Reading Room 45 

Apparatus and Cabinet 46 

Literary Societies 4U 

Lectures and Entertainments 47 

Religious Associations 47 

Athletic Association 47 

Location, Buildings and Grounds .... 47 

Expenses 4!) 

Tuition for Special Art Studies 50 

Miscellaneous 50 

How to Reach Mansfield 51 

Normal School of Music 52 

Course of Study 53 

Singing 52 

Piano 53 

Violin 53 

Organ 5-3 

Flute, Cornet, Clarinet, Etc 54 

Harmony 54 

Certificates and Diplomas 54 

Positions for Graduates 54 

Free Privileges 54 

Musical History 55 

Lectures and Concerts 55 

Analysis 55 

Theory of Music 55 

Chorus and Sight Singing 55 

Music in Public Schools 56 

Reading Room 59 

Literary Societies Bfi 

Normal Teachers' Classes 56 

Other Studies 56 

Regulations 57 

Instruction 57 

Rates of Tuition 57 

Special Catalogue 58 

The Alumni 59 




Calenoar for Scbool Iftear 1895*96. 





Fall term opens. 




Middle of fall term. 




Fall term closes. 




Winter term opens. 




Holiday recess begins. 




School reopens. 




Middle of winter term. 




Winter term closes. 




Spring term opens. 




Middle of spring term. 



-Thursday evening, 

Exhibition by Model School. 



—Friday evening, 

Exercises by Agonian and Philale- 
thean Fraternities. 



—Saturday evening, 

Exercises by Normal Literary and 
Athenaean Societies. 



—Monday morning, 

Exhibition of Gymnastics. 

Monday evening, 

Junior exhibition. 



—Tuesday morning, 

Class Day exercises. 

Tuesday afternoon, 

Exhibition of Gymnastics. 

Tuesday evening, 

Concert by the Music Department. 




Annual meeting and banquet of the 

Wednesday evening, 

Literary exercises by the Alumni 




Commencement exercises. 

Thursday evening, 



Boaro of trustees. 

Term of office expires in 1898. 



Term of office expires in 1897. 




J. C. HOWE, 

Term of office expires in 189ti. 


C. S. ROSS, 


Term of office expires in 1898. 

Hon. H. B. PACKER, Wellsboro, DR. F. G. ELLIOTT, Mansfield. 

Term of office expires in 1897. 

DAVID CAMERON, Wellsboro, F. M. ALLEN, Mansfield. 

Term of office expires in 1896. 
H. C. JESSUP, Montrose, J. T. McCOLLOM, Troy. 

®ffic£rs of tljs ^oarfc. 

DR. J. M. BARDEN, President. J. A. ELLIOTT, Secretary. 

EDWARD H. ROSS, Treasurer. 





Stanoing Committees 


(SSrotmfr* ana gutlMttge. 


^,ext gcck*, Apparatus, ano tyvintxng,. 


Itrtstructtcm anb gHecipUnt. 



(Bxecxttive atxb financial. 


fJttblic Relation* of tljc gtcljaM. 



J. C. HOWE, 



Boaro of Instruction ano discipline. 

S. H. ALBRO, A. M., (Brown Unv.), Ph. D., (Colgate Unv.), 

Principal, Psychology, and History of Education. 

J. P. BREIDINGER, A. M., (Lafayette College), 

Vice-Principal, Mathematics. 

W. R. LONGSTREET, M. E., (Mansfield State Normal School), 

Principal Model School, Methods, and Military Tactics. 

SAMUEL E. SPROLE,* A. M., (Syracuse University), 

Natural Sciences. 

I. M. GAYMAN, M. S., (Lafayette College), 

Natural Sciences. 

G. CLAYTON ROBERTSON, Ph. B., (Cornell University), 

Ancient Languages. 

LIZZIE MAY ALLIS,* A. B., (Elmira Female College), 

German and Latin. 

IRENE CAMPBELL NEWHOUSE, A. B., (Cornell University), 

German and Latin. 

ANNIE RICHARDSON CAMERON, Ph. B., (Cornell University), 

Rhetoric, Literature, and History. 

H. J. VAN NORMAN, B. S., (Cornell University), 

English Grammar and Arithmetic. 

ELIZA J. BOYCE, (Mansfield State Normal School), 

Geography, Model School. 


Gymnastics, Physiology and Hygiene. 

ANNIE SKEELE, (Posse Gymnasium), 

Gymnastics, Physiology and Hygiene. 




Drawing, Painting, Penmanship, and Book-keeping. 

JULIA AUGUSTA SUCESE.f (National Academy of Design), 

Drawing, Painting. 

F. M. ALLEN, (Poughkeepsie Business College), 

Penmanship and Book-keeping. 

HAMLIN E. COGSWELL, Musical Director, 

Singing, Violin, Harmo)iy, Theory, and Instrumentation. 


Piano, Harmony, and History of Music. 


Piano and Theory. 


Violin and Piano. 
E. A. SPENCER, M. E., 




♦Resigned. +To be employed. 

State Boaro of Examiners. 


JOHN Q. STEWART, Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction. 
JAMES ELDON, Principal, Lock Haven. 
S. H. ALBRO, Principal, Mansfield. 
C. D. OBERDORF, Superintendent, Sunbury. 
SAMUEL TRANSEAU, Superintendent, Williamsport. 
J. C. TAYLOR, Superintendent Lackawanna County. 
J. G. BECHT, Superintendent Lycoming County. 
H. E. RAESLY, Superintendent Tioga County. 
U. B. GILLETT, Superintendent Susquehanna County. 


Catalogue of Stufcents. 

Scientific ©tmrse. 


Charles Buckley, . 
Maud E. Gates, . 
Edith Goodrich, . 
Bloomfield H. Howard 
Glenn E. Jelliff, . 
Edith Shaw Jones, 
Emma Miller, . . 
Benj. F. Shaw, . . , 
R. May Tingley, . , 
J. T. Williammee, , 
Clara Winans, . . . 



. Draper, Tioga. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Elmira, Chemung, N. 

. Auburn Center Susquehanna. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Mainesburg, Tioga. 

. Lamb's Creek, Tioga. 

. New Milford, Susquehanna. 

. Hoytville, Tioga. 

. South Auburn, Susquehanna. 


J. S. Adams, .... 
Edson A. Benson, . 
D. J. Fanning, . . 
Stella Goodall, . . 
Eugene B. Goodrich, 
George A. Leonard, 

A. D. Broughton, 
Peter R. Cameron, 
Burr R. Hollands, 
Irving C. Lewis, . 
David Paine, . . 
Hugh B. Strang, . 
Frederic Van Dyne, 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. East New Milford, . . . Susquehanna. 

. Wetona, Bradford. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Alford, Susquehanna. 

• Troy, Bradford. 


. Westfield, ...... Tioga. 

. Wellsboro, Tioga. 

. Hornellsville, Steuben, N. Y. 

. Ulysses, Potter. 

. Troy, Bradford. 

. Westfield, Tioga. 

. Troy, Bradford. 



E. M. Aldrich, . 
C. L. Argetsinger, 
J. O. W. Bailey, . 
Louise M. Barnes, 
Lena A. Buck, 
Alice V. Bull, . . 
B. G. Bradford, . 
Claude L. Coon, . 
Lena A. Cooper, . 
Julia E. Cornwell, 
John R. Davies, . 
Elizabeth J. Davis 
Robert Davis, . . 
Sarah Davis, . . 
Maud O. Doud, . 
A. F. Dunsmore, 
Luella Dunsmore, 
Pearl Eddy, . . 
Paul Edwards, . 
Elizabeth Evans, 
E. S. Garey, . 
Mabel T. Gray, 
Edith S. Goodall, 
Julia L. Goodspeed, 
Ella M. Grabb, . 
Ernest H. Green, 
Cora M. Griffin, . 
Van V. Howe, 
Jennie Hughes, . 
Daniel P. Hurley, 
Mark C. James, . 
Estella A. Jones, 
Solomon D. Jones, 
Minnie K. Keating 
Katherine Keefe, . 
Laura Kinney, . . 

ffilentmtctrtj ©ourae. 


. Alford, Susquehanna. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Scranton, Lackawanna. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Sylvania, Bradford. 

. Canton, Bradford. 

. Lamb's Creek, Tioga. 

. Job's Corners, Tioga. 

. Cherry Flats, Tioga. 

. Antrim, Tioga. 

. Wanamie, Luzerne. 

. Lynn, Susquehanna. 

. Peckville, Lackawanna. 

. Glen Richey, Clearfield. 

. Glen Richey, Clearfield. 

. Ulysses, Potter. 

. Osceola, Tioga. 

. Wanamie, Luzerne. 

. Jenningsville, Wyoming. 

. Troy, Bradford. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Herrick, Bradford. 

. Keeneyville, Tioga. 

. Scranton, Lackawanna. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Blossburg, Tioga. 

. Fall Brook, Tioga. 

. Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Wellsboro, Tioga. 

. Blossburg, Tioga. 

. Fall Brook, ... ... Tioga. 

. Williamsport, Lycoming. 





Sadie L. Knowlton, 
Raymond Lacey, . 
G. Antoinette Lancaster, 
Edith June Loveless, 
P. J. McAuliff, . . 
Lisle McCollom, . . 
Henry W. Merritt, . 
Kate Edna Monks, . 
John H. Morse, . . 
James Muir, . . . 
Ruth Osgood, . . . 
A. Judson Packard, 
Caroline M. Parks, . 
Andrew H. Patterson, 
Rhoda Patterson, 
Bert L. Phillips, . . 
Aydie E. Pollock, . 
Josephine V. Powers, 
Jennie E. Prutsman, 
Frederick W. Reese, 
Eva Richards, . . 
Ida Robbins, . , 
Olive Robbins, 
Edith Rose, . . , 
Fred W. Skelton, 
Merritt Soper, . . 
Albert E. Stair, . 
Cora Marion Stevens, 
V. E. Sweazey, 
L. B. Taylor, . . 
Lula May Tobey, 
Cora B. Van Horn, 
Nellie R. Watrous, 
Ruby Williams, . 
Olive Wilson, . . 


. Covington, Tioga. 

. Laceyville, Wyoming. 

Forksville, Sullivan. 

. Tioga, Tioga. 

. Mardin, Tioga. 

. Troy, Bradford. 

. Plains, Luzerne. 

. Chatham Valley, .... Tioga. 

. East New Milford, . . . Susquehanna. 

. Fall Brook, Tioga. 

. Lamb's Creek, Tioga. 

. Fields Station, Lycoming. 

. Nelson, Tioga. 

. Glen Richey, Clearfield. 

. Arnot, Tioga. 

. Gaines, Tioga. 

. Antrim, Tioga. 

. Pittston, Luzerne. 

. Lawrenceville, Tioga. 

. Alden, Susquehanna. 

. Blossburg, Tioga. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Mainesburg, Tioga. 

. Wellsboro, Tioga. 

. Mainesburg, Tioga. 

. Alden Station, Luzerne. 

. Montrose, Susquehanna. 

. Sabinsville Tioga. 

. Stony Fork, Tioga. 

. Millerton, Tioga. 

. Troy, Bradford. 

. Montrose, Susquehanna. 

. Corning, Steuben, N. Y 

. Norwich, Chenango, N. 




Fred C. Abernathy, 
Estella G. Allen, . 
Nellie B. Allen, . . 
Edwin C. Amerman, 
Hulda Alworth, . . 
Abbie Angell, . . . 
Edna M. Baldwin, . 
Rose L. Baker, . . 
Lincoln Barnes, . . 
Ina D. Barton, . . 
B. Ellsworth Beach, 
H. E. Bernauer, . . 
Edith J. Black, . . 
Georgia L. Blaksley, 
Wm. D. Bradway, . 
Edith B. Brown, . . 
Ettie M. Burgess, . . 
Eugenia H. Burritt,. 
Michael Byron, . . 
Sophia Bodler, . . . 
Harriet Boughtin,. . 
Albert Bowen, . . . 
Gerona Burt, .... 
Elizabeth M. Cahill,. 
Esther Campbell, . . 
Mae M. Carpenter, . 
Tillie A. Cawley,. . 
Fannie M. Clark, . . 
Geo. B. Cobb, . . . 
Albert M. Cochran, . 
Jno. G. Copestick, . 
Margaret G. Cosgrove 
Clara Cottrell, . . . 
Martha M. Cronk, . 
Lena M. Cruttenden, 
Mary Cornell, . . . 
Jennie T. Cunningham 



. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Forest City, Susquehanna. 

. LeRaysville, Bradford. 

. Danville, Montour. 

. Harford, Susquehanna. 

. Knoxville, Tioga. 

. North Wales, Montgomery. 

. North Bingham, .... Potter. 

. Scranton, Lackawanna. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Roaring Branch, .... Lycoming. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Canoe Camp, Tioga. 

. Forest City, Susquehanna. 

. Lovelton, Wyoming. 

. Jermyn, Lackawanna. 

. Dushore, Sullivan. 

. Germania,. Potter. 

. Tioga,. Tioga. 

. Cherry Flats, Tioga. 

. Ulysses, Potter. 

. Susquehanna, Susquehanna. 

. Troy, Bradford. 

. Newfield, Potter. 

. Port Allegany, McKean. 

. Mansfield. Tioga. 

. Ulysses, Potter. 

. Williamsport, Lycoming. 

. Stony Fork, Tioga. 

. Archbald, Lackawanna. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Fairdale, Susquehanna. 

. Lamb's Creek, Tioga. 

. Little Marsh, Tioga. 

. Mansfield,. ...... Tioga. 





Jas. C. Dalton,. . 
Sarah E. Davidson, 
Emily Davis, . . . 
Edna E. Day, . . 
Edna J. Doane,. . 
Wm. J. Dobbins, . 
Edw. B. Dorsett, . 
Ernest M. Dorsett, 
Harry Dorsett, . . 
Dornah Doud, . . 
Bertha I. Dunn,. . 
Archie M. Dunsmore 
Grace K. Eadie, . 
Ethel Eglin, . . . 
Walter W. Evans, 
Katherine C. Falsey 
Cora M. Field, . 
Margaret Fogarty, 
Mary Edna Fowler, 
Sarah L. Fowler, . 
Walter R. Fralic, 
Louis D. Fuller, . 
Fred H. Gaige, . 
Ida M. Geier, . . 
Anna T. Gibson, 
Mary T. Gray, 
Frances J. Gillespie 
Bessie T. Greer, . 
Louisa Gressel, 
Grace M. Haight, 
Thos. F. Hanahue, 
Claudia B. Hakes, 
Cora M. Hakes, . 
Grace R. Harding, 
A. T. Harrer, . . 
Mary A. Harvey, 
T. Harry Hastings, 


Mansfield, Tioga. 

Passaic, Passaic, N. J. 

Pike's Creek, Luzerne. 

Corning, Steuben, N. Y. 

Mansfield, Tioga. 

Arnot, Tioga. 

Lamb's Creek, Tioga. 

Mansfield, Tioga. 

Mansfield, Tioga. 

Mainesburg, Tioga. 

Forest City, Susquehanna. 

Philipsburg, Centre. 

Weatherly, Carbon. 

Lewinsville, Fairfax, Va. 

Round Top, Tioga. 

Arnot, Tioga. 

Ashley, Luzerne. 

Morris Run, Tioga. 

Mansfield, Tioga. 

Canton, Bradford. 

Lamb's Creek, Tioga. 

Middlebury Centre, . . Tioga. 

Mansfield, Tioga. 

Ulysses, Potter. 

Mansfield, Tioga. 

Laceyville, Wyoming. 

Harford, Susquehanna. 

Say re, Bradford. 

Carter Camp, Potter. 

Mansfield, Tioga. 

Olyphant, Lackawanna. 

Lamb's Creek, .... Tioga. 
Lamb's Creek, .... Tioga. 

Harford, Susquehanna. 

East Point, Tioga. 

Arnot Tioga. 

Chatham Valley, .... Tioga. 





Mary T. Hayes, . 
Jacob F. Heft, . . 
Carrie L. Hickok, 
Geo. M. Holcomb, 
Ray Husted, . . 
Nellie Hillis, . . 
Frank S. Jackson, 
Mabel C. Jackson, 
Margaret E. Jerald, 
Ada Jones, . . . 
Albert M. Jones, 
Louise Jones, . . 
Jno. J. Judge, . . 
Frank M. Kennedy, 
Ada H. Kenyon, 
Agnes Kernan, 
Mollie Kilbourne, 
Lillian E. King, . 
Edgar M. Krug, . 

Mary Lamkin, . . 

Ernest E. Landon, 

Wm. F. Lawrence, 

Helen E. Leach, . 

Lena R. Lewis, . 

Mary L. Lewis, . 

Emma D. Lore, . 

Minerva Long, 

Arthur L. Mann, 

Isabella Marvin, . 

Geo. Maxey, . . 

William A. McCarthy, 

Ella T. McGovern, . . 

Thos. F. McHale, . . 

Elizabeth R. McKelvey, 

Lewis H. McKinney, . 

Hattie A. W. Miller, . 

Chas. Monks, .... 


Morris Run, Tioga. 

Trucksville, Luzerne. 

Troy, Bradford. 

Mainesburg, Tioga. 

Mansfield, Tioga. 

Rushville, Susquehanna. 

Ebenton, Tioga. 

Springfield, Greene, Mo. 

Mansfield, Tioga. 

Mansfield, Tioga. 

Cherry Flats, Tioga. 

Cherry Flats, Tioga. 

Peckville, Lackawanna. 

[ Fall Brook, Tioga. 

Troy, Bradford. 

[ Mesh'oppen, Wyoming. 

. Covington, Tioga. 

. Columbia X Roads, . . Bradford. 

. Williamsport, Lycoming. 

. Beech Creek, Clinton. 

. Canton, Bradford. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Chinchilla, Lackawanna. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. W. Covington, .... Tioga. 

. Nanticoke, Luzerne. 

. Renovo, Clinton. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Covington, Tioga. 

. Forest City, Susquehanna. 

. Miner's Mills, Luzerne. 

. Flerrick, Bradford. 

. Olyphant, Lackawanna. 

' Tunkhannock, Wyoming. 

. Lawrenceville, .... Tioga. 

. Sned'ekerville, Bradford. 

. Chatham Valley, .... Tioga. 




Dora H. Moody, 
Frances E. Morse, 
Jno. J. Mullen, 
Margaret Murphy, 
Patrick J. Murray, 
Bess Neefe, 
Kate Neefe, . 
Jno. T. Nelson, Jr. 
Eleanor E. Newell, 
Louise Newton, 
John J. O'Hara, '. 
William M. Orr, 
Catherine Overfield 
Peter D. Overfield, 
Lily Palmer, 
Gusta Parker, 
Henry J. Parks, 
Frank H. Patchen, 
Jno. C. Patterson, 
Nellie Peck, 
Lotta Pendleton, 
Sarah Peters, 
Harry S. Peterson, 
Ida May Pierce, 
Ivan C. Potter, . 
Myrtle M. Potter, 
Velma M. Potter, 
Melissa Cameron Qu 
Ruth B. Ransom, 
Tilda M. Reynolds, 
Mattie M. Reynolds 
Satie Rice, 
Bert W. Richmond, 
Rena Ripley, 
Jesse C. Rounds, . 
Mattie Senior, 
Fanny Mabel Shaw, 





... Tioga. 

• Oswayo, Potter. 

• Minooka, Lackawanna. 

. Morris Run, Tioga. 

. Punxsutawney, Jefferson. 

■ Sweden, Potter. 

. Sweden, Potter. 

. Covington Tioga. 

. South Hill, Bradford. 

• Brooklyn, Susquehanna. 

• Olyphant, Lackawanna. 

. Stony Fork, Tioga. 

. Meshoppen, Wyoming. 

. Skinner's Eddy, .... Wyoming. 
. Priceburgh, Lackawanna. 

• Canton, Bradford. 

• Plains, Luzerne. 

. Covington, Tioga. 

. Glen Richey, Clearfield. 

■ Elmhurst Lackawanna. 

■ S - Warren, Bradford. 

■ Fal1 Brook, Tioga. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. E. Smithfield, Bradford. 

• Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Mansfield, .....'.' Tioga. 

an, Choconut, Susquehanna. 

• Harford, Susquehanna. 

• Gold > Potter. 

. W. Nicholson, .... Wyoming. 

. Little Marsh, Tio"-a. 

. Mansfield, ' Tioga! 

. Lamb's Creek, Tioga. 

. Uniondale, . . . . . [ Susquehanna. 

• G 'bson, Susquehanna. 

. Mansfield, . . .... . Tio^a. 




Walton C. Sheldon 
Effie A. Sherman, 
Ray W. Sherman, 
Rosemond E. Sherman 
Mattie J. Sherwood, 
Julia A. Simmons, 
Lloyd B. Smith, 
Louis H. Smith, 
Louis N. Smith, 
Nelson J. Smith, 
Burton J. Snover 
David M. Soper, 
William Spear, 
Minnie Stearns, 
Claude E. Stevens 
Nellie M. Storer 
Belle Teeter, 
Irving E. Tewksbury 
Henry J. Thayer, 
Jno. W. Thomas, 
Lester Thomas, Jr., 
Clara Tiffany, . . . 
Anna Gertrude Vail, 
Edith M. Van Horn, 
Stanley E.Van Horn, 
Arlington Vaughn, . 
Hattie E. Vermilyea, 
Ida Wakefield, . . . 
Maud Walbridge, 
Fred J. Wandall, 
Morgan J. Waters, 
Louise Watrous, . 
Ernest G. Webster, 
Lizzie O. Webster, 
Edith P. Werline, 
Isabelle D. Wetmore, 
Lydia M. Wheeler, . 


. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Covert, Bradford. 

. Pine City, Chemung, N. Y. 

. Pine City, Chemung, N. Y. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Laceyville, Wyoming. 

. Shingle House, .... Potter. 

. Elk Run, Tioga. 

. Mainesburg, Tioga. 

. Skinner's Eddy, .... Wyoming. 

. Covington, Tioga. 

. Wyoming, Luzerne. 

. Harford, Susquehanna. 

. Nelson, Tioga. 

. Lanesboro, Susquehanna. 

. Austinville, Bradford. 

. Brooklyn, Susquehanna. 

. Bernice, Sullivan. 

. Wellsboro, ....... Tioga. 

. Nelson, Tioga. 

. Nicholson, Wyoming. 

. Jermyn, Lackawanna. 

. Troy, Bradford. 

. Granville Summit, . . . Bradford. 

. Elmira, Chemung, N. Y. 

. Marshfield, Tioga. 

. Leraysville, Bradford. 

. Wellsboro, Tioga. 

. Mehoopany, Wyoming. 

. Highland, Bradford. 

. Montrose, Susquehanna. 

. Mainesburg, Tioga. 

. E. Smithfield, Bradford. 

. Liberty, Tioga. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Mansfield, Tioara. 




M. Grace Wheeler, 
Myra L. White, . 
Mabel E. Whitney, 
Marvella Wicks, . 
May Wilkins, . . 
Walter Youmans, 
Jennie M. Young, 
Katie Zepp, . . . 



. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Gaines, Tioga. 

. Caton, Steuben, N. Y. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Nicholson, Wyoming. 

. Mardin, Tioga. 

. Avoca, Luzerne. 

. Germania, Potter. 

Jennie M. Allen, 
Carl M. Bradford, . 
Chas. D. Breon, . . 
Kent W. Butterworth, 
Albert Bates, . . . 
Amos M. Campbell, 
Clementina Chapin, 
Elmer L. Clark, . . 
Chas. S. Cottrell, . 
Louise A. Cruttenden 
Wm. Daisley, . . . 
Harry O. Dallman, 
Florence Darby, . . 
Lawrence W. Dart, . 
Mary H. DeWitt, . 
R. T. Davis, . . . 
M. Cecelia DeCoursey 
Aurelia Dewey, . . 
Claude N. Ely, . . 
Leigh Everitt, . . 
Edwin B. Farr, . . 
Geo. A. Ferrell, . . 
Jennie A. Fitzpatrick, 
Nellie E. Fogarty, . 
Margaret Ford, . . 
Walter E. Frost, . . 
Herman H. Gaige, 


. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Sylvania, Bradford. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Coudersport, Potter. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Oregon Hill, Lycoming. 

. White's Corners, .... Potter. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Lamb's Creek, .... Tioga. 

. Glen Richey, Clearfield. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Hoytville, Tioga. 

. Wellsboro, Tioga. 

. Mainesburg, Tioga. 

. Morris Run, Tioga. 

. Roaring Branch, .... Lycoming. 

. Sullivan, Tioga. 

. Wellsboro, Tioga. 

. Trowbridge, Tioga. 

. Black Walnut, Wyoming. 

. Overton, Sullivan. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Arnot, Tioga. 

. Elmira, Chemung, N. Y. 

. Covington, Tioga. 

. Jackson Summit, .... Tioga. 





Lorenzo E. Grinnell, 
Bertha Goodrich, . 
Mary E. Gray, . . 
Fanny M. Howe, . 
Frank W. Howe, 
Frances M. Hulslander, 
Leah L. Hulslander, 

Harry A. Husted, . 

Ellen Hosley, . . . 

Royal C. Irving, 

Hattie Inscho, . . 

Marena Kelley, . . 

Lula M. Kohler, . . 

Jennie B. Lamont, . 

F. A. Landon, . . 

Leon W. Lilly, . . 

Fred W. Loveless, 

Harry V. Loveless, 

Clementina M. Meissner 

Sophia Meissner, . . 

Jas. H. Miller, . . 

Addie R. Mudge, . 

Agnes Muskett, . . 

Julia Nestor, . . . 

Orval Newton, . . 
Sylvania A. Nye, 
August Ollendick, . 
Lula A. Palmer, . . 
Dwight Patterson, . 
Evangeline B. Pitts, 
Raymond B. Pitts, . 
James Pollock, . . 
Emma Quackinbush, 
Winton H. Reynolds 
Celia Rice, .... 
Fred Rikeldifer, Jr. , 
Jay Alfred Shaw, 



Stokesdale, Tioga. 

Elmira, Chemung, N. Y. 

Laceyville, Wyoming. 

Mansfield, Tioga. 

Mansfield, Tioga. 

Burlington, Bradford. 

Burlington, Bradford. 

Mansfield, Tioga. 

Mansfield, Tioga. 

Ogdensburg, Tioga. 

Canoe Camp, Tioga. 

Mansfield, Tioga. 

Mardin, Tioga. 

Wellsboro, Tioga. 

Gleason, Tioga. 

Mansfield, Tioga. 

Tioga, Tioga. 

Tioga, Tioga. 

Germania, Potter. 

Germania, Potter. 

Millerton, Tioga. 

Mansfield, Tioga. 

Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Roaring Branch, .... Lycoming. 

Newfield, Potter. 

Rutland, Tioga. 

Throope, Lackawanna. 

Mansfield, Tioga. 

Arnot, Tioga. 

Mansfield, Tioga. 

Mansfield, Tioga. 

Antrim, Tioga. 

Mansfield Tioga. 

Tunkhannock, .... Wyoming. 

Little Marsh, Tioga. 

Helvetia, Clearfield. 

Mansfield, Tioga. 





Nellie Shaw, . 
Louis L. Smith, 
Jno. C. Strange, 
Rudolph C. Stroeie, 
F. S. Stull, .... 
Nellie M. Sweeley, 
Arthur Lee Voorhees, 
Gertrude S. Voorhees 
William J. Walker, 
Clarence E. Ward, 
Edward E. Watkins, 
Rudolph O. Welfling, 
Dee A. Welch, 
Blanche A. Whiting, 
John T. Williams, 


. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Millerton, Tioga. 

. Mainesburg, Tioga. 

. Germania, Potter. 

. Ogdensburg, Tioga. 

■ Rutland, Tioga. 

. Mansfield, Tio^a. 

. Mansfield, Tio°-a. 

. Covington, Tioga. 

• Elmira, Chemung, N. Y. 

. Austinville, Bradford. 

. Germania, Potter. 

• Tr oy, Bradford. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

• Peckville, Lackawana. 


Florence L. Ashley, 
Jennie Farrer Avery, 
Blanche Beardslee, 
Lura Cass, . 
E. Dora Cogswell, 
Mittie Darby, 
Nettie E. Field, 
Edith S. Farrer, 
Sadie Hodges, 
Nellie C. Horton, 
Zoe Hurlbut, . 
Lola Sherwood, 
Mabel R. Shipman, 
Donna Thomas, . 
Fannie Updyke, . 
Cora M. Vedder, 

fcursj in girt. 

[Special not catalogued elsewhere.] 


■ Mainesburg, Tioga. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. E. Canton, Bradford. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

• Hoytville, ' Tioga. 

. Wellsboro, Tioga. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Westfield, Tioga. 

. Lovelton, Wyoming. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Jackson Summit, .... Tioga. 
. Mansfield, Tioga. 




Anna Adams, . 
Lena E. Arnold, 
Bessie Arnot, . 
Bessie Baldwin, 
Lula Mae Barton, 
Ada Beach, . . 
Harry Beach, . 
Evelyn Blaksley, 
Mame Blaksley, 
Mary Breidinge, 
Minnie Bump, . 
Jennie Burns, . 
Carl Cleveland, 
Edna Cogswell, 
Gertrude Daily, 
Katherine Erwin, 
Edith Frost, 
Emma Frost, . 
Chas. M. Goodall, 
Rettie A. Grubhm, 
Grace M. Haight, 
Nellie Hoard, . . 
Kate Holcomb, . 
Byron Jackson, 
Alice Jerald, . . 
Amy Kelley, . . 
Vinnie Eleanor Leet 
Katherine Lewis, 
Edna Lovell, . . 
Frank Losey, . . 
Howard P. Maine 
Alice Major, . . 
Isabel Manley, 
Jennie Moore, . , 
Louis Morgan, 
Jno. T. Murphy, 

Coutse itt iptueic. 

[Special not catalogued elsewhere.] 


. Harford, Susquehanna. 

. Granville Centre, . . . Bradford. 

. Rutland, Tioga. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Westfield, Chautauqua, N.Y. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Covington, Tioga. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Covington, Tioga. 

. Canoe Camp, Tioga. 

. Corning, Steuben, N. Y. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Mainesburg, Tioga. 

. Wellsboro, Tioga. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Le Roy, Bradford. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Covington, Tioga. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Lawrenceville, Tioga. 

. Mainesburg, Tioga. 

. Lehman, Luzerne. 

. Granville Centre, . . . Bradford. 

. New Milford, Susquehanna. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Friendsville, Susquehanna. 





May H. Neefe, 
Lura O'Connor 
George Passmore, 
Susie Ramsdell, 
Ida Rankin, 
Nellie Richmond, 
Mary E. Rose, 
Elfreda Ruggles, 
Grace Rumsey, 
Lena Seeley, 
Bessie Smith, . 
Cora I. Stebbins, 
Alice Strait, . . 
Fred D. Thomas, 
Maud E. Thomas, 
Emma Van Ness, 
Eva Warner, . . 
Ruth Wells, . . 
Edyth Wetmere, . 
Margarette G. Wheeler, 
Fred Woelfel, . 
Mabel Wright, 


. Sweden Valley, .... Potter. 

. Morris, Tioga. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Lamb's Creek, .... Tioga. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Mainesburg, Tioga. 

. Lehman, Luzerne. 

. Mainesburg, Tioga. 

. Nelson, ........ Tioga. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Sabinsville, Tioga. 

. Sylvania, Bradford. 

. Neath, Bradford. 

. Laceyville, Wyoming. 

. Troy, Bradford. 

. Jacksonville, Tompkins, N. Y. 

. S. Montrose, Susquehanna. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

. Germania, Potter. 

. Mansfield, Tioga. 

Edna Burton, 
Ava Campbell, 
Ethel Faulkner, 
Lewis Foster, 
Harry Foster, 

James Frost, 
Fred Kinney, 
Mabel Soper, 


Essie Haight, 
Bessie Horton, 
Lynn M. Hosley, 
Rena M. Osborne, 
Justin W. Stanton, 


Nina Phelps, 
Myra Reynolds, 
Bertha Roff, 
Leon Satterlee, 

Francis M. Stevenson, 
Florence M.Thurston, 
George D. White. 

Clay M. Strait, 
Mattie White. 




Earnest E. Campbell, Lee C. Hosley, 
Edith B. Fitzpatrick, Alice Hymen, 
Teresa Gaylord, Wardie W. Loper, 

Carrie Horton, Pearl Newell, 

Blanche Horton, Delia Northrop, 

Preston M. Albro, 
Ada P. Beach, 
John Bailey, 
Rena B. Cass, 
Julia L. Frost, 

Minnie Bump, 
Elwin E. Bull, 

Raymond F. Adams, 
Edna A. Cogswell, 
Beatrice M/Elliott, 
Leland Gaige, 
Lee Gaylord, 

Howard Beach, 
Jack Briggs, 
Eddie Cornell, 

Agnes Fitzpatrick, 


Ross Gaylord, 
Helen Hymen, 
Harry Kinney, 
Thomas O. Olver, 
Chas. Wey Olver, 


Lewis Burton, 
Guy Day, 


Edna Goodrich, 
Nellie M. Hoard, 
Osie M. Ingalls, 
Vera L. Johnson, 
Lena Mudge, 


Dora Howe, 
Louise M. Phelps, 
Leon F. Reese, 


Freeman Hipkins, 
Leona Ingalls, 


Eva Phelps, 
Herbert Starkey, 
Fay A. Strait, 
Fred F. Stevenson, 
David F. Stevenson. 

Asaph Passmore, 
Horace G. Roff, 
Roy W. Rose, 
Edna G. Stratton, 
Karl F. Van Norman. 

Belle Barton, Lida Hillier, 

Agnes Cunningham, Leona Ingalls, 
Mamie E. Curtis, Daisy Jackson, 

Herbert M. Fowler, 

Edith Frost, 
Nellie Larkin, 

Emma M. Powers, 
Bessie Smith, 
Addie N. Thurston, 
Nellie R. White. 

Howard Ryon, 
Jessie Shattuck, 
Edna Shaw. 

Grace Van Valcalner, 

Maud R. Kingsley, 
Charles M. Rose, 
Helen C. Shipman. 



Richard A. Allen, 
Mart B. Bailey, 
Harry M. Beach, 
Mary B. Butts, 
Harvey Cloos, 
Horace Cloos, 

Mattie D. Bodine, 
Alice M. Butts, 
Olla Campbell, 


Effie Cornell, Clifton Larkin, 

Agnes Cunningham, George H. Passmore, 
Minnie Earl, Mollie A. White, 

Julia A. Fitzpatrick, Maud E. White, 
Rose B. Gibbs, Lewis Wilson, 

Maud R. Kingsley, Maud Wilson. 


Fordyce M. Clark,' 
Hattie A. Curtis, 
Charles M. Elliott, 


Nellie Goodrich, 
Blanche Wilson. 

Mamie M. Blaksley, Hattie Hall, 
Robert Cunningham, Vinnie E. Leet, 

Edith Mudge, 
Prudence Passmore. 

§«mm ctrtj. 

Resident Graduates, 

Scientific Course, tt 

College Preparatory Course, . 6 

Course in Music, 7 

Course in Art, 6 

Under Graduates, 

College Preparatory Course, 7 

Elementary Course, 

Senior Class, 7I 

Junior Class, • • • _ I( . 

Preparatory Class, 7 n 

Course in Music, 

Special not elsewhere catalogued, . c 1 

Course in Art, 

Special not elsewhere catalogued, . 10 
Total, Normal Students, 

Model School, 







Courses of Stubp. 

Four courses of study are provided for the Normal Schools 
of the State of Pennsylvania, as follows: Elementary Course, 
Regular Normal Course, Scientific Course, Advanced Normal 

(Blcmentavxi fficutrsc. 


Language: — Orthography, Reading. 

Natural Science:— Physiology and Hygiene. 

Historical Science: — Geography, Political and Physical; 
History of the United States. 

The Arts: — Penmanship, sufficient to be able to explain 
some approved system; writing to be submitted to the Board of 

Other studies, as Arithmetic, English Grammar, Algebra, etc., 
shall be added to the Preparatory year, said studies to be selected 
by each Normal School, but the "final" examination in these added 
branches shall be deferred till the end of the Junior year. 

junior year. 

Pedagogics:— School Management; Method of Teaching the 
Common Branches. 

Language: — English Grammar; Latin, sufficient for the intro- 
duction of Caesar. 

Mathematics: — Arithmetic; Elementary Algebra. 

Natural Science: — Botany. 

Historical Science: — Civil Government. 

The Arts: — Drawing, a daily exercise for at least twenty- 
four weeks, work to be submitted to the Board of Examiners; 
Book-keeping, single entry, including a knowledge of common 
business papers, and a daily exercise for at least seven weeks; 
Vocal Music, elementary principles, and attendance upon daily 
exercises for at least twelve weeks. 

Physical Culture. 




Pedagogics: — Psychology; Methods of Teaching the Com- 
mon Branches; History of Education; Model School Work, at 
least twenty weeks of actual teaching daily during one period of 
not less than forty-five minutes; a Thesis on a professional subject. 

Language: — Rhetoric and Composition; English Literature, 
at least twelve weeks' work, including the thorough study of four 
English classics; Latin, Caesar, through the Helvetian War. 

Mathematics: — Plane Geometry. 

Natural Science: — Elementary Natural Philosophy. 

Historical Science: — General History. 

The Arts: — Elocutionary exercises in connection with the 
study of English Literature; Manual Training. 

Physical Culture. 

Regular formal (&ouv&e. 

[Three Years.] 

[This Course includes the studies of the Elementary Course, 
and the following branches: A full equivalent will be accepted 
for any of the text-books named in this Course.] 

Pedagogics: — Advanced Psychology; Moral Science; Philos- 
ophy of Education; Methods of Teaching; Practice of Teaching; 
Pedagogical Works: Fcebel, Education of Man, Quick, Educa- 
tional Reformers, Fitch, Lectures on Teaching; School Super- 
vision, School Apparatus; Discussion of Manual Training, Phys- 
ical Culture, etc. 

Mathematics: — Solid Geometry; Plane and Analytical Trig- 
onometry; Surveying. 

Language:— Latin: Caesar, 3 books; Virgil's ^Eneid, 3 books; 
Cicero, 3 orations. 

Natural Science: — Chemistry, including Chemistry of Soils; 
Zoology, including Entomology; and Geology. 

Literature: — Higher Literature, English and American, in- 
cluding a study of at least four classics. 

gicierttiftc ©tmr*e. 

[Four Years.] 

[This Course includes the studies of the Regular-, Normal 
Course and the following branches:] 

Blank Page 



Pedagogics: — Logic; Course of Professional Reading se- 
lected from Regular or advanced Normal Course; a Thesis on a 
professional subject. 

Language: — Latin: 3 books of Virgil's iEneid, 3 orations of 
Cicero, or a full equivalent; (an equivalent of Greek, German or 
French will be accepted for any of the following studies: Virgil, 
Cicero, Higher Algebra, Spherical Trigonometry, Surveying, 
Analytical Geometry, Calculus, Mathematical Natural Philoso- 
phy and Mathematical Astronomy, and an equivalent in Latin 
and advanced work in Natural Science for any of the foregoing 
mathematical studies.) 

Mathematics: — Higher Algebra; Spherical Trigonometry 
and Surveying, with use of instruments; Analytical Geometry; 
Differential and Integral Calculus. 

Natural Science: — Higher Natural Philosophy; Astronomy, 
Descriptive and Mathematical. 

Historical Science: — English History; Grecian History 
Roman History. 

glbtmttcefc Qovmcil l&ovtv&e. 

[Five Years.] 

[This course includes the studies of the Scientific Course, 
and one year's additional work in Pedagogics, as follows: A full 
equivalent will be accepted for any of the text-books in the 

Psychology: — James, Advanced Course. 

Laurie's Institutes of Education; Rein's Outline of Peda- 
gogy; Herbart's Science of Education; Spencer's Education; 
Rosmini's Method in Education; Davidson's Education of the 
Greek People. 

Discussion of Methods and Objects of Leading Educators: 
Frcebel, Pestalozzi, Dr. Arnold, Horace Mann, and others. 

Discussion of Educational Theories. 

Education in the United States; Education in Pennsylvania 
(Wickersham); General Survey of History of Public Education 
in Germany, France and England. 9 

Advanced work in Language, Mathematics, Natural Science, 
etc., may be taken at the option of the student. 


[These courses have been instituted by this school for the 
benefit of students who desire to pursue a course of study at the 
college or university, and they require from one to two years 
after completing the Elementary course. Students who complete 
these courses are admitted without examination to Cornell Uni- 
versity, Lafayette College, Bucknell University, and Pennsylva- 
nia State College.] 


English: — Spelling; Reading; English Grammar and Com- 
position; Rhetoric. 

History: — History of the United States; Outlines of Roman 
History; Outlines of Grecian History (for students who take 

Geography: — Political and Physical Geography, complete; 
Ancient Geography. 

Physiology: — Martin's Text Book complete, or the equiva- 

Mathematics: — Arithmetic; Algebra through Quadratics; 
Plane Geometry. 

Latin: — Latin Grammar and Reader; Caesar's Commen- 
taries, four books; Cicero's Orations, four against Cataline, and 
"Pro Archia" Virgil's iEneid, six books; Latin Prose Composi- 

Greek:— Greek Grammar and Reader; Xenophon's Anaba- 
sis, four books; Homer's Iliad, three books; Greek Prose Com- 

n. preparatory to a latin scientific course. 

This course is the same as the Classical course, except that 
for Greek, German and Elementary Physics are substituted, 
in. preparatory to a technical course. 

English: — Spelling; Reading; English Grammar and Com- 
position; Rhetoric. 

History: — History of the United States; General History. 
• Geography: — Political and Physical Geography, complete. 

Physiology: — Martin's Text Book, complete, or the equiva- 



Mathematics: — Arithmetic; Algebra, complete; Plane and 
Solid Geometry; Plane and Spherical Trigonometry. 

German: — German Grammar and Reader; William Tell; 

Course in art 

Elementary and Freehand Drawing is taught as a regular 
branch in the Elementary course. 


A special course of Art has been arranged, requiring two 
years of systematic study, called the Junior and the Senior Year 
in the Course of Art. 

The following schedules exhibit these courses of study. An 
equivalent in some other branch of art work may be substituted 
for what is here laid down. 

junior year. 

The work of the regular Normal Art Course of twenty-eight 

Flowers, leaves or fruit from the cast, or models in relief, in 
crayon, India ink or color; foliage, tree trunks, etc., from nature. 

Oil paintings from the flat, not including figures. 

Oil paintings from landscapes, flowers, still life, etc., from 

Charcoal drawings. 

Crayon Work. 

Pastel Studies. 

Use and qualities of colors, technical terms, etc., on which 
an examination will be given each half-term. 


Fragments of the human figure, from the cast, in black and 

Sketch book with weekly time drawings, dated, to be sub- 
mitted to Board of Examiners. 




Drawing from nature. 

History of Art, theory of color, technical terms, etc., on 
which an examination will be given each half-term. 

Landscapes, still life, flowers and animals, to be painted in 
oil from nature, also figures. 

Time sketches in color. 

Decorative painting. 

For the benefit of students taking the regular art course, a 
reading circle will be formed, to meet at such stated times as the 
members may decide. 

Students may enter at any time and take such branches of 
art as they may choose — crayon, oil, pastel, china painting, water 
color, or decorative painting. 

A class in out-door sketching will be formed in the fall and 
spring terms. 

Illustrated lectures on art will be given each week, and 
students taking the course are required to attend, and take notes. 
Other students are recommended to attend these lectures. 

During each term of the year, every student taking the 
Senior course must present one essay of at least 500 words, and 
on graduation a thesis of 900 words, or more, on some subject 
relating to the fine arts. These will be retained by the school. 

Easels and numerous other conveniences are provided by 
the school. 

A large and varied assortment of studies is provided for the 
use of the students free. 

Special rates on painting and drawing material have been 
secured to art students. 

Visitors will not be ad?nitted to the studio during class hours. 

During Commencement week, a public exhibition of the 
work of the students will be given, at which time the work of 
those taking the regular course will be examined. 


Course in HDusic. 

The elementary principles of Vocal Music are taught as one 
of the regular branches of the Elementary course. Students 
who wish to take lessons in Instrumental or Vocal Music, or to 
take a complete and thorough course in any department of 
Musical Instruction, avail themselves of the excellent advantages 
offered by the Normal School of Music. 

Gert "Boohs IRow in "Wse. 

(&letncntavti (&oxxv&e. 


Latin Reader — Harkness' Easy 

School Economy — (Lectures). 

Reader — Harper, McGuffey. 

Geography, Physical — Houston. Physiology— Martin 

Geography, Political— Swinton. History— Barnes. 

Penmanship — Spencerian. 

Drawing — White. 

English Grammar — Maxwell 

Reed & Kellogg. 
Latin Grammar — Allen &Green- 


Civics — Townsend. 
Algebra — Robinson. 
Arithmetic — Milne. 
Book-keeping — Gay. 


Psychology — Brooks. 
Methods of Teaching — Brooks. 
History of Education — Payne's 

Rhetoric — Hart. 
English Literature — Shaw. 

Geometry- — Wentworth. 
Physics— Gage. 
Botany — Gray's School 




Moral Philosophy — (Lectures). 
Virgil — Allen & Greenough. 
Tacitus — Chase & Stuart. 
Cicero — Kelsey. 
Latin Composition — Jones. 
Greek Grammar — Goodwin. 
Greek Reader — White's Begin- 
ner's Greek Book. 
Greek Composition — Jones. 
Anabasis — Kelsey. 
Iliad — Seymour. 
German — Schmitz. 

[General History — Myers. 
I Logic — Jevons. 
Chemistry — Remsen. 
Geology — Dana. 
Astronomy — Young. 
Zoology — Holder. 
Natural Philosophy — Appleton. 
Higher Algebra — Appleton. 
Solid Geometry — Wentworth. 
Trigonometry and Surveying — 

IRuIes for final Examinations 

itje ffilementatrtr (&oxxvae. 

i. Admission to the Senior and Junior classes shall be deter- 
mined by the State Board of Examiners at the annual examination by 
the Board. 

2. In order to be admitted to the Junior class at any State Nor- 
mal School, persons must be examined in the six Preparatory branches 
named and no others; and the examination in these branches shall be 
final. Those who for any reason were unable to complete the Prepara- 
tory examination, may be admitted to both the Preparatory and the 
Junior examinations at the end of the Junior year. But they must be 
classed as Preparatory students till the final examination in the Prepar- 
atory branches has been completed. No substitutions or conditions 
shall be allowed for any of the studies required for admission to the 
Junior, class. 

3. In order to be admitted to the Senior class, persons must be 
examined in all the Junior studies, except Methods and Latin, and the 



examination in these branches shall be final. No substitutions or con- 
ditions shall be allowed for any of the studies required for admission 
to the Senior class. 

4. If the faculty of any State Normal School, or the State Board 
of Examiners, decide that a person is not prepared to pass an examin- 
ation by the State Board, he shall not be admitted to the same exam- 
ination at any other State Normal School during the same school year. 

5. If a person who has completed the Preparatory or the Junior 
studies at any State Normal School, desires to enter another State 
Normal School, the Principal of the School at which the examination 
was held shall send the proper certificate to the Principal of the School 
which the person desires to attend. Except for the reason here stated, 
no certificate setting forth the fact of the passing of the Preparatory 
or the Junior studies shall be issued. 

6. Candidates for graduation shall be examined in all the 
branches of the Senior year. They shall have the opportunity of 
being examined in any of the higher branches, including vocal and 
instrumental music and double entry book-keeping; and all studies 
completed by them shall be named in their certificate. 

7. Persons who have been graduated in any course may be ex- 
amined at any State examination in any branches of a higher course, 
and the Secretary of the Board of Examiners shall certify, on the back 
of their diplomas, to the passing of the branches completed at said 

8. A certificate setting forth the proficiency of all the applicants 
in all the studies in which they desire to be examined by the State 
Board of Examiners, shall be prepared and signed by the faculty and 
presented to the Board. 


IRuIes TRelattno to Certificates ano Decrees. 

i. Students who have completed any one of the foregoing 
courses shall receive a certificate or diploma authorizing them to teach 
in the public schools of the State two years without examination. 

2. Persons who have completed any one of the foregoing 
courses and have taught two full annual school terms since graduation, 
shall receive a certificate or diploma, authorizing them to teach in the 
public schools of Pennsylvania without further examination, provided 
that they present to the faculty and Board of Examiners a certificate 
of good moral character and skill in the Art of Teaching from the 
Board, or Boards of Directors by whom they were employed, counter- 
signed by the proper Superintendent. 

3. Degrees shall be conferred as follows: 

To graduates in the Regular Normal Course, the degree of Bach- 
elor of Elementary Pedagogics (B. E. P.); after two years' successful 
teaching, the degree of Master of Elementary Pedagogics (M. E. P.) 

To graduates in the Scientific Course, the degree of Bachelor of 
Science (B. S.); after two years' successful teaching, the degree of 
Master of Elementary Pedagogics (M. E. P.) Graduates of the 
Scientific Course who have engaged in scientific, literary or profes- 
sional pursuits, at least three years after graduation may receive the 
degree of Master of Science (M. S.) 

To graduates in the Advanced Normal Course, the degree of 
Bachelor of Pedagogics (B. P.); after two years' successful teaching 
after completing this Course or in the Scientific Course, the degree of 
Master of Pedagogics (M. P.) 

Departments of instruction. 

The aim of the Normal School is to furnish competent teachers 
for the public schools of the state. The mental equipment of a teacher 
consists of (1) knowledge of the subject matter to be taught, (2) know!.- 

programme of Classes for tbe l£ear 1895*96. 

3fall Germ. 

A. M. 

Scientific Course. 


Advanced Physics 




College Prepara- 
tory Course. 

Regular Normal 

Elementary Course. 

Four Years. Three to Four Yrs. Three Years. 

Senior Year. 

Junior and Preparatory Years. 

Csesar (b) 

William Tell. 

Virgil (c) 


Higher Algebra. 



German (c) 


I Arithmetic (c) 
I Algebra (c) 

History (a) with Civics. 

Cbapcl Exercises. 

Csesar (b) 

Csesar (b) 

Csesar (c) Sec. II. 

Arithmetic (b) 
Drawing (b) 

History (b) 

Anabasis (b) 

English Literaturel Algebra (b) 
I Botany. | Latin (b) 


William Tell 

William Tell. 

Geometry (a) 

Arithmetic (a) 
Botany. , 


Virgil (c) 

Virgil (c) 

Gymnastics. Gymnastics. 


fRoon IReccss. 

Caesar (c) Sec. I. 

I Grammar (b) 

History (b) 

Greek (c) 


Geography (b) 

German (c) 

German (c) 

Algebra (a) 
j Physics (c) Sec. I. 

Logic (Mon. Wed.) 
General History 
(Tu. Thur. Fri.) 

Logic (Mon. Wed.) 

General History 

' (Tu. Thur. Fri.) 

Logic (Mon. Wed.) i General History 
General History | (Tu. Thur. Fri.) 
(Tu. Thur. Fri.) IGymn. (Mon.Wed.) 

Grammar (a) 
Algebra (a) 

Geography (a) 

Methods (Mon. Wed. Fri.) 
Gymnastics (Tu. Thur.) 

Winter Germ. 


i „ ., „ j , i Arithmetic (c) 
Astronomy. Methods. | AlgeDra (c) 


Cbapct Exercises. 


Csesar (a) 

(halt term) 
Cicero (b) 

(halt term) 

Csesar (a) 

(half term) 
Cicero (b) 

(halt term) 

Caesar (a) 

(halt term) 
Cicero (b) 

(half term) 

Csesar (b) Sec. II. 
Geometry (b) 

Arithmetic (b) History (a) with Civics. 
Drawing (b) 



Anabasis (a) 


EngiishLiteraturej^atb) «£: 


Marie Stewart. 

Marie Stewart. 

»„ • „, , I Geometry (a) I Arithmetic (a) 

Marie Stewait. | Gymnastics. I Drawing (a) Gymnastics. 


Virgil (b) 

Virgil (b) Virgil (b) Gymnastics. Gymnastics. Spelling. 


IRoon IRecess. 


Solid Geometry. 

I n„o„„ it* so. t I Grammar (b) spelling. 
| Csesar (b) Sec. I. | History (b) 


Greek (b) 

I Physics (b) Sec. II. Grammar (b) Reading. 
Algebra (a) | Algebra (a) Geography (b) 


German (b) German (b) 

German (b) 

Pnybics ib) Sec. I. urammar (a) rnysioiogy. 
Rhetoric. I Geography ia) 


Moral Science | Moral Science 

(Mon. Wed.) (Mon. Wed.) 
General History General History 
(Tu. Thur. Fri.) | (Tu. Thur. Fri.) 

Moral Science 

(Mon. Wed.) 
General History 
(Tu. Thur. Fri.) 

P0 Tu al Tta°r , .r y i Methods < Mon ' Wed - Frl '> 
Gymnastics; Gymnastics (Tu. Thur.) 
(Mon. Wed. I 

Spring Germ. 



I History of I Vocal Music (Mon. Tu. Thur. Fri.) 
Education. | Book-keeping (Wed.) 


Cbapct Exercises. 


Cicero (a) 

Cicero (a) 

Cicero (a) 

| Latin Compo sition I Latin CompositionlLatin Composition! 
lGreek"omp r osition| "chemistry." 

C;esar (a) Sec. II. [ Arithmetic (b) 
Geometry (a) \ Drawing (bj 

History (a) with Civics. 



Arithmetic (a) 
Latin (a) 


I Hermann and 

Hermann and 

Hermann and 


| Arithmetic (a) 
Drawing (a) 



Algebra (a) 



Virgil (a) Virgil (a) Virgil (a) Gymnastics, j Gymnastics. Spelling. 


moon IRecess. 



1 Csesar (a) Sec. I. 

Grammar (a) History (D) 



1 Anabasis 

Botany Sec. II. 

Botany. Grammar (b) Latin (a) 
Algebra (a) Geography (a) 
Botany. Algebra (b) Physiology. 
Grammar (a) Geography (a) 


William Tell. William Tell. 

William Tell. 

Botany Sec. I. 


Political Economy 

(Tu. Thur.) 
(Mon. Wed.) 

Methods (Mon. Wed. Fri.) 
Gymnastics (Tu. Thur.) 

The studies indicated in the College Preparatory Course are those which are required of a graduate of the Elemen- 
tary Course for entrance to College. Other students who enter this course are required to take the common branches and the 
mathametics of the Elementary Course. . 

The letter (a) affixed to the name of a study indicates that the study requires more than one term in that Course and that 
it is completed in the term indicated. The letter (b) affixed to the name of a study indicates that the study requires more than 
one term, and that the subject is not completed, but requires one more term. The letter (c) affixed to the name of a study indi- 
cates that two more terms are required to complete it. 

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edge of the laws of mental action, and (3) knowledge of those methods 
of imparting instruction and of moving the will, which are in most 
complete harmony with the laws of mental action; this last knowledge 
may be either theoretical or practical. With the successful teacher it 
is both. 

In this school the student receives his knowledge of subject mat- 
ter in his daily study and recitations; he acquires an elementary knowl- 
edge of the laws of mental action by the study of Psychology. In 
order to supply him with a theoretical knowledge of the best methods 
of imparting instruction and of moving the will, we give regular instruc- 
tion in Methods and School Economy, and History of Education. 
Finally, to furnish him, as far as possible, with the needed practical 
skill, we introduce the senior to the work of actual teaching in the 
Model School. 

fpepcstrtmcttt of ^Heoctrsogij. 


Five recitation periods, weekly, of forty-five minutes each, during "the fall terra 
(14 weeks), are required of the Senior class for Psychology. 

The aim is to present the fundamental principles of the science in a manner so 
simple that the student can understand them, and in so practical a light that he may 
see their application in methods. 

The work consists of lectures on the nervous system, and special senses; the study 
of the intellect, the sensibilities, and the wffl, with their relation to each other; the 
analysis of the intellect into the faculties, observing the natural order of development; 
the special study of the intellectual faculties with their relation to the sensibilities and 
the will; instinct, reflex and habit. 


Five recitation periods, weekly, of forty-five minutes each, during the spring term 
(14 weeks), are required of the Senior class for the History of Education. 

The aim is to acquaint the student with the origin and development of the theories 
and methods which he has adopted, to awaken in him an interest in the personal history 
and character of the great educators of the past, and, in general, to give him more in- 
telligence and a deeper interest in matters pertaining to his profession. 

The work consists of a study of selections from Compayre's History of Pedagogy 
and lectures on the History of Education in America. 


Three recitation periods, weekly, of forty-five minutes each, for one-half term (7 
weeks), are required of the Post Graduate classes for Logic. 

The aim is to acquaint the student with the exact use of terms, the classification 
of propositions, the rules of the syllogism and the different kinds of reasoning. 



Three recitation periods, weekly, of forty-five minutes each, for one term (14 weeks), 
are required of the Post Graduate classes for Moral Science. 

The aim is to study some of the most prominent theories of different philosophers 
in regard to the Standard of Ethics, the Psychological basis of these theories, and to 
consider a rational system of practical Ethics. Instruction is given by lectures. 

S. H. ALBRO, Instructor. 

The Model School consists of pupils from six to sixteen years of age. It is divided 
into eleven grades, and embraces Primary, Intermediate, Grammar and Academic stu- 

The design of the school is to give our students an opportunity to put into practice 
the theory and methods of instruction received in the course of professional work. 

Twenty -one weeks or more of practice work is required of each Senior, who does 
his work under the constant direction of the Principal of this department. A single 
term of this practice will do more for a student-teacher than years of school-room work 
without advice or criticism. 

Once each week the whole class meet with the Principal to hear criticisms on their 
work. Individual criticisms are made and suggestions offered as needed. 

Each student-teacher is also appointed critic for a period of at least two weeks. A 
written report of his observations is then handed to the Principal for inspection, and 
whatever is particularly worthy of note, or subject to criticism, is afterward discussed 
before the class. 

The methods, the language, power of securing and holding attention, discipline, 
manner, and teaching power, are noted and errors criticised. 

Earnest effort is made to impress the fact that a poor disciplinarian cannot suc- 
ceed in the school-room, and every principle relating to discipline is seriously and care- 
fully discussed. During the year there are Senior class exhibitions of teaching, after 
which each student has an opportunity to make criticisms or ask advice. 


Five recitation periods, weekly, of forty-flve minutes each, during the winter term 
(14 weeks), are required of the Senior class for Methods. 

The aim is to discuss the best methods of teaching each of the branches taught in 
common schools, and to discover the psychological basis of the methods recommended. 
This course in Methods is designed to be the study of applied Psychology, and, at the 
same time, a preparation for the duties of the school room. 

Three recitation periods, weekly, of forty-flve minutes each, during the whole year 
are required of the Junior class for Methods and School Economy. 

The aim is to furnish students who may teach school before entering the Senior 
class, with such an empirical knowledge of Methods, and such practical hints in regard 
to the management of a school, as he is most in need of as a preparation for his work. ' 

W. R. LONGSTREET, Instructor. 

glcpartmcnt of gattjjuaae. 

This department aims to give the student a thorough knowledge of the dictionary and 
its many uses, including correct pronunciation, and the diacritical marking of words; 
to enable him to read understanding^, intelligently and with ease, the ordinary news- 
: aper or magazine articles, and to teach the same by the best methods. 


The books now in use are Harper's Fifth and Sixth Readers, and MeGuffey's Finn 

The plan pursued is to drill upon special selections,requiring students to give them 
before the class. Students are also required to prepare articles of their own selection, 
and to present them before the class for criticism. 

The powers of imagination and description are encouraged and cultivated by the 
reproduction in writing of articles read or heard, and by the description of mental pic- 
tures produced by reading. 
Outline of work required: 
Alphabet— Vowels— Single, Diphthong. Consonants— Subvocal, Aspirate. 
Orthcepy— Phonetic Analysis, Articulation, Syllabication, Accent, Pronunciation. 
ExrESSioN and Modulation— Quality, Pitch, Force, Time, Inflection, Emphasis. 

All students are required to make a standing of 90 per cent in the orthography of 
common words. 

This subject is taught by written lessons, combined with oral drill upon the sounds 
of letters and division of words into syllables. 

Merrill's Word and Sentence Book is used in class work, and examinations are 
given upon the words found in this book, with other words in common use. 

BLIZA J. BOYCE, Instructor. 
Five recitation periods, weekly, of forty-five minutes each, for one term, are re- 
quired of the Junior class for English Grammar. Preparatory classes in Grammar are 
organized for students that are not prepared to enter upon the Junior course in this 

In both Junior and Preparatory classes, one recitation weekly is devoted 
to the study of letter-writing and to practical composition work generally, and at the 
close of the term, the student is required to hand in a satisfactory essay upon a subject 
which is assigned by the teacher. 

Grammar may be defined as the science cf language and the art of expression. It 
is the aim of this department that neither branch of the subject shall be neglected. All 
will agree that this study should be made practical, and that ability to speak and write 
correctly shouid be the end chiefly sought. Of scarcely less importance, however, is the 
study considered as a science,inasmuch as practical grammar.or language lessons, rests 
on the principles of grammar. Besides, as a means of mental discipline, few subjects 
are so valuable as technical grammar. 

Especial attention is given to the following topics: declensions, principal parts of 
verbs, forms of conjugation, analysis, and the correct use of words in sentences. 

H. J. VAN NORMAN, Instructor. 
Five recitation periods, weekly, of forty -five minutes each, during one term, are 
required of the Senior class for Rhetoric. 

The subject is taught with a view to its practical use. It is taken up in the fol- 
lowing manner: First, Punctuation, at the end of which the student is supposed to be 
familiar with the important principles. Second, Diction, under which sentences illus- 
trating the right use of words are considered together with synonyms. Third, the dif- 
ferent kinds of sentences together with their appropriateness for the expression of differ- 
ent kinds of thought. Fourth, rules for the construction of sentences in regard to 
clearness, emphasis, unity, strength, harmony. Fifth, Figures. Sixth, some of the 





special properties of style. Seventh, Versification. Eighth, Poetry. After the princi- 
ples involved in the various styles of composition, essays are required descriptive, nar- 
rative, expository, or argumentative, in character. 


Five recitation periods, weekly, of forty-five minutes each, during one term, are 
required of the Senior class for English Literature. 

This subject is taught with a view to giving the student a due appreciation of the 
best in the history of the language. In the limited period of fourteen weeks only the 
most important authors of the different epochs are considered, but around these, as far 
as possible, are grouped the minor writers. The subject is begun with the devel- 
opment of the language from the Anglo-Saxon. The life of an author is studied with 
the purpose of causing the student to know the man, and through him, his style. In 
order to become familiar with his style, extracts from different productions are read. 
Some attention is given to the political condition of the times, to the general condition 
of the country, and to the leading events of English history. A proportionate amount of 
time is given to American authors. ANNA R. CAMERON, Instructor. 

Five recitation periods, weekly, of forty-five minutes each, for two terms, are 
required of the Junior class for Latin. The subjects studied are, in the main, as follows: 
Accentuation, rules of gender, declension of regular nouns, and of dens, domus, 
senex, and via; declension of adjectives, participles, and pronouns; cardinal numerals up 
to 100, inclusive; comparison of regular adjectives, participles, and bonus, malm, magnus, 
parvus, rnulius ; formation and comparison of adverbs; conjugation of regular verbs 
(active and passive voices), and of turn; simple rules of syntax of nouns, pronouns, and 
adjectives. LIZZIE MAY ALLIS, Instructor. 


Five recitation periods, weekly, of forty-five minutes each, during the year, are 
required of the Senior class in Latin. The subjects studied are, in the main, as follows: 

Conjugation of volo, nolo, malo,fero, eo, and deponents, formation and use of the 
two periphrastic conjugations; general rules completed for syntax of nouns, adjectives, 
and pronouns; indicative, imperative, infinitive and subjunctive modes, including con- 
ditional, temporal, causal, final, and consecutive clauses; simple forms of indirect dis- 
course; English derivatives; the life and times of Csesar; the Roman legion; geography 
of Gaul; translation of the "Helvetian War," (Commentaries, Book I, 29 chapters). 
Translation at sight and hearing. 


Caesar's Commentaries:— Four Books. Life and character of Cajsar: the Roman 
art of war: outline map of Gaul, locating the principal tribes and battle grounds; a 
careful study of grammatical principles illustrated in the text; drill in sequence ' of 
tenses, indirect discourse, formation and derivation of Latin words. Translation at 
sight and hearing. 

Cicero's Orations:— Four against Cataline, and that for the poet Archias; the life 
and times of Cicero: typography of Rome; occasion and object of each oration; study of 
Latin Synonyms. 



Virgil's JEneid:— Six Books. Virgil's life and position iis a poet, epic poetry; 
poetic construction; figures of speech; prosody; careful study of all mythological and 
historical references; outline map, showing position and name of the various points 
visited by .'Eneas; famous quotations and proverbs from Virgil. 

Latin Composition:— Allen's Introduction to Latin Composition. Translating 
English into Latin illustrating regular constructions and idioms; sentences to be cor- 
rected, and copied into a composition book; marking all long vowels. 


Grammar:— Laws of quantity and accent, rules for euphony, regular declension of 
nouns, adjectives, participles, and pronouns, formation and composition of adverbs, 
regular comparison of adjectives, irregular comparison, formation of verb stems, regu- 
lar conjugation, contract verbs, more common mi verbs, thorough drill on the principal 
parts of irregular verbs, syntax of substantive, adjective, and verb forms, the use of 
the subjunctive and optative modes. 

Anabasis:— Four Books. Life of Xenophon, history of the period, Greek art of war, 
geography of the route of the "ten thousand," drill in etymology and syntax. 

Iliad:— Three Books. Homer, the story of the Iliad, Homeric forms and syntax, 
rules of prosody, hexameter verse, mythology, figures of speech, comparison of Attic 
and Homeric forms. 

Creek Composition:— Jones's Exercises in GreekProse. 



First Year:— German Grammar and Reading as given in Schmitz's "Elements of 
the German Language;" German Script; declension of nouns, articles, adjectives and 
pronouns; conjugation of regular and irregular verbs, active and passive. 

German composition and easy conversation taught by the natural method. 

Second Year:— First Term. Translation and study of Syntax of Schiller's "Will- 
iam Tell." 

Second Year:— Translation and study of Syntax of Schiller's "Maria Stuart." 

Third Year:— Translation and study of Syntax of Goethe's "Hermann and Doro- 

LIZZIE MAY ALLIS, Instructor. 

Qepavinxcni of igJUailjcmatica. 


In Arithmetic three classes are formed, requiring one, two and three terms, res- 
pectively to complete the subject. 

The most advanced class begins at Ratio, the second class at Percentage, and the 
third class at Fractions. 

Special attention is given to some parts of the Arithmetic; for example, Fractions, 
Denominate Numbers, Measurements, Longitude and Time, Pure Percentage and its 
various application of Profit and Loss, Commission, Interest, Discount, and Taxes. On 
the other hand there are some Parts of the Arithmetic, which are seldom or never used 
after leaving school; as, Equation of Payments, Averaging Accounts, Savings Banks Ac- 
counts, Alligation, Annuities, Circulating Decimals, and Arbitration of Exchange, which 
are omitted altogether. 


In recitation each topic under discussion is developed by a direct appeal to the rea- 
son without reference to any formal rule, while the rule is made use of only as a general 
deduction drawn from the solution of concrete examples. 

H. J. VAN NORMAN, Instructor. 
The Junior course requires Elementary Algebra complete. All principles are dem- 
onstrated and thoroughly discussed. Special attention is given to the following sub- 
jects: Factoring, Newton's Binomial Theorem, Square and Cube Root, the Solution of 
Quadratic Equations, and Proportion. 


Daily recitations for two terms of fourteen weeks each are required to complete 
this subject. 


Plane Geometry is a Senior study, and two terms of fourteen weeks each are 
required to complete it. The classes have a recitation period of forty-five minutes 
each, daily. Special attention is given to the demonstration of original propositious. 
and the solution of problems. 


Solid Geometry is a term study. Recitations occur daily. In Solid Geometry as 
in Plane, demonstrations and solutions of original propositions and problems are 

Many practical problems involving trigonometrical functions are solved. Demon- 
strations of the Formulas are required. The classes are given drill in the applications 
of Plane Trigonometry to Surveying. The transit and other necessary instruments are 
explained. Surveys are mapped and areas computed. 

J. P. BREIDINGER, Instructor. 

Qepavtmetjt of Itytffttcai gtciencc. 

The course of study in Physical Science has for its aim : 

1st. To lead the student to acquire the power and habit of accurate observation 
of the facts of nature, and the ability to draw from these facts legitimate inferences as 
to their causes and relations. 

2d. To afford training in the expression, orally and written, of the student's con- 
clusions in clear and forcible language. 

3d. To relate everything, as far as possible, to the student's former and present 

4th. To make the work as elementary as may be, with a view to the student's use 
of it in teaching. 

The subjects constituting the course are as follows: 

Physiology— One term. 

Geography (Descriptive and Physical)— Two terms. 

Physics— Two terms. 
Botany—One term. 




Physics— Two terms. 

Chemistry— One term. 

Geology— One term. 

Astronomy— One term. 

Zoology — One term. 

The Junior class receives as a part of the course in methods a course of about 
twelve lessons in Natural History with special reference to classifying the objects with 
which they may be familiar in the animal, plant, and mineral kingdom. 

The particular aim in view in the study of Descriptive Geography, is to fix in the 
mind such knowledge as the student may already have, and as far as possible, relate 
such knowledge to his every-day experiences. 

The topical method is used in teaching, and the following summary of topics may 
indicate the ground covered: 

1 . The form, size, and motions of the earth. 

2. Directions, positions, and measurements. 

8. Land-masses, continental and insular, with their groupings. 

4. Oceanic and inland waters. 

5. Political Divisions— comparison with United States. 

6. Routes of commerce, communication, and travel. 

7. A more thorough and complete study Is made of the United States and Pennsyl- 

Physical Geography is restricted to the physical features of the earth, and the ani- 
mals and plants which live upon its surface. 

ELIZA J. BOYCE, Instructor. 
The students of the Senior class study Physics during the fall and winter terms. 
The course consists of a series of experiments from Gage's Introduction to Physical 
Science, selected with reference to being those most easily comprehended and best Illus- 
trating the main principles and practical applications of the science. 

These experiments are performed by the teachers, questions asked which lead the 
student to observe closely the conditions and result, and he is expected to draw his own 
inferences and state them in his own language. The student is expected to be familiar 
with the text, and questions and problems are given to test his knowledge. Each student 
then writes in his note book a description of the experiments, illustrating each by a 

The work of Physics in the Past-Graduate course is along the same line but more 
extended, and the students perform a series of experiments. 

Botany is studied by the Junior class during the Spring term, about half of the time 
being devoted to the study of the text book and the remainder to the practical work of 
describing, analyzing, and preparing specimens for a herbarium. The student is in- 
structed to plant a window garden with several kinds of seeds and study their mode of 
germination and growth, making in his note book a record of his observations. 

Each student prepares a herbarium of at least twenty -five specimens of plants 
mounted on card board, together with mounted specimens of leaves and stems, illustrat- 



ing all of tlie forms of simple and compound leaves and the different kinds of phyliotaxy , 
In this way he gets an accurate and adequate acquaintance with the plants of the 
region and a working knowledge of plants in general. 


The Scientific class study Zoology during the fall term. The method is, a3 far as 
possible, from practical observation. Specimens illustrating the different classes of ani- 
mals are dissected by the student, their structure examined, and descriptions and draw- 
ings made in note books. 

The classification and characteristics of the animals are studied and lists made by 
the student of all the animals with which lie is familiar, putting each in its proper place 
in the classification. 

Morphology and the development from the egg are studied in the living specimens, 
together with the different tissues which go to make up the animal structure. 

The doctrine of evolution and the criteria by which we judge an animal's rank are 
studied; the theory of instinct; the voluntary and the automatic movements; the organs 
with their functions, adaptations, correlations and analogies. 


The students of the Scientific course give one term to the study of Geology. 

For this study the school is especially well equipped. Our cabinet contains one of 
the finest collections arranged to illustrate Lithology and Historical Geology. Besides 
the study of this the students make frequent excursions in the surrounding region to 
examine the structure and arrangement of the rocks and to collect specimens for their 
own cabinets. These they study, classify, label, and arrange in a space set aside for 
them, thereby acquiring the ability to recognize the kinds of rocks when they come 
under their observation, and forming a nucleus for a more extensive collection. 

The effect of frost in aiding to disintegrate the rock, and of rivers in eroding their 
banks and depositing detritus and silt are well illustrated by the rocks and streams in 
this section, which are visited, examined, and discussed by the students. 


One term is spent by students of the Scientific and Post-Graduate courses in the study 
of Chemistry, the first half being devoted to chemical theory and the more common ele- 
ments with their properties, and symbols, and the equations representing their reactions. 
A sufficient number of selected experiments are performed by the teacher to illustrate 
the text. The latter half of the term is spent in individual work. The student performs 
a list of experiments recommended by the Committee of Ten for secondary schools, and 
writes a description of these, together with the equations representing the chemical 
reactions, in his note books. 

Frequent quizzes and examinations are held to test his ability and accuracy. 


One term is spent by students of the Scientific and Post Graduate courses in the 
study of Astronomy. 

The student is expected to acquire a correct notion as to the simpler methods and 
results of astronomical research. He acquaints himself with the facts as given in the 
text book and verifies them, as far as possible, observing the heavens, noting the posi- 
tions and movements of the planets, and brighter stars, and tracing the principal con- 
stellations. The uses of the telescope and spectroscope are explained and illustrated. 

Blank Page 









The more Important statistics are learned, the theories to account fer the origin and 
structure of the universe, and the laws of planetary and cometary motions. 

S. E. SPROLE, Instructor. 

jpc^tartmimt of gjistortj anb ©toil ©otjcvmttcnt. 


Five recitations, weekly, of forty-five minutes each, during a half-year (21 weeks), 
are required of the Junior class for American History and Civics. 

The chief object before the teacher is to create in the student a desire for the study 
of history. The attempt is made through the narration of comparative accounts of dif- 
ferent authors, debate, map-drawing, relics, short sketches, etc. Causes and effects are 
considered. The study of biography is made prominent. Some attention is given to the 
related events of English History. The subject is taken up in the following natural order: 
Explorations, colonizations, inter-colonial wars, the revolution, Presidential administra- 
tions, civil war, events of later history. 


Five recitation periods, weekly, of forty-five minutes each, during a half-year (21 
weeks), are required of the Scientific and Post Graduate classes for the study of General 

This subject is taken up in much the same manner as is United States History. 
Under Ancient History a brief account of the following countries is studied: Egypt, 
Babylonia and Assyria, Phoenicia, Judea, Media and Persia, India, China, Greece, and 
Rome. In connection with the two latter some attention is given to the classic writers 
together with manners and customs. 

The principal facts in Mediaeval History are grouped around the rise of the Sara- 
cens, the Frankish Kingdom, the Modern Nations, Italy, the Crusades, Moors in Spain, 

Under Modern History the leading events of the sixteenth century are clustered 
around Charles the Fifth of Spain, the rise of the Dutch Republic, the Civil-Religious 
wars of France, the Tudors in England, etc. 

Under the seventeenth century are considered the "Thirty Years' War," the history 
of France, England under the Stuarts; in the eighteenth century Peter the Great, and 
Charles the Twelfth of Sweden, the growth of Prussia under Frederick the Great, Eng- 
land under the House of Hanover, the French Revolution; in the nineteenth century the 
history of the following countries is taken up in order: France, England, Germany, Italy, 
Turkey, Greece, the Netherlands, Japan. 

Five recitation periods, weekly, of forty-five minutes each, for a half-term (7 weeks), 
are required of the Preparatory class for Civics. The subject is taken up .as a supple- 
ment to History of the United States. 

The course attempts a thorough analysis of the Constitution of the United States, 
a comparison between the National government and the government of the states, and 
of foreign countries, and a discussion of the principles of government, and of the reason 
for the provisions of the constitution, and of current events relating to Civics. 

ANNIE R. CAMERON, Instructor. 



department of ^ijtjaialogn atxfr git0tene, atxb ©ttronas- 



Five periods weekly, of forty-five minutes each, for one term (14 weeks), are re- 
quired of the Preparatory class for Physiology and Hygiene. 

Whatever of Anatomy is combined with this work is illustrated with skeleton, mani- 
kin, diagrams, fresh parts of animals, etc. It will be the object in the entire work to 
describe the functions of the most important organs of the human body, and the means 
by which these organs may be kept in healthy condition. Chapters on digestion, circu- 
lation, respiration, and the functions of the skin, receive special attention. 

The following is a resume of subjects to be elaborated by the students: 1. Bones; 
2. Joints; 8. Muscles; 4. Digestion; 5. Blood and the organs for its circulation; tl. 
Respiration; T. The Skin and its appendages; 8. The Nervous System; 9. Organs of 
the Special Senses. Attention will be paid to Aids and Emergencies. 

Supplemental reading is desired. 

Special Physiology is given Seniors in Physical Training Department. 

The system taught is the Swedish Gymnastics. All students are required to take 
regular work unless excused on account of some organic disease. Gymnastic work is 
primarily for the weak, not for those already strong. The work is so adapted as to bene- 
fit all and injure none. 

Gymnastics has its place in the school curriculum, not only for the improvement 
and maintenance of the health of the pupils, but also for its distinctive educations 1 
eli -cts. The equal development of the cerebral hemispheres, the cultivation of concen- 
trated attention, and of volition and courage, are possible to the teacher of educational 

Each day's exercises will consist of introductions, arch flexions, heaving (hanging* 
movements, balance movements, shoulder blade movements, marching and running, 
abdominal exercises, lateral trunk movements, slow leg movements, jumping and vault- 
ing, respiratory exercises. 

In addition to the practical work in the gymnasium, twenty-one lectures on the 
theory and method of gymnastic work are required of all members of the Senior class. 

All pupils will be obliged to wear clothing suitable for the gymnasium, divided 
skirt and loose blouse for the ladies, and a negligee shirt for the men, and rubber soled 
shoes for all. 

A certificate will be required from every pupil from some physician stating whether 
he or she has any heart trouble or other organic disease. 

ANNIE C. SKEELE, Instructor. 

IJepctrtmmt of tlje glrta. 

The time required of the Preparatory class for Penmanship is not specified. A 
definite amount of work must be accomplished. 
The classes observe the following; 
l. A suitable and healthful position of body, 
a. A proper method of pen-holding. 
3. A movement regular, and as free as is consistent with good form. 


4. A neat and business-like arrangement of the matter written. 

Due attention is given to proportions, classifications, analysis or letters, etc., and 
special drill lessons are given in movements, and methods of teaching. 


Five recitation periods, weekly, of forty-five minutes each, for at least twenty-four 
weeks, are required of the Junior class for drawing. 

The course includes outline and shaded drawings of type solids, and original group- 
ings of same; drawings of objects and buildings to illustrate principles taught by solids; 
working drawings; kindergarten work, including clay modeling, and charts showing ex- 
amples of paper outting, folding, and weaving, stick laying, and harmony of color; rules 
of light and shade: perspective, its principles and practical applications; plans of build- 
ings; groups of geometrical solids and vases in applied perspective, freehand; foliage 
from nature; methods of teaching drawing; technical terms; blackboard illustrations; 

<le * igning - BOOK-KEEPING. 

Five recitation periods, weekly, of forty-five minutes each, for one-half term (7 
weeks), are required of the Preparatory class for Book-keeping. 

The following is an outline of the work: 

Definitions and illustrations. 

Forms of accounts. 

Debit and credit. 

What an account shows. 

Closing an account. 

Special forms. 


Checks, notes, and drafts. 

Students are required to present for examination a set of books containing such 
exercises as the teacher shall designate. ^^ ^^ ^^ Instructor 

The students are required to pass a satisfactory examination in the elementary 
principles of Vocal Music. This requires a thorough knowledge of all the Scales, Keys, 
Signatures, Clefs, different kinds of Measures, Notes, Rests, Etc. They must be able to 
write easy exercises in any key, and to transpose any one key into any other key. A 
knowledge of the Tonic Sol Fa system is also required. Seniors will be required to give 
instruction in this as in other subjects in the Model School. COGSWELLi Instructor . 

A military company has been organized for the purpose of giving students who 
desire such instruction a course in Military Discipline and Tactics. Regular drills are 

held semi-weekly. .,.,.,.,. 

As such a drill is of great benefit to young men, and particularly to those who are 
preparing to teach, students are urged to become members of this organization. The 
uniform adopted is neat and well made, and makes a good school-room suit. These are 
furnished at manufaauiors' prices. „.,«_. 

The school has recently been furnished with breech-loading rifles from the State 
arsenal. Practice in target-shooting will be offered to all members of the company who 
desire to improve their marksmanship. 


For excellence in scholarship, during the year 1895-96, eight 
prizes are offered, as follows: 

1. A prize of $50, for the student who makes the highest 
standing in Greek. This prize is limited to students who shall 
begin Greek this year, and who shall be members of this school 
for not less than twenty-eight weeks of this year. 

2. A prize of $25 for the student who shall pass the highest 
examination on the first four books of Xenophon's Anabasis. The 
examination shall be a special one near the close of the year, and 
shall be limited to persons who have been members of this school 
for at least fourteen weeks of this year. 

3. A Prize of $25 for the student who makes the highest 
average standing in all the subjects of the Regular Normal course, 
during the school year. Limited to graduate students. 

4. A Prize of $20 to the student who makes the second 
highest average standing in all the subjects of the Regular Normal 
course during the school year. Limited to graduate students. 

5. A Prize of $25 to the student who makes the highest 
average standing in all the subjects of the Senior year in the 
Elementary Course. Limited to under graduates. 

6. A Prize of $20 to the student who makes the second high- 
est average standing in all the subjects of the Senior Year in the 
Elementary Course. Limited to under graduates. 

7. A Prize of $25 to the student who makes the highest 
average standing in all the subjects of the Junior Year (not in- 
cluding Preparatory subjects) in the Elementary course. 

8. A Prize of §20 to the student who makes the second 
highest average standing in all the subjects of the Junior class 
(not including Preparatory subjects) in the Elementary course. 



All these Prizes are offered with the following conditions: (i) 
there must be in every case at least two competitors; (2) no prize 
will be awarded except for meritorious work. 

The prizes offered last year were awarded as follows: 

The Principal's prize of $50 for highest standing in Greek to 
Julia L. Goodspeed, of Mansfield, Tioga county. Honorable 
mention is made of Raymond H. Lacey, of Laceyville, Wyoming 

The prize of $25 for highest average standing in the subjects 
of the Senior class to Elizabeth J. Davis, Antrim, Tioga county. 

The prize of $20 for the second highest average standing in 
the subjects of the Senior class to Julia L. Goodspeed, of Mans- 
field, Tioga county. Honorable mention is made of Ella M. 
Grabb, of Herrick, Bradford county. 

The prize of $25 for highest average standing in the subjects 
of the Junior class to Estella G. Allen, of Forest City, Susque- 
hanna county. 

The prize of $20 for second highest average standing in the 
subjects of the Junior class to Eugenia H. Burritt, of Jermyn, 
Lackawanna county. Honorable mention is made of David M. 
Soper, of Covington, Tioga County. 


One of the large and pleasant corner rooms of the Gymna- 
sium building is used for a reference library and reading room. 
The room is supplied with cyclopaedias and other books of refer- 
ence, and all the best magazines published in the country, besides 
many of the best weekly and daily papers. The room Is open at 
stated hours every day of the week. 


The Reading Room is furnished and managed by the Read- 
ing Room Association, which comprises most of the faculty and 
students of the entire school. 

The Association elects officers on the first Friday of each 
term. The office of President of the Association for the past 
year has been filled by J. S. Adams, Claud Coon and E. S. Garey. 

glppttrctttta anii Cabinet. 

The science department is well supplied with the best modern 
apparatus which is constantly used by the classes in natural sci- 
ence. The cabinet contains a large collection of Geological and 
Biological specimens. 

gitcrarn gjociette&. 

There are five literary societies, all in a flourishing condition: 
The Athensean, the Normal Literary, the Philalethean, the 
Agonian, and the Franklin. 

The Athenasan and Normal Literary societies are composed 
of both ladies and gentlemen. They have finely furnished rooms 
and good libraries. The Philalethean society is composed of gen- 
tlemen, and is a chapter of the Philalethean Fraternity. The 
Agonian society is composed of ladies, and is a chapter of the 
Agonian Fraternity. The Franklin is composed of both ladies 
and gentlemen, and is under the immediate control of members 
of the faculty. 


Of the Normal Literary Society — 

F. W. Reese, J. S. Adams, John C. Gibson. 
Of the Athenaean Society — 

Mark C. James, Henry W. Merritt, Robert Davis. 
Of the Agonian Society — 

Julia E. Cornwell, Ruth Osgood, Lisle McCollom. 
Of the Philalethean Society. 

Andrew H. Patterson, Irving C. Lewis, Merritt Soper. 


Qectuvea ttut* (Entertainments. 

Lecture courses of a high order of excellence are maintained 
by the literary societies, and by the Y. M. C. A. Many scientific 
and popular lectures are given with the aid of the stereopticon. 
Frequent musical entertainments are given by the Music Depart- 
ment, and by the literary societies. 

$jUligim*0 gleatJciatiomt. 
The Y. M. C. A. and Y. W. C. A. have organizations of the 
students which maintain weekly religious meetings. 
gUljletic gU»>xciati<m. 
An Athletic Association of the students has done a great 
deal to encourage and promote out-door sports. The base ball 
and foot ball teams of the school have made a fine record during 
the past year. 

gocatton, guUMttjga anl* (Sr<mnl*&. 
Mansfield is a fine rural village of 2,000 inhabitants, situated 
on the Tioga division of the Erie railroad, thirty-six miles from 
Elmira, N. Y. Its citizens are intelligent and enterprising. By 
special act of the legislature, no intoxicating liquors can be sold, 
nor billiard tables kept, within a radius of two miles of the Nor- 
mal School. The students are therefore protected from many 
temptations, to which they would be exposed in many other lo- 
calities. The sanitary condition of the village is excellent. The 
altitude is sufficient for the purest air, the sewage is complete, 
and pure water is brought from a mountain stream. The sur- 
rounding scenery, of hill, mountain and valley, is attractive. 
The Normal School buildings present a noble and imposing 
aspect. The school grounds have an area of ten acres. The 
lawns about the buildings are beautifully laid out and covered 
with a great variety of forest trees. 

On the 12th of December,i862, the Mansfield Classical Semi- 
nary was accepted by the State, and declared the State Normal 



School of the Fifth District. The seminary building, accepted 
by the State, was the main portion of what is now called the 


This is a brick structure, one hundred fifty feet in length by 
fifty feet in width. In this building are the gentlemen's dormi- 
tories, the office of the Principal, chapel, six recitation rooms, 
and the text-book library. This building, formerly the old semi- 
nary, was enlarged and remodeled in 1889. One hundred fifty 
feet north, and the same distance east, of south hall, stands the 


This building is now in process of complete reconstruction 
from foundation to roof. The cut represents it as it will be, when 
finished, one of the finest school buildings in the country. The 
walls are of brick, the interior finishing of natural wood. All 
the material and workmanship are of the very best. The build- 
ing is two hundred seventy feet long by one hundred feet wide, 
and five stories high. It contains an elegant dining room, fin- 
ished in oak, large enough to seat five hundred, the kitchen 
bakery, etc., dormitories for the ladies, reception rooms, suits of 
rooms for the Art Department, and for the Normal School of 1 
Music. Two stones of an ell projecting from the northeast cor- 
ner of the building, and completely removed from the other 
rooms, are set apart as an infirmary. They are completely fur- 
nished with every appliance for the sick. The central part of the 
building contains an elevator, Principal's office, reception room, 
office and class room for the Music Department, apartments for 
Steward and Matron in front, and dormitories and bathrooms in 
the rear. The dormitories on every floor of both buildings are 
supplied with bath-tubs and everything needed for health and 
comfort. All the buildings are heated by steam and supplied 
with fire escapes of the best construction. The cost of 
the north building when completed and finished, will not be less 
than $150,000. Midway between the north and the south build- 
ings is 



This is a brick building, fifty-four by one hundred seventeen 
feet, three stories high. It contains the Model School rooms, 
recitation rooms, the society rooms, and a concert hall which oc- 
cupies one entire story. This building was completed in 1886 at 
a cost of $25,000. In the rear of the south building stands the 


This is a fine structure; it is a frame building, fifty by one 
hundred thirty feet. It contains a large drill hall, fifty by one 
hundred feet, and four spacious rooms adjoining, one for 
library and reading room, one for the military company, one for 
cabinet specimens, and one for ladies' dressing room. The drill 
hall is well furnished with apparatus. This building was erected 
in 1888 at a cost of $7,000. 

Tuition in all branches, and board, including fuel, oil, room 
rent, and ordinary washing, $63.00 per term, or $189 per year. 
No extras. The first payment, $40.00, to be made on the first day 
of the term; the second payment, $23.00, to be made at the middle 
of the term. 

The total expenses for the year are $189. When students avail 
themselves of State appropriations (see below), the expenses are 
reduced for the Junior year to $168, and for the Senior year to 


Tuition, without board, including all branches above, $14.00 
per term, or $42 per year. The first payment, $7.00, to be made 
the first day of the term; the second payment, $7.00, to be made 
the middle of the term. 

With a view of discouraging a too prevalent desire to make 
rapid advancement, which is always inconsistent with good schol- 
arship, tuition will be reduced from $14.00 to $7.00 per term to 
students who are under seventeen years of age, and who take, 
during the year, only the studies of the Preparatory course; viz. 
Arithmetic as far as Ratio, Book-keeping, Civil Government, 


Geography, English Grammar, — first term, or (b) class, History 
of the United States, Reading, Spelling, Writing, Vocal Music. 

Deduction will be made to students absent from school two 
consecutive weeks or more on account of sickness or other satis- 
factory reasons. No deduction will be made to students enter- 
ing within the first two weeks, or leaving within the last two 
weeks of a term. All bills must be settled with the Treasurer. 

By an Act of the Legislature, the following appropriations 
are made by the State to Normal Students and Normal Gradu- 

1. Bach student over 17 years of age, who shall sign a paper declaring his intention to 
teach In the Common Schools of the State shall receive Fifty Cents a week, 

2. Each student who. upon graduation, shall sign an agreement to teach in the Common 
Schools of the State two full sehool years, shall receive the su-n of Fifty Dollars. 

3. Any student to secure these benefits, must attend the school at least twelve consecu- 
tive weeks, and he must receive regular instruction in the science and art of teaching In a 
special class devoted to that object for the whole time such an allowance is drawn. 

®itttt*m f&v gipscial gUrt gtttbtca. 

Private lessons in any of the branches, per term of four- 
teen weeks, one lesson a week $12.00 

Single private lessons 1.00 

Class lessons of three hours in any of the branches except 
china painting in Royal Worcester style, with not 
less than five in the class, per term of fourteen weeks, 
one lesson a week 6.00 

Single class lessons c 

!$tt » cell rme*m». 

Gentlemen's rooms are furnished with heat, light, dressing 
case, mirror, chairs, tables, stands, pails, bedsteads, mattresses, 
pillows and one comfortable. 

Ladies' rooms are furnished with heat, carpet, couch, or two 
rockers, chairs, tables, and bedroom set complete, pillows, and 
one comfortable. "Mirror on dressing case. 

Students furnish lamps, mirrors, wash-bowls and pitchers, 
napkins, towels, pillow-slips, sheets and one comfortable. The 


last five articles enumerated, together with all articles of cloth- 
ing, should be distinctly marked with full name. 

Students have the privilege of renting text-books at a nom- 
inal rate. 

For two days at the opening and two days at the close of 
each term, students' baggage is carried to and from the railway 
station free of charge. 

Ibow to IReacb HDansfielo. 

Mansfield is thirty-six miles from Elmira via the Erie rail- 
road, twenty-seven miles from Corning via Fall Brook and Erie 
railroads; twenty-three miles from Wellsboro via Fall Brook rail- 
road from Wellsboro to Lawrenceville and thence via Erie rail- 
road, or twelve miles from Wellsboro by stage; sixteen miles 
from Troy, on the Northern Central railroad, by stage; and ten 
miles from Blossburg via Erie railroad. 

Students coming via Northern Central railroad may take 
stage at Roaring Branch for Blossburg, thence to Mansfield by 
railroad, or take stage at Troy direct to Mansfield, or keep the 
railroad via Elmira. Passengers from the East, by the Erie, 
change cars at Elmira; by the Lehigh Valley, change at Waverly, 
thence to Elmira by the Erie; by the D.,L. & W., change at Law- 
renceville, thence by the Erie to Mansfield. Students coming 
from the West on the Erie or D., L. & W. railroads, change cars 
at Corning. Students coming from the West and South by the 
Fall Brook railroad, change at Lawrenceville. 

All baggage should be distinctly marked with the name of 
the owner, and "State Normal School," to insure its being 
brought to the Normal buildings. Whenever baggage is to be 
taken to the station, it should be marked with the name and des- 
tination of the owner. 


IRormal Scbool of fIDusic. 

HAMLIN E. COGSWELL, Musical Director, 
With a Full Corps of Instructors. 

This school, which constitutes the music department of the State 
Normal School, aims at the development and cultivation of musical tal- 
ent in its broadest sense. It is located in the new North Hall, and is 
amply provided with everything that is needed in a first-class Conser- 
vatory, one entire floor of this large building being used by this de- 

<&0VtV&£ of griufctj. 

The course of study is similar to that of the leading conservatories 
of this country and Europe, and is such as will enable students to se- 
cure the best results in as short a time as possible. It affords not in 
music alone, but also in other branches of study, an excellent oppor- 
tunity for students to secure such intellectual development as will form 
a substantial basis for future attainments. 


The aim is to instruct the student in that which will enable him 
or her to sing in a natural, easy manner, with perfect control of breath, 
pure tones, clear and distinct enunciation, and with artistic phrasing. 
Each vocal student will be required to do a certain amount of sight 
singing until he is able to read at sight any ordinary song. The 
same may be said of instrumental music as of singing. No one can 
become a good singer without being able to carry a part independent 
of another, and in a school of this kind every opportunity is afforded 
for singing duets, trios, quartets, etc., thus fitting the student for a 
position in choir or upon the concert stage. 



This department will be conducted after the manner of the Paris 
Conservatory. The course of study comprises technical exercises such 
as are necessary to give perfect control of the muscles of the fingers, 
hand and arm; studies by the best known writers which are designed 
to further develop the execution, and to unite technical work with the 
higher forms of musical expression. With these are given many of the 
compositions of the best writers of the past and present. Regular ex- 
aminations will be held in this department, and no one will be 
allowed to enter a higher grade until he has passed a satisfactory exami- 
nation in the preceding one. The Virgil Practice Clavier is syste- 
matically used with most excellent results. 


There is no instrument more popular and none so well adapted 
to every shade of expression as the violin. The study of the violin 
requires exercises in position, manner of holding violin and bow, 
tuning, etc., exercises for left hand— scales, arpeggios, trills, embel- 
lishments; bowing exercises — legato, detached bowing, martellato, 
bounding bow, etc., etudes, harmonics, solos, duets, and ensemble 
playing. Also an opportunity is afforded for playing in orchestra. 
No where can be found better advantages for the study of this and 
other stringed instruments than at the Normal School of Music. 

Two pipe organs in the place are used for students who desire to 
study the same. This will require a special course, including regis- 
tration, manual and pedal exercises, exercises in playing church music, 
voluntaries, accompaniments, etc., and a general knowledge of organ 
music. There is also an opportunity for pedal practice on the pedal 
piano attachment, recently introduced into this school, which greatly 
facilitates the progress of the student. ( 



<glttt£, ffiutrttei, Clarinet, ffitc. 

This school affords superior advantages in the study of all wind 
instruments. Music, such as duets for two cornets, two clarinets, 
quartets for same, etc., is kept on hand for the use of students for 
practice, free of cost. This, with the opportunity of playing in a fine 
band and orchestra, makes the school especially desirabie to the 


Harmony is the grammar of music, and is as essential to the 
music student as is the English grammar to the student of English 
literature. Every graduate of this school, whether vocal or instru- 
mental, must pass a satisfactory examination in this important branch 
of study, which includes elementary and advance harmony, single and 
double counterpoint, canon, fugue, and instrumentation. Students 
will be required to practice reading from sound. All harmony work 
will be in classes. 

©ertiftxetiea axxir gltplomae. 

Certificates will be granted to students who have been in attend- 
ance regularly for one year, and who have made a satisfactory showing 
of a general knowledge of music and of one chief study, such as voice, 
piano, violin. Diplomas for graduation will be granted to those 
passing a satisfactory examination in any special branch, together with 
harmony, theory of music, history of music, sight, reading, and a 
fairly good general education. 

JJottttiona fot ©rafruatcs. 

Every effort will be made to secure positions for graduates. While 
we can not guarantee positions, yet there is a growing demand for good 
teachers and many of our graduates are now holding responsible posi- 
tions, while others have all they can do teaching. 

All students desiring certificates or diplomas are required to enter 
the classes in History of Music, Theory, Harmony, Counterpoint, and 


Sight-reading, and must pass a satisfactory examination in all these 
brances. These are all free except Harmony and Counterpoint. 

IPtuaical $t»tortr 

Will be taught in classes, together with biographies of great 
musicians, illustrations of their work, etc., thus enabling the student 
to become familiar with the growth and development of music from its 
earliest history until the present time. 

gectttrea ant* Concert*. 

During the year students have the privilege of attending many 
fine lectures, concerts and recitals, by eminent artists, together with 
those given by the Faculty and advanced students. These are of the 
greatest possible benefit to all. 


The only true method of study is by analysis. This includes 
melodic and harmonic construction, taking to pieces and putting to- 
gether all musical forms, thus enabling the student better to under- 
stand the works of the great composers. These lessons will be accom- 
panied by illustrations by both teachers and advanced pupils. 
gcljeorn of Sfelueic. 

This includes a thorough knowledge of the elements of music, the 
principles of acoustics, perception of sound, a knowledge of instru- 
ments of all kinds, also of all kinds of composition from the dance to 
the symphony, embellishments, combination, signs, etc. 

Frequent lectures and recitals will be given by the teachers, 
illustrating the different works of the best composers, thus helping 
students to that which they would not otherwise be able to acquire. 
Much is learned by imitation and illustration, and much inspiration is 
gathered from these recitals and concerts. 

Cljovu© anZ< grtgljt g*ttt0i«0. 

All students, whether vocal or instrumental, will be required to 
enter these classes. A knowledge of vocal music is essential to every 
musician. The true aim of every player should be to acquire a style 



of playing which approaches the human voice as nearly as possible. 
Vocal students will have the advantage of singing in one of the church 
choirs every week. 

To be able to teach others well is the best evidence of a thorough 
knowledge of the subject. A special class will be formed at the be- 
ginning of the spring term for those who desire to take this part of the 

A most useful feature of this school is the free access to the read- 
ing room of the Music Department, where may be found many musical 
publications, books, etc., of great benefit to the student. 

gitcvavxj §*<« letter. 

There are five excellent literary societies connected with the 
State Normal School. They meet every week, and music students are 
frequently called upon to assist in making up programs, thus affording 
frequent opportunities for playing or singing in public. 

gtoxmat ©eadjetrjs' <&la&*e#. 

During the past year has been inaugurated what is termed the 
Normal teachers' classes, in which is afforded the opportunity for 
advanced students to teach under the direction of one of the members 
of the Faculty. This is the most satisfactory of all the work done in 
the school as it enables the Faculty to know and correct any mistakes 
on the part of those giving instruction, and prepares them for good 
work after they go out from the school. 

©titer §tuMe». 

Students are advised to take some few other studies aside from 
music. Such as may desire to do so can have the privilege of entering 
any class in the State Normal School upon the payment of a very small 
tuition. No student will be allowed to graduate in music without a 
fair.knowledge of other branches. 

Blank Page 


All music students will be required to observe the regulations of 
the school; such as are calculated to be for the best interests of all. 


All instruction in voice, piano, violin, etc , will be in class or 
individual private lessons, according to the wish of the student. 
We, however, strongly recommend students to take class lessons. 
All lesson periods are forty-five minutes. Only two students are 
assigned to the same period, and while each receiyes individual 
instruction one-half the time, at the same time he has the benefit 
of the instruction given the other, which is often of more value 
to the listener than to the one doing the work. Besides, there is 
much a teacher has to say in regard to the subject that will call 
forth thought, and many times a student may ask questions that 
another had not thought of. In this way much useful informa- 
tion is acquired. This plan is generally followed in all of the 
leading conservatories with the very best results. 

|lcdxMS of ©tttttott. 

Term of fourteen weeks, two lessons a week, payable strictly in advance: 

Piano, ist and 2d grades, two in a class, $10.00 

Piano, 3d, 4th and 5th grades, two in a class, i5-°° 

Piano, 3d, 4th and 5th grades, private lessons, 20.00 

Voice, all grades, class of two, l6 -°° 

Voice, all grades, private lessons, 22 -°° 

Violin, all grades, class of two, I 5-°° 

Violin, all grades, private lessons, 20 -°° 

Cornet, all grades, class of two I2 -°° 

Cornet, all grades, private lessons, l8 -°° 

Harmony and Counterpoint, class lessons, 5- 00 


Piano, i st and 2d grades, two in class, $ 7- 50 

Piano, 3d, 4th and 5th grades, two in class, 10.00 

Piano, 3d, 4th and 5th grades, private lessons, 14.00 

Voice, all grades, class of two, 10.00 

Voice, all grades, private lessons, 15.00 

Violin, all grades, class of two, 10.00 

Violin, all grades, private lessons 14.00 

Normal Teachers' class, r 00 

Rent of Piano, periods of 45 minutes each, 2.00 

Practicing on Pedal Piano, one period, 3.00 

Practicing on Pedal Organ, per hour, .25 

Practicing on Virgil Practice Clavier, one period, 1.00 

Students will be required to pay for all sheet music, studies, etc., 
necessary for their instruction. This will be supplied by the school 
at a reduced rate. 

No deduction made for absence of student except in cases of pro- 
tracted illness. 

Positively no lessons will be given until tuition is paid. 

Students may enter at any time and will be graded according to 

Any student lacking a knowledge of any of the theory studies will 
be required to make up any such studies before entering the next higher 

Special ffitttrtloeue. 

Students who desire to take a full course in music are re- 
quested to send for a special catalogue, which will give 'full in- 
formation with regard to courses of study, etc Address 

Mansfield, Pa., 



£be Hlumnl 

®fftcev# : 


Vice-President, C. J. BEACH, 


(QxccxttivB Committer: 






Note.— In the following pages the figures following the name Indicate the year of 
graduation. All are graduates of the Elementary Course unless otherwise marked. 
S., before the year indicates Scientific Course; M., Music; A., Art; St. C. E., State Certifi- 
cate Elementary; St. C. S., State Certificate Scientific. 

Adams, Anna C. 94, Kingsley, Pa. 

Adams, Edna Lou. 93, Mansfleld,Pa., teacher. 

Adams, Edna Willis, 89, Mansfield, Pa., 

Adams. Emma, (Mrs. W. F. Lane). 79, Rldgway 

Adams, James S„ 84, New Milford, Pa., 

Adams, Jennie Estelle, 90, Kingsley, Pa., 

Adams, Ora Ruth (Mrs. A. G. Brown), 89, No. 

108 Elm St., Elmira, N. Y. 
Alden, Lizzie J., 90, Freehold, N. Y., teacher. 

Akleraon. Mary J. (Mrs. ), 08, Boston, Mass. 

Allen, Anna L., 90, Painted Post, N. Y. 
Alien. Fred M., T5, Mansfield, Pa., merchant 
♦Alien, L. Mclvina, 68. 
Allen, Wilton W., 89, Mansfield, Pa., bank 

Allen, Mrs.' Wilton W. (nee Myra Baldwin). 

88. Mansfield, Pa. 
AUyn, Arthur E., 80, Hastings, Adams Co. 

Neb., traveling salesman. 
Alworth, H. S., 89, Scrauton, Pa., lawyer. 
•Amerman. Alonzo, M . D , 78. 
Amerman, Carrie (Mrs, Carrie Coxey). M IS, 

Masaillon. Oldo. 
Amerman, Charles Verrill, 90, Scranton. 

Pa., lav,' student. 
» Amerman, Ella, 82. 
Ames, Herbert T., LL. B„ 67, WlUiamsport, Pa., 

*Ames. Lizzie B„ 66. 
Ames, Truman, 71, DuBola. Pa., lawyer. 
Ames. Walter W„ LL B., 68, Brookvllle. Pa„ 



Dickinson College. 
Ansley, Carrie (Mrs. Cortright), 83, Galeton, 
Angle, Harry S., 93, Milford, Pa., printer. 

Argetsinger, George Francis, 90, Rochester, 

N. Y., book-keeper. 
Armstrong, Agnes,94,Fall Brook, Pa., teacher. 
Arrowsmith. Anna Macauley, 90, Blossburg, 

Pa., teacher. 
Arrowsmith, Jennie, 94, Blossburg, Ka., 

Ashcraft, Mrs. Dr. E. H, (nee Anna L. Jones), 

77, C'oudersport, Pa. 
Ashley, Addison Berne, 93, Malnesburg, Ba., 

Ashley, Florence Lllllan,93, Mainesburg, Ka., 

Ashley, Will Welch, 91, Mainesburg, Pa. 
Ashton, Mrs. Charles H. (nee Cora H. Phil- 
lips), 91, Cambridge, Mass. 
Atwood, Elizabeth S. (Mrs. Piatt), 88, Her- 

Austin, Leroy George, 94, Ogdensburg, Pa. 
Avery, Mrs. A. H. (nee Jennie E. Farrer), 76, 

Mansfield, Pa. 
Bahcock. L. W., 79, Uklah, Ca!.. teacher. 
Babccck, Sara A., 73, Lecnardsville, N. Y. 
Backer, Nellie E. (Mrs. Irvin W. Cole), M 85, 

Buffalo, N. Y. 
*Bailoy. Ada L (Mrs. L Doumaux), 09. 
•Batley, Carrie A (Mrs Benj. C. Wheeler), 72. 
Bailey, Ella May, 90, Brooklyn, Pa., teacher. 
Bailey, Eula (Mrs. Frank A.Beaeh),86,No.l003 

Walnut St., Elmira, N. Y. 



Bailey, Florence Eveline. 94, Mansfield, Pa., 

Bailey, Frank H., 83, Elmira, N. Y., civil en- 
Bailey, Mrs. Frank H. (nee Myrtle L. Well- 

iver).89, Elmira, N. Y. 
Bailey. Josepnine (Mrs. Byron Grenolds), 88. 

Elkland, Pa. 
*Bailey, Mrs. L. L. (nee Lizzie C. Hunt), E 

69, M71. 
Bailey, Lucy B. (Mrs. Frank H. Rockwell), 

88, Wellsboro, Pa. 
Bailey, Ransom W., 77, Wellaboro, Pa., mer 

Bailey, Sadie V., 92, Wellsboro, Pa., teacher 
•Baker. Albert H.. M. D., 77. 
Baker, Burt W., 73, Archer, Merrick Co.. 

Neb., farmer. 
Baker, Mark C, 73, Duluth, Minn., music 

•Balch, Mrs. E. P. (nee Permelia Buttles), 69 
Baldwin, Bessie R., 90, Mansfield, Pa., 

Baldwin, Chas. T., M. D., 80, Birmingham, 

Baldwin, Charles T., 90, Mansfield, Pa. 

Baldwin, Daniel W., 77, Westfield, Pa., law 

Baldwin,Genevieve.SS,Mansfield,Pa., teacher 
Baldwin, Henry L., 71, Tioga, Pa., lawyer 
Baldwin, Kate W., M. D„ 75, Philadelphia, 

Baldwin, Martha A. (Mrs. Walter S. McKin- 
ney), 78, No. S75 Washington, Boul., 
Chicago, 111. 

Baldwin, Mary E., M. D., 07. Newport, R. I. 

♦Baldwin, Mary S. (Mrs. Edgar E. McKin- 
ney), 87. 

Baldwin, Myra (Mrs. Wilton W. Allen), 88, 

Baldwin, William W.,M.D..71,No.l Via Polas- 

tro, Florence, Italy. 
Ball, Sadie E. (Mrs. Andrew B. Dunsmore), 

85, Wellsboro, Pa, 
Barden, Kate (Mrs. A. W. Stevenson), 84, 

Mansfield, Pa. 
•Barhight, Mrs. Henry D. (nee Mary H. Den- 
nis, 87. 
Barnard, Nettie E., 91, East New Milford, 

Pa., teacher. 
Barnes, Mrs. Eugene T. (nee Nono Moody), 

87, Philadelphia. Pa, 
Barnes, Fannie (Mrs. J. A. Dewey), 83, Wan- 

amie, Pa. 
Barnes. Mrs. Geo. (nee Alice T. Weed), 68, 

Trout Run. Pa. 
•Barnes, George H., 88. 
Barnes, Mrs. Jos. C. (nee Lucy J. Whipple), 

72 Mansfield Pa 
Barnes,' Orange P'., 81,' Leavenworth, Kan.. 

Barnes, Mrs. Orange P. (nee May E. Wright, 

81, Leavenworth, Kan. 
Barnes, Mrs. William (nee Emma Ribble). 

75, 585 Superior St., Toledo, Ohio. 

Barney, Delwin C, 76, West Union, N. Y., 

Barnhart, Austin E., 88, Trowbridge, Pa., 

Barrett, Anna Louise, 90, No. 334 W. Market 
St., Scranton, Pa., teacher. 

Barrett, Etta (Mrs. Etta Friends), 92, Trow- 
bridge, Pa. 

♦Barrett. Henry C, 71. 

Barrett. Henry Diamond, 93, Harford, Pa., 
teacher S. O. S. 

Barrett, Homer N., 92, East New Milford, 
Pa,, teacher. 

Barrow, Merton L., 88, Mansfield, Pa., book- 

Bartholomew, Mrs. H. H. (nee Mary Jane 
Grinnell), 90, Wellsboro, Pa. 

Bartlett, Samuel H., 86; Hiram, O., theolog- 
ical student. 

Bartlett, Mrs. Samuel H. (nee Lihbie E 
Wood). 80. Hiram, O. 

Barton.Lula Mae, 94, Mansfield, Pa. .teacher 

•Bates, Mrs. Julius M. (nee Eliza J.Shaw), 71. 

Battle, Agnes v., kk, No. 36 S. Main St., Pitts- 
ton, Pa., teacher. 

Battle, Teresa O. E 89, M 89, 26 S. Main St . 
Pittston. Pa., teacher. 

Baumann. Mrs. A. (nee Ida E. Hooker), E 75, 
S 79, Eimhurst, Pa. 

Baynes, Ada A. (Mrs. J. C. Rexford), 85, 
Mansfield, Pa. 

Baynes, Agnes M. (Mrs. T. E. O'Dell), 89, 
Mansfield, Pa. 
aynes, Cora Estella (Mrs. Fred. Davis), 90, 
Mansfield, Pa. 

Baynes, M. Ella, 91, Mansfield, Pa., teacher. 

Beach, Charles A., M. D., 70, Sayre, Pa 

Beach, Mrs. Dr. Chas. A. (nee R.Belle Smith) 
75, Sayre, Pa. 

Beach, Coly J.. 88, Mansfield, Pa., agent. 

Beach, Mrs. Coly J. (nee Frances L. Rock- 
well), 88, Mansfield, Pa. 

Beach, Fannie M., M 71, Montrose, Pa. 

Beach, Mrs. Frank A. (nee Eula Bailey), 80, 
1003 Walnut St., Elmira, N. Y. 

Beach, George D., 88, Little Marsh, Pa., mer- 

Beach, John Wesley, 93, Mansfield, Pa ,' 

Beach, Mrs. John Wesley (nee Edna King) 
M 92, Mansfield, Pa. 

Beach, Joseph H., 76, Elmira, N. Y., insur- 

Beach, Newton M.. 91, Mansfield, Pa. .farmer. 

Beach, Mrs. Newton M. (nee Carrie Carley), 
91, Mansfield, Pa. 

Beale, Mrs. E. A. (nee Ella Middaugh), M 73, 
No.52 Eastman Ave.,Minneapolis.Minn. 

Beale,GeorgeW.,LL.B..87,No.227 Washington 
Ave., Scranton, Pa., lawyer. 

Beamish, Mary Frances, 92, No. 514 River St. 
Scranton, Pa., teacher. 

Beamish, Nellie R..90,No.514 River St., Scran- 
ton. Pa., teacher. 

Beardslee, Emma R. (Mrs. Charles I. Beards- 
ley). 70. Hoblet, Pa. 


Beardslee, Seely J.. 74, Catharine, N. Y.,.Bonu, Sadie E., 86 No. 310 Race St., West 
traveling salesman. | Pittston, Pa teacne: r 

Beardsley, Mrs.Chas.I.fnee Emma R.Beards-IBorden, Mettle, 93 M es v alley ra. 

lee 70 Hoblet Pa l-Bosard, Florence H., (Mrs. W.. R. Bierty), W. 

Beardsley. Mrs. Geo. G. (nee Alice E. Tears), Bosard, Jas. II., 66, Grand Dorks, N. Das 

80, Troy, Pa. 

Beardsley, PhirtaE. (Mrs. James H.Reading), 
78, Ridgwav, Pa. 

Bell, Nellie L.. 94, Scranton, Pa. 

Bennett, F. Louise, M 91, Elmira, N. Y. 

Benson, Edson Andrew, 98, East New Mil- 
ford, Pa., teacher. 

Benton, Jesse,SK,No.58 Seneca St. .Buffalo, N. 
Y„ merchant. 

Benton, Sarah E., 91, No. 1-18 Chester St., Buf- 
falo, N. Y., teacher. 

Bernauer, Morris John, 92, Marslifield, Pa., 

Berry, Grace E., 89, Berrytown, Pa., teacher. 
Beve'ns, Mrs. E. L. (nee Elnora Lung), 66, 

Decatur, 111. 
Beverson, Lizzie Z. (Mrs. Dr. J. M. Mills), 82, 

Antrim, Pa. 
*Bierly, Mrs. W. R. (nee Florence H. Bosard), 

Billings, Carrie V. (Mrs. C. M. Thomas), 86, 

Starkville, Pa. 
Billings, Edwin, 68, Corning.N.Y., merchant. 
Bird, Albert A., A. M., 77, Wilcox, Pa., cler- 
Bird, Orpheus Brainerd, M. D., 66, Vineland, 

Birkett, Mrs. D. M. (nee Frances M. Painter), 

89, Eiinira, N. Y. 
Bixby, Bert John, 93, Mansfield, Pa., student 

S. N. S. 
Bixby, Clara E., 94, Mansfield, Pa., teacher. 
Black, Mra. Benj. (nee Clara A. Stevens), 6S, 

Idaho Springs, Col. 
Blackburn, Harry H., 81, Puyallup, Wash., 

city attorney. 
Blair. Elizabeth C, 94. Blosslmrg, Pa. teacher. 
Blaksley, Evelyn Harper, 92, Mansfield, Pa., 

Blaksley, Nellie Knapp, 94, Mansfield, Pa 

Blanchard. Mrs. Chester (nee Nellie M. Rock- 
well). 77, Farmiugton Hill, Pa. 
•Bliss, Mrs. W. L. (nee AlmaM. Merrick), 70. 
Bodler, Anna,K 83. St 92, Germania, Pa.,Supt. 

Schools, Potter Co. 
Bodler, John William Walton, E 90. S 93, Ger 

mania, Pa., student Lafayette College 

Easton, Pa. 
Bolles, Annie M. (Mrs. Wm. N. Judson). 71. 

Soutu Auburn. Pa. 
Bolles, Mrs Geo. W. (nee Lucetta Lyon). 69. 

Auburn, Pa. 
Bolles. Jesse E. (Mrs. Rev. E A. Waniner) 

79. Montrose. Pa. 
Bolten, Blanche, 93, Clifford, Pa. 
Bond, Nora Imogene,(Mrs. J. S. Michels), 91 

Meshoppen. Pa. 
Bond. Precllla. M 89,No. 810 Race street, West 

Pittston. Pa. 


Bowen. Stephen E„ 89, Ridgway, Pa., mer- 

Boyce Eliza J., 79, Mansfield, Pa., teacher S 
N. S. _ _ 

Boyce. Josephine, 94, Tunkhannock, Pa„ 

Boyce, Mary Anna, 93, Tunkhannock, Pa., 

Boyd, Margaret, S6, wyalusing, Ta , teacher. 
Bralne. Artemus B , 70, Canton, Pa , dealer. 
Brandt, Helen O. (Mrs. W S Peterson), 71, 

Rapid Citv. Black Co.. Dakota. 
Breidinger, Jacob P., St C S 91 A. M. (Grad. 

Lafayette College), Mansfield, Pa., Prof. 

Mathematics, and Vice-Principal 

Brennan, Joseph E., 91, No. 153 S. Mam St., 
Carbondale, Pa., law student, Scran- 
ton, Pa. _ _ 

Brewer. Emma A., 66, BlngUamton, N. \. 

♦Brewster. Addie, 83. 

Brewster, D. Truman, 73, Montrose, Pa., 

Brewster, Eliza J , 70. Montrose, Pa . teacher. 

♦Brewster. Fannie (Mrs. Sheldon M. Foster).S0. 

Brewster, Flora A., M. D.. 75, Baltimore, Md. 

Brewster, FredD., M. D., 71, No. 204 Wyoming 
Ave., Scranton. Pa. 

Brigden. Charles A. S7„ Chatham Valley, Pa., 

Brigden, Emma, 88, Chatham Valley, Pa., 

Brigden, Myrtle, 90, Chatham Valley, Pa., 

Briggs, Charles W , S9, Keeneyville. Pa. 

Briggs, Mary J. . 66 (Mrs Frank Story). 
Briggs. Rufus M. , 78 , Jennings. La„ traveling 

Broadbent, Anna, 90, No. 301 Bromley Ave., 

Scranton, Pa., teacher. 
Brock, Mame E., 91, Knoxville, Pa., teacher. 
Brodrick, Clarence Ray ,82, Mainesburg,Pa., 

Brooks, Ella May (Mrs. Arthur C. Sidman), 

90, Hornellsville, N. Y. 
Brooks, Lee, 87, Canton. Pa., lawyer. 
Brown, Mrs. A. G. (nee Ora Ruth Adams),89, 

No. 198 Elm St., Elmira, N. Y. 
Brown, Candace H., E 85, S 90. Hopbottom, 

Pa., teacher at Sayre, Pa. 
Brown, Eleanor. J., 91, Lehman.Pa., teacher. 
Brown, Ernest W., 82, Whitesville, N. Y„ 

Brown, Frances E., 74, Leona, Pa. 
Brown, Fremont M., 77, Reynoldsville, Pa., 

civil engineer. 
Brown, Jay F., 71, Cleveland, Ohio, county 



Brown. Jenny Lind, 90, Wyalusing, Pa., 

Brown, Melia A.,89, Hopbottom. Pa., teacher. 

Brundage. Ena L., 84, Peckville.Pa., teacher. 

Buchanan, Mattle J., 66, Wanesburg. Pa. 

Buchanan, Robert, 91, Parsons, Pa. 

Buckbee, Anna, 77, Harrisburg, Pa..teacher. 

Buckbee, Jared H., 79, Elkland, Pa., mer- 

Buckley. Charles, 93, Stony Fork, Pa., stu- 
dent S. N. S , Mansfield. Pa. 

Buckley, Ruth, 94, Stony Fork, Pa. 

Bull, Emily L.,88. Wilkes- Barre, Pa.,teacher 

Bull, James R.. 91, Milford, Pa., teacher. 

Bullard, Lloyd G., 88, Canton, Pa., teacher 
at Berwick, Pa. 

Bullard, Mrs. Lloyd G. (nee Jessie F. Palmer) 
89, Canton, Pa. 

Bullard, Mrs. P. M. (nee Kate E. Horlacher), 
79, Newberry, Pa. 

Bullock, Lelia M. (Mrs. George W. Coveney), 
77, Mardin. Pa. 

Bullock, Minnie (Mrs. Rev. John Kimball),84, 
Turners Center, Maine. 

*Bullock, Susie M. (Mrs. Clarence S. Wood- 
ruff), 79. 

Bunnell, Isaac C, 88, No. 40 Water St., Bos- 
ton, Mass., Life Insurance. 

Bunnell, Lucy (Mrs. J. T. Smith), 80, Mont- 
rose. Pa. 

Bunnell, Rose M.,94, Meshoppen,Pa.,teaeher. 

Bunyen, Mrs. Jno. (nee Jennie Warren), 90, 
Canton, Pa. 

Burch, Mrs. M. P. (nee Vira Lowe), 87, White 
River, Colo. 

Burdick. Harvey Lee 

*Buttles, Permelia (Mrs. E. P. Balch), 69. 
Byrne, Julia A., 84, Carbondale, Pa,.teacher 

in Wood's Commercial College. 
Caffrey, Julia 87, Mo. 47] Hazle Ave., Wilkes- 

Barre, Pa., teacher. 
Callender, Jennie E. (Mrs. Harvey D. Wood), 

84, Arnot, Pa. 
Callender, Mary L.,86, Peckville,Pa.,teacher. 
Cameron, Samuel Pollock. 94, Houtzdale,Pa. 
Cameron, Susie Glenn, 94, Houtzdale, Pa. 

Camp, Electa (Mrs. SI. L. Hall), 60, Blngham- 

ton, N. Y. 
Camp, Margaret E., (Mrs. D. W. Dodson), 87, 

Hartford, Conn. 
Campbell, Mrs. C. B. (nee Eunice Howland), 

73, Nelson, Pa. 
Campbell, James Curtis, 85, Wllkes-Barre, 

Pa., chief clerk D. & H. Coal Co. 
Campbell, Mrs. J. C. (nee Tillie VanAman), 

87, Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Campbell, J. Herbert, 89, Burlington, Pa., 

Campbell, Jessie O. (Mrs. Harry T. Melville), 

89, Luther's Mills, Pa. 
Capell, Mrs. William H. (nee Anna G. Peck), 

8.3, Mansfield, Pa. 
Capweil, Maud S., 88, Bonita, Cal., teacher. 
Carbine, Elizabeth Emilda. 94, Pittston, Pa., 

Card, Fred W.,80, Professor of Horticulture, 

University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Neb. 
Carley, Carrie M. (Mrs. Newton M. Beach), 

91, Mansfield, Pa. 
Carley, Franc E. (Mrs. Chester R. Gallup), 

« Glen Hazel, Pa. 

89, Job's Corners, Pa„ 

84, No. 1622 Capouse 

Ave.,Scranton,Pa„ principal grammar'Carlev, Hattie G 

school. teacher. 

Burdick, William H., 89, Franklin, SIass.,Car]in, Martha J. (Mrs. Earnest Lott) 90 
t> book-keeper. Auburn Four Corners, Pa. 

Burd l c „ ls v? Irs -, }> ™-, H - ,nee lQa 8. Medley), Carlin, Mary A., 92, Auburn Four Corners, 

89 Jranklm, Mass. Pa., teacher. 

Burdick, Mrs. Ralph K, (nee Alice R. Munn),|Carlton, Florence E., 85, Newfoundland Pa 

88 Smethport, Pa. teacher. 

Burke, Margaret Teresa, 93, No. 137 North-ICarpenter, Daniel E., 89, Lake View Pa 

ampton St., Wilkes-Barre, Pa.,teacher.l postal clerk. 

*Burley, George Wells, 92. jCarpenter, Hanson, 88, Scranton, Pa. 

Burmar., O W'., 86, Lenoxville, Pa., teacher. Carpenter, J. Wheaton, 73, Scranton, Pa, 
Burman, Mrs. O. W.. 88, Lenoxville, Pa., lawyer. 

teacher Carpenter. Philip T., 89, Little Marsh, Pa., 

Burnham. Eliza J.,69, Melbourne. Australia. teacher. 

Missionary Editress. ICarr, Mary J„ CO, Brooklvn, N. v., teacher. 

Burrett. Ilorence L., 91, Sylvama, Pa., iCarrick. Maggie H„ 80, No. 73 Church St 

teacher. Wilkes-Barre, Pa„ teacher. 

Burrett. Mary Esther, 84, Sylvania, Pa. Carroll, Bridget Agnes, 90, No. 925 Scranton 

teacher St.. Scranton, Pa., teacher. 

Burton, Mrs. Ed. (nee Emma E. Parks), 70,'Carroll, Mrs. Rev. P. P. (nee Carrie O. Faulk- 

Mansfield, Pa. uel% 80 , . 

Lush .Florence E. (Mrs. Samuel Ludlam), 90, Garter, Annie J. (Mrs. F. P.HatchVSli Union 

Academy Corners, Pa. city Pa 

Butler. Mrs. Jud A. (nee Alice Treat), 91, Os- Carter, Kern R., 80, South Auburn, Pa far- 

ceola, Pa. mer 

Butler, Mrs. Rev. T. D. (nee R. Lena Morse), iCarver, Sirs. A. S. (nee Ella E. Howe) 75 
t, ... E ' h s '•'■ Abington, Knox Co.. 111. | Breckinridge. Texas. 

Buttles, i< rank E., 00. No. 68 W. 127th St.JCase, Carrie E.(Mrs. A. I). Howe), 76 Whites- 

i*ew York City, teacher. | ville. N. Y., teacher. 



Case, Gertrude, 04, Knozville, Pa., teacher. 
Cass, Marion F., 72,Elkland, Pa., teacher. 
Casterlin, Walter Sterling, 93, Orange, Pa. 

Catlin, Edsori J., 88, Wellsboro, Pa., book- 
Catlin, Joel D., 88, Mansfield. Pa., teacher. 
Catterson, Alden Dudley, 91, Moscow, Pa., 

4-pn p"Vior* 

Cawley, Anna Dominica, 93, Pittston, Pa., 

Cawley, Jennie Marie, 94, Pittstou, Pa„ 

Champney, Loren Rensselaer, 92, Mansfield, 

"Dq ti^JV Oil PT" 

Chapin, Delwin V.. 69, Harrison Valley, Pa., 

lumberman and merchant. 
Chapman, Jessie G., 88, Espyville, Pa.. 

Chapman. Nellie, 90, Espyville, Pa., teacher. 
Christian, Bertha Z„ 8b, Laceyville, Pa., 

Church, Nathan W., M. D., 89, Morris Run, 

Clark, Budd Albert, 92. Mansfleld, Pa., clerk. 
Clark, Colin Burr, 83, Antrim, Pa., teacher. 
Clark, Mrs. Elwood (nee Amanda Voorhess), 

85, toot E. 128th St., New York City. 
Clark, Mrs. F. B..88, Mansfield, Pa. 
Clark, Mrs. F. W. (nee Lelia S. Cole), 70. 

Mansfield. Pa. 
Clark, Hartwell, 92, Easton, Pa., law stu- 
Clark, Howard Beach, 90, Addison, N. Y., 

railway postal clerk A. & P. Railway. 
Clark. Jay Hiram, 85, No. 1435 Market St., 

Harrisburg, Pa., railway postal clerk. 
Clark, Mrs. Jay H. (nee Elizabeth Wylie), 85, 

No. 1433 Market St., Harrisburg, Pa. 
Clark, Mrs. J. Miller (nee Minnie E. Cogs 

well), 80, Harford, Pa. 
Clark, Rosamond, 92, Academy Corners.Pa. 

Clark. Sarah F., 70, Athens, Pa., teacher, 
demons, Mrs. Frank L. (nee Ida M. Ely), 81 

Blossburg, Pa. 
Clemons, Helen Carter (Mrs. J. H. Davis), 87. 

No. 50 Bronson St., Waterbury, Conn. 
Clifford, Rose L., 93, Scranton, Pa., teacher. 
Climenson, Frances M., 68. 
Clinton, Marv A.. 89, Ashley, Pa., teacher. 
Cloos, Mrs. Sarah L. (Mrs. H. B. Colegrove), 

91, Lawrenceville, Pa. 
Close, Angie J., M 89, Farmington Hill, Pa., 

music teacher. 
Close, Carrie H. (Mrs. Frank M. Leonard), 

80, Wellsville, N. Y. 
Close, Cora L. (Mrs. George S. Trim), 

Westfield, Pa. 
Close, Hattie D. (Mrs. Dr. W. A.Shappee),72, 

Xenia, Ohio. 
Close, Mari (Mrs. G. A. King), 78, Westfield, 


Cobb, William H.,00, Spring Mills, N. Y., far- 
mer and dealer. 

Coddington.Mary Emma (Mrs.Carl Schmitt), 
00, N. Maui St., Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

Cogswell, Carrie, 89, West Auburn, Pa., 

Cogswell, Minnie L. (Mrs. J. M. Clark), 88, 
Harford, Pa. 

Cole, Ada F. (Mrs. Rev. D. McGregor), 71, 
Stevensville, Montana. 

Cole, Mrs. Irwin W. (nee Nellie E. Backer), 
M 85, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Cole, Lelia S. (Mrs. F. W. Clark), 70, Mans- 
fleld, Pa. 

Colegrove, Mrs. A. D. (nee Emma Hulslan- 
der), 81, Liberty, Pa. 

Colegrove, Mrs. H. B. (nee Mrs. Sarah L. 
Cloos), 91, Lawrenceville. Pa. 

Coleman. Mrs. Frank A. (nee Harriett Elou- 
ise Updyke), 88, Sheffield, Pa. 

Collins, Isaac P., 81, Coudersport, Pa., law- 
yer and insurance. 

Collins, Merton R., 92. Roaring Branch, Pa., 
student Bucknell University, Lewis- 
burg, Pa. 

Colwell, Mrs. Andrew J. (nee Mary J. Doo- 
little). 80, Hickory Grove, Pa. 

Compton, Ed. A., 80, Stockville, Neb., Judge 
of Frontier County. 

Conard, Emarene (Mrs. W. W. Powers). 07, 
Kennett's Square, Pa. 

Conard, Marie W., 07, New London, Pa. 

Conard, Sue E., 00, New London, Pa. 

Congdon, Charles H., 76, St. Paul, Minn., 

Conklin. Lena, 89, Orwell, Pa., teacher. 

Conlon, Peter J., 89, Hudson, Pa., teacher. 

Conners, Mrs. J. D. (nee Anna Fogarty), 87, 
Morris Run, Pa. 

Cook, Adda R„ 88, Meshoppen, Pa., teacher. 

Cook, Estella G. (Mrs. Fred C. Leonard), 74. 
Coudersport, Pa. 

Cooper, Carrie A. (Mrs. Wilbur H. Morris), 
89, Tunkhannock, Pa. 

Cope, John G., 07, Bloomsburg, Pa., teacher 
S. N. S. 

Copeland, Mrs. Jas. G. (nee Laura E. Crut- 
tenden), 79, Bluff City, Kan. 

"Copeland, Merthina F. (Mrs. Wm.M.Hatch). 

Corey, Althea S., 87, Mill City, Pa., teacher. 

Corey. Harry B., LL. B., 81, Coryland, Pa., 

Cornell, Ferris D., 91, Pike's Creek, Pa., cler- 

Cornell, Mrs. Rev. Ferris B. (nee Luna Eve- 
lyn James), 91, Pike's Creek, Pa. 

Cortright, Mrs. (nee Carrie Ansley), 82, Gale- 
ton, Pa. 

Cory, Mrs. Nelson S. (nee Kate H. Whipple, 
M. D.), 08, Akron, Ohio. 

Costello, Mame G. (Mrs. George Steigmaier), 
86, Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

Cloud, Mrs. A. D. (nee M.Agnes Degan), 85,jcostley! Byron J., 79, No. 90 Diamond St, 
Easton, Wash. Co., N. Y. Pittsburg, Pa., lawyer. 


Coursen, Emma A. (Mrs. E. L. Crisman), S3 

Kingston, Pa. 
Coveney,Mrs. Geo. W. (nee LeliaM. Bullock) 

77, Mardin, Pa. 
Cox, Mary A., 87. Parsons, Pa., teacher. 
Coxey, Mrs. Carrie (nee Carrie Amerman), 

M 73, Massillon, Ohio. 
Coyle, Bessie, 86, Bay Ave.. Bloomfleld, N. J 
Coyle. Mannie (Mrs. W. S. Hulslander), E 77, 

S 77, Scranton, Pa. 
Crandall, Susan B. (Mrs. Knapp), 63, Steven 

ville, Pa, 
Crawford, Etta, 89, Silvara. Pa., teacher. 
Crawford, Lou J. (Mrs. Byron A. Havens), 

76, Seattle, Washington. 
Crawshaw, Elizabeth Maria, 93, Daleville. 

Cray, Anna E.. 88, No. 90 Courtright Ave., 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa., teacher. 
Cray, Daniel J.. 91, No. 90 Courtright Ave. 

Wilkes-Barre. Pa., teacher. 
Crediford, Mrs. O. E. (nee Addie L. Reese) 

79, Antrim, Pa. 
Crisman, Mrs. E. L. (nee Emma A. Coursen) 

83, Kingston, Pa. 
Crossley, Charles R., 94, Mansfleld, Pa. 

Crowell, Blanche (Mrs. Rev. J. Nicholson), 88 

Binghamton, N. Y. 
Cruttenden, Alice G., 83, Wellsboro, Pa. 

Cruttenden. Edwin A., E 83, S 88, Troy, N.Y., 
teacher Troy Business College. 

Cruttenden, Mrs. E. A. (nee Helen Phillips), 
90, Troy, N. Y. 

Cruttenden, Grace Evelyn, M 91, Wellsboro, 

Cruttenden. Laura E. (Mrs. James G. Cope 
land), 79, Bluff City, Kan. 

Culver, Sadie Helen, 94, Round Top, Pa. 

Cummings, Ida Belle. E 83. M 91, Mansfield, 
Pa., deputv postmaster. 

Curtis, Effle Delle. 94,Elmlmrst, Pa..teacher. 

Curtis, Laura ML, 88, Aldenville,Pa.,teacher. 

Gushing, Minnie E., 91, Ulvsses.Pa., teacher. 

Cyphers, Effa M., 86, Wilkes-Barre, Pa.. 

Cyphers, Jennie. 84. Falls. Pa., teacher. 

Dailey, Elizabeth. 88, Ehnira, N. Y., teacher. 

Dailey, Lettie J., 79, Tioga. Pa., teacher. 

Dallman, Walter Henry, 91, Mansfleld, Pa., 

Dana, Emma H, 84. Eatonville, Pa., teacher 
at Mauch Chunk, Pa. 

Dana, Mary, 90, Eatonville, Pa., teacher. 

Daniell, Emily, M 80. Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

Darling, Alice E. (Mrs. V. R. Pratt), 08, Rey- 
noldsville, Pa. 

Darling, Walter C, 79, Ebenton, Pa., lum- 

Darmstadt, Kate, 89, Elmira. N. Y., teacher. 

*Dartt, Hannah I. (Mrs. F. Holden), 66. 

Dartt, Morton Lyman, 90, Principal Union- 
town S. O. S., Jumcnville, Pa. 

Davies, Anette Roland, 93, Scranton, Pa., 

Davis, Amy A. (Mrs. W. D. Taylor), G7,Mans- 

fleld, Pa. 
Davis, Anna L. (Mrs. A. G. Guiles), 87, Law- 

renceville, Pa. 
Davis, Bertha Mae, 94, Morris Run, Pa., 

Davis, David C, 91, Wilkes-Barre, Pa., 

Davis, David D., 89, Arnot, Pa., clerk. 
Davis, Elizabeth S., 94, Pike's Creek, Pa., 

Davis, Ella. 94, Pike's Creek. Pa., teacher. 
Davis, Frederick George, 93,Morris Run,Pa., 

Davis, Mrs. J. H. (nee Helen Carter demons), 

87, No. SO Bronson St.,Waterburv,Conn. 
Davis, Mrs. Fred, (nee Cora E. Bayhes), 90, 

Mansfield, Pa. 
Dayton, Mrs. C. F. (nee Susie Hillis), 75, To- 

wanda, Pa. 
Dayton, Sophronia C, 94, Rush, Pa.,teacher. 
*Dayton, Urania E. (Mrs. C. B. McKean), M 

Dean. Lottie A. (Mrs. J. F.Saylor), 78, Lincoln, 

Decker. Ida C. (Mrs. Dr. E. G. Drake), M 73, 
Elmira, N. Y. 

Decker, Leah Maud, 91, Mansfield. Pa., teaclier 

Degan, M. Agnes (Mrs. A. D. Cloud),' 85. teach- 
er, Easton, Washington Co., N. Y. 

Deitlen, Rose Agnes. 93, Mansfleld, Pa .teacher. 

De:ap. Mrs. S. O. (nee Marlon Kftnnedy), 67, 
Trinidad, Colo. 

Deming, Albert Ulysses, 94, Somers Lane, Pa., 

Demorest M. Annie (Mrs. A. D. Park) 75, Wa- 
verly. N. Y 

*Dennis, Mary II. (Mrs. Henry D. Barhight). £7. 

Devany, Anna C, Ss. Wilkes-Barre, Pa., 

Devany, James J., 9', Wilkes-barre, teacher. 

Dewey, James A., 82. Supt. of Schools, New- 
port township. Wanamte, Pa. 

Dewey, Mrs. James A. (nee Fannie Barnes), 83, 
Wanamie. Pa. 

Dickerson, Virginia. 86, Springfield, Pa., 

Dickinson. Mrs A J. (nee Effle M. James) M 71, 
Cedar Rapids Iowa 

Dilworth.George Llewellyn, 90, Newfoundland, 
Pa , teacher. 

Doane. Alice Hoiton, 94, Blossburg, Pa., 

Doane, Alice J., 74. 

Doane. Allen A.. 76. Leona, Pa. 

Doane. Augusta Ellen. 94, Leona. Pa., teacher 

Doane. Ellen R. (Mrs P. A. Stevens). 69. Min- 
neapolis. Minn. 

Doane. Mrs Fay (nee Etta French). 88, Knox- 
ville, Pa. 

Doane. George 67. No. 404 Hoffman St.. El- 
mira, N. Y.. manufacturer 

Doane Jane C (Mr3. A. S. Hooker), 67, Troy, 



Doane, Joseph C. 33 68, S 77, Blossburg, Pa., 

principal of schools. 
Doane. Mrs. J. C. (nee Myra Horton), 69. Bloss- 
barg, Pa. 
Doane. Marta E., 77. Towanda. Pa , teacher. 
Dobaon. Jessie (Mrs Frank A. Dobson). 89, No. 

4ii Br >wn St., Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Dobson. MrB. Frank A. .(nee Jessie Dobson), 89, 

No. 46 Brown St., Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Dodson, Mrs. D. W. (nee Margaret E. Camp), 

87, Hartford. Conn. 
Doollttle. Mary J. (Mrs Andrew J. Colwell). 86, 

Hickory Grove. Pa. 
Doran. Anna Izadore, 94, Susquehanna, Pa., 
Dougherty, Sarah Genevieve. 90, No. 1203, S. 

Irving Ave.. Soranton, Pa., teacher. 
"Doumaux, Mrs. L. (nee Ada L. Bailey), 69. 
Doyen, Agnes. E 68, A 94, Mansfield, Pa., art 

Doyen. Anna, 83, Mansfield, Pa., missionary 

for freedmen. No. 1096 W. Harrison St., 

Chicago, 111. 
Drake. Mrs. Dr. E G (nee Ida C, Decker) 

M 73, Elmlra, N. Y. 
Dunmore, Effa M„ 87. Auburn Corners, Pa.. 

Mlssionery at Tetlla. Mexico. 
Dunsmore, Andrew B., 84,Wellsboro, Pa., law> 

Dunsmore. Mrs. Andrew B. (nee Sadie E. Ball). 

85, WellBboro. Pa 
Dunsmore, Anna M., si, Arnot, Pa., teacher, 
Dunsmore. James A.. 91. Glen RIchey, Pa. 

student State College Pa. 
Dunsmore James G . 92, Harrisburg, Pa., stu 

dent State College. Pa. 
Durand, Clara B.. 87. Towanda, Pa . teacher. 
Durand, Cora B (Mrs. A. M. Whipple), 85, 

Laceyville, Pa. 
Durkin, Veronica Teresa, 94, Carbondale, Pa. 

Eby. Eleanor Hadden, 94, Toronto, Ontario, 

Eckerson. Ray. 89. Brownlee, Fa., student Syr 

acuse University. 
Edson. Charles H , TO, Elmira, N. Y.. book 

•Edwards Anna (Mrs. W. T. Watson). 87. 
Edwards. Joseph H., 80. No 2020 Stalest. 

Chicago, 111., Assistant Supervisor Cable 

Edwards. Thomas H.,71, Kansas City, Mo., 

Edwards, Wm. C. 74, Lamed. Kansas, lawyer. 

and Secretary of Slate, Kansas. 
Edwards. Mrs. Wm. C. (uee Frac C. Mitchell), 

77, Larned, Kansas. 
Elliott. Addie M (Mrs. Charles B. McKean), 

75, Santa Clara, Colo. 
Elliott. Edward Martin, E 90. S 92, Marufield 

Pa., graduate Lafayette College. 
Elliott. Mrs. Dr. Frecl G. (nee Julia E. Hartley), 

75, Mansfield, Pa. 
Elliott, Jessie Gertrude, M 91, No. 2119 Curtis 

St., Denver, Colo. 

Elliott, John F., M. D.. 75, Idaho Springs, Colo. 
Elliott, Olive M., 73. Mansfield, Pa., teacher. 
Elliott. Willis Victor, 91. No. 2119 Curtis St. 

Denver. Col., lawyer. 
Ellsworth, Milton W. ,68, Harrisburg, Pa., book 

Ely, Bessie Helena, 92. Mansfield, Pa. teacher. 
Ely, Eva L. (Mrs. Stewart Riley), 66, Spring- 
field, Pa. 
Ely, Fred Lewis. 88, Mansfield, Pa., clerk. 
Ely, Ida M.. (Mrs. Frank L. Clemons), Bloss- 

burg. Pa. 
Ely, William F., 9", Lansford, Pa., teacher. 
Eraberger, Joseph, 85. Mardin, Pa., farmer. 
England, Eatella Ethel, 84, Blossburg. Fa., 

English. Mary L„ 86, Wellsboro, Pa., teacher, 
English. Mrs. W vv. (nee Lydla Howe), 71, 

Wellsboro, Pa. 
Erskine. Anna Belle, 94, Ballibay. Pa.. teacher. 
Espy, Harl J., 94, Harmonsburg. Pa., mer- 
EstaBrook. Mrs. A. G. (nee Ella V. Robinson). 

Mt Alton. Pa 
Estabrook. Mame F., M it, Bennington, Vt., 

89, music teacher. 
Evans, Andrew J., 94, Ulysses. Pa., editor. 
Evans. Anna Cornelia, 94, Blossburg, Pa., 

Evans. Ebenezer. 94. Wanamie. Pa . teacher. 
Evans. George, 8*, Wanamie, Pa., teacher. 
Evans, Mary Annie. 90, Wanamie Pa., teacher. 
Evans. Reese D., 90, No 105 Barclay St., New 

York city, private Sec. Swift Beef Co. 
K'vans, Sarah A , 8S. Wanamie, Pa., teacher. 
Evans, Thomas E., So, Stokesdale. Pa, farmer. 
Evans, MrH Thomas E. (nee Carrie A. Jagger), 

84. Stokesdale, Pa. 
Evans. Mrs. W. J (nee Anna D. Williams), 89, 
No 145^ S River St., Wilkes-Barre. Pa. 
Everett. Alice A. (Mrs. W, L. Sprague), M 73, 

Buffalo, N. Y. 
Ewing, Ella. 84, Espeyvllle, Pa., teacher. 
Falrclough. Elizabeth, 92, Yates, Pa., teacher. 
Fanning, Adelhert C, 72, Troy, Pa., lawyer. 
Fanning. David Joseph. 94. Wetoua. Pa., 

student S. N, 8., Mansfield. Pa. 
Fanning, Florence Antls, 94, Wetona, Pa., 

Farrer. Anna R. (Mrs. J. E. Reese), 79, Mans- 
field. Pa. 
Farrer. Jennie E. (Mis. A. H. Avery). 76, Mans- 
field. Pa. 
Farrer. Mrs. Thos. D. (nee Edith M. Strait), 89. 

Bois City, Idaho. 
Farrer, Will S.. 80. Mansfield. Pa., merchant. 
Fassett. Mary B.. 91, Raymond. Pa., teacher. 
Faulkner, Caroline Pearl, 9J. Waverly , N. Y.. 

Faulkner, Carrie O. (Mrs. Rev. P. P. Carroll), 

Fay, Sarah A., 88. Plttston. Pa., teacher. 
Fensler, Elizabeth M. (Mrs. Louis Krouse), 87. 
No. 135 Washingon Ave., Altoona, Pa. 



Ferguson, Mrs r. w. (uee Georgians Trow- 
bridge. So, N 1. 526 Gray St.. Elrnira, N. Y. 

Ferguson, John, «9, Susquehanna, Pa , lawyer. 

Ferry, (.eon B., 91, Wellsboro, Pa., lawyer. 

Fessenden, K. A., ST. Livingston Place. New 
York city, traveliug salesman 

Fessler. Mrs T. A. (nee Josephlue Lawrence), 
E.SO M 92, Mansfleld. Pa. 

Fitzgerald. Mrs. Fred W. (nee Eliza M. Milier), 
79, Waverly, N. Y. 

Fick, Levi J , ra, Koom 2, Whitney Opera 
ilouss. D'troit, Mloh., lawyer. 

Fitzpatrick. Anna Gertrude, 93, .Mansfield, Pa. 

Fletcher, Mrs. V. (nee EIU :H. Smith). 81,. 
Maineaburg, Pa. 

Flower. Edith. 91, Minsfleld. Pa., medical stu- 
dent. Philadelphia, i'a. 

Flynn, Mary L., 9 -, No. 409 Ninth. St., Scran- 1 
ton Pa., teacher. 

Fogarty. Anna (Mrs. J, D Conners), 87, Morris 
Run. Pa. 

Foote. Lewis K„ S6,Annln Creek, Pa . teacher. 

Foote, Mrs. Lewis K (nee Ina V. Spencer) 
86, A mil a Creek Pa. 

•Foster. Mrs. Sheldon .vl. (nee Fannie Brew- 
ster). 80. 

Francis. Waller R., M. D., 71, Marion. Ind. 

•Frlck. Mrs. !i CM 73. (nee Alice E Weaver) 

French. Benj G., R9. Mairmsburg, t'a. teacher. 

Frencii, Charles R.. i)i, Trowbridge, Pa., 

French Elmer L„ 85, Mehoopany, Pa., 

French. Etta (Mrs. Fay Doane), 8S Knoxville. 

Frlck. Charles, 88, Liberty, Pa., teacher. 

Friends, Mrs Chas. H (nee Louise J. Hol- 
lands), 71. Mjlierton, Pa. 

Friends Mrs. (nee Etta B.trrett). 92, Trow- 
bridge, Pa. 

Fulkersou, Arts. 92, Wellsboro. Pa., teacher. 

Fuller. Cora, 92. Middieburv. Pa., teacher 

Fuller, Ella E . 90, Lenox, Pa., teacher. 

Fuller. William. 73, Lynn, Mass , teacher claa-: 
sictil high school. 

Furman, Dewltt C. 75, No. 1ST, Addison Ave.. 
Washington. Pa . Principal Schools. 

Furman Edna M. (Mrs. Frank E. Sands),S6, 
Scott dale. Pa. 

Gaige. E. B„ 89, Jackson Summit. Pa. teacher 

Gaige, Myra, 94. Mansfleld Pa., teacher. 

Gallagher, Mary Josephine, 91, Wilkes-Barr*, 
Pa. teacher. 

Gallagher, Rose B., 87, No, 59 Hillside St., 
Wilfces-Barre. Pa... teacher. 

Gallup. Mrs. Chester R. (nee Franc E. Carley). 
8.1 Glen Hazel, Pa. 

Gardner. Chester B.. LL. B., 73, Scranton, Pa., 

Gardner. John Adrian. 87. Andrew's Be'tle- 
mcnt, Pa. student Syracuse University 

Gardner, Truman G., 92, Westfleld, Pa., 

Gardner, WinfleldS.. 79, Montdale, Pa., gen- 
eral agent. 

Garrahan. Frances Y., 92, No.395 E.Market St , 

Wllkes-Barre, Pa., teacher. 
Garrison. Cornelius P., 89, DuBols, Pa„ Supt. 

Gates, Burt £., 83, West Superior, Wis. 
Gates, Maud Ella, 92, Mansfleld, Pa., teacher 

and student SS.S 
Gault. Mrs. Dr. .Matthew B. (nee Frances M. 

Wright. M. D), C7, Markleton, Somerset, 

Co., Pa. 
Gavlgan, Lizzie A. (Mrs. John W. Hyde), 79, 

Elmlra, N. Y. 
Geoghan, Mary E., 82, Ashley, Pa., teacher. 
Gibson, John Gushing, 94, Mansfield, Pa., 

Gibson, Margaret Ellen, 94, Mansfield, Pa.. 

Gil Bride, Michael P., 94. Hawley, Pa., teacher 
Gile, Norman Clark, 92, Lambs Creek, Pa., 

Qillen. Matiie E., 91. Honesdalc, Pa., teacher. 
Gillespie, Agnes, 89, Pittston, Pa. .teacher. 
Gillespie, Jessie Agues, 94, Harford, Pa , 

Gillespie, Josephine G., 91, No. 19.5, Center St.. 

Pittston. Pa., teacher. 
IGlllespie, W. 11., 8f, Pittston Pa„ lawyer. 
Gilleti. Alice Beatrice. 94, Hlo-sourg. Pa. 
Glllett. Marj I. (Mr*. J. W. Stringieiiow). 6i, 

KeeAnydiu, Pa. 
Gillette. Cassius E. 79. Nelson. Pa., graduate 

West Point, orfloer U. S. Army. 
Gillette. Herbert 8 , M. D.. 82, Savona, N. Y. 
Gilmour, Anna F. (Mrs. Edgar Kilbuurn), 84. 

DuLtois. Pa. 
Gilpin, Milton A . 87. No. '.0, Lowell St„ Law- 
rence, Mass., salesman. 
Gilpin, .-hermau F , 91, South Sterling. Pa., 

medical student, Philadelphia. 
Gilpin, s. Ward, 92, Newfoundland. Pa,, 

Glsin, AnnaL., 91, Wellsboro. Pa., teacher. 
Goodall, Anna Krdlne, 93, Canoe Camp, Pa.. 

Goodall. M, R., 1! 73, Canoe Camp, Pa., car- 
penter and mill wright. 
Goodall, Stella, E91, S 94, Mansfleld, Pa., 

Goodrich, Edith R„ 93, Elmira, N. Y.. student 

S. N. S. .Mansfleld, Pa. 
Goodrich, Eugene Bruce, 94. AKord, Pa., stu- 
dent .i. N. S., M»uaiield, Pa. 
Goodrich, Mary D., (Mrs William Reynolds). 76, 

Elinliu, N. Y. 
Goodrich, Mrs O. D. (uee Dora N. Woodruff). 

74, Elmira, N. Y. 
Goodspeed, Lyman Delos, 92, West Covington, 

Pa„ farmer. 
Gordon, Nettie E., 90, Pine City, N. Y., 

Gorham, Elsie, 86, CouderHport. Pa , teacher. 
Gorham, Fordycc C. 90, Rochester, N. Y.. 

tea-her K. B. University. 
Gorman, Chloe, 87, Hamilton, Pa., teacher. 



Gorrie. Clarence A , 74, Wellsboro, Pa., far- 

Gould. Mrs. Dr. E. W (nee Mary E. Lincoln. 
M. D.). 88. Thomaetou, Me. 

Graves. Israel S„ M. D . 83. Peckville. Pa. 

Gray. Florence S. (Mrs. William Lee), 73, Rus- 
sell Kansas. 

Gray. Fred L.. 7S. Sullivan. Pa . teacher. 

Gray. Mrs I. M. (nee Carrie Stevens). 83, Mon- 
trose, Pa. 

Gray. J M.. 89. Du Bols. Pa., teacher. 

Green, Benj. W.. 68, Emporium, Pa., lawyer. 

•Green, Fannv(Mrs. M Montgomery), 71. 

Green, Fred H , 61, Clifford. Pa., teacher. 

Green, Jennie May. 9<, Troy, Pa., teacher. 

Green, W F.. 89. Rush, Pa., teacher. 

Greene, Katharine, M., E 85. s S6, Clifton Sta- 
tion Va„ teacher In Pulaski, N. Y. 

Gregory, Alice Z., 91. Prompton. Pa., teacher 

Gregory, Helen. 89, Leetonla, Pa., teacher. 

Gregory. Mary E. (Mrs. Alexander Pollock) 
87. Antrim, Pa 

Grenolds, Mrs. Bvron (nee S. Josephine 
Bailev), 88, Etkland, Pa. 

Griesmer, Owen M„ 70, Berlinsville, Pa. 

Griffin, James 0..73, Palo Alto, Cal.. Instruc- 
tor in German at Stanford University. 

Griffith, Katharine Belle, 93, Windham, Pa,. 

Griffith. Mary A. (Mrs. D. D. Roderick), 83. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa., teacher. 

Grinnell, Marv Jane (Mrs. H. H. Bartholo- 
mew), HO, Wellsboro, Pa. 

Grist, Mrs. Thomas H. (nee Sarah A. Kern;. 
68, Hayward, Sawyer Co., Wis. 

Grom, Catherine. 89. Mansfield, Pa.,teacher, 

Grom. Leanore Allegra, 93, Mansfield, Pa., 

Guard, Carrie (Mrs. Robert B. Treible), 85. 

No. 59 South Grand St., WiLkes-Barre, 

•Guernsey, Ella A., 75. 
Guiles, Mrs. A. G. (nee Anna L. Davis), 87, 

Lawrence^ille. Pa. 
Gunn, Ada, 90. Montrose, Pa., teacher. 
Haight, Cora A. (Mrs. J. Mert Smiley), 90, 

East Canton, Pa. 
Haight, Fred R.,89, Mainesburg.Pa., teacher. 
•Haines, Lizzie XL, 69. 
Hall, Delia (Mrs. F. VanDusen), 85. 
Hall, Laura Z. (Mrs. W. A. McFarland), 75, 

Watsontown, Pa. 
Hall, Leda (Mrs. Maxwell Henry), 80, Arnot, 

Hall, Mina (Mrs. George Nares), 82, Corning, 

N. Y. 
Hall, Mrs. M. L. (nee Electa Camp), 66, Bing- 

hamton, N. Y. 
Hammond, Lewis G., 89, Reed City, Mich., 

hank clerk. 
Hand. Aaron W„ 75, No. 25 Court St., Keene. 

N. II., clergyman. 
Handwerk, Marcus, 86, Germania, Pa., 

Hanlan, Michael John, 85, Honesdale, Pa.. 

County Clerk of Wayne County. 

Hannah, Carrie Belle, 94, East New Milford, 

Pa., teacher. 
Hanyen, Fred C, 86 Waverly, Pa., teacher. 
Hanyen, M. Lou, 8,, Rutland, Pa., teacher 

in Elmira, N. Y. 
Hardie, Elizabeth, 88, Mt. Afton.Pa.. teacher. 
Harding. Everett, 93, Centre Moreland, Pa., 

Harkness, Harry Clifton, 90, Springfleld.Pa., 
medical student, No. 376 Hermitage 
Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Harrer, Warren Franklin, 8fl, East Point, 
Pa., student Jefferson Medical College, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 
Harris, Charles E., 70, Lanesboro, Pa., 

Harrison, Howard, 80. Borden, N. Y., school 

commissioner, Steuben county. 
•Hartley, Emma Helen, 90. 
Hartley, Frank, E 90, S 92, North Mehoopany , 

Hartley,' Julia E. (Mrs. Dr. Fred G. Elliott), 

75, Mansfield, Pa. 
Harvey, James,87, freight conductor.Sayre, 

Haskin, Mrs. Dr. Herbert P. (nee Teresa 

Holmes Rockwell), 92, Gaines, Pa. 
Hatch. Mrs. F. P. (nee Annie J. Carter), 86, 

Union City, Pa. 
•Hatch, Mrs. Win. M. (nee Merthina F. Cope- 
land), 70. 
Havens, Mrs. Byron A. (nee Lou J. Craw- 
ford), 76, Seattle, Washington. 
Hayden, Emma (Mrs. Stevens), 84, Elmhurst, 

Hayes. Emma C. (Mrs. Theo. F. Williams), 

73, Mansfield, Pa. 
Hayes, Mrs. Nelson (nee Jennie M. Valen- 
tine), 84, No. 156 McLean St., Wilkes- 
Bnrrp Pi 
Hazlett, Mrs. J. C. (nee Mabel E. Howe), 81, 

Huntingdon, Pa. 
Hazlett. James E., 83, Nelson, Pa., farmer. 
•Heacock, Martha, 68. 
Healy, Joanna, 87, Morris Run, Pa., teacher. 
Hear'n, Mary Anne, 90, Brooklyn, Pa., 

Hebering, Andrew J., 83, Orange, N. J„ 

Heermans.Mary Elleta, 93, Jackson Summit, 

Pa., teacher. 
Heft, Emily Reeve, 91, Truckville, Pa., 

• teacher. 
Heft, Luella Clark, 91, Truckville, Pa., 

Heibeck, Mrs. Geo. (nee Anna M. Williams), 

94, Strasburg, Pa. 
Henry, Mrs. Maxwell (nee Leda Hall), 80, 

Arnot, Pa. 
Heyler, Edward W., 88, Williamsport, Pa., 

Heysham, Jennie F... 81, Nelson, Pa. 
Heysham, Samuel R., 81, No. 59 Grand St., 
Hornellsville, N. Y., conductor Erie 
R. R. 



Hickcox. Evaline (Mrs. Samuel Pearson), S3, 

Wellsboro, Pa. 
Higgins. Kliza H., 80, Sommers Lane, Pa., 

*Hill, Lizzie C. (Mrs. L. L. Bailey), E fin, M 71. 
Htllis, Susie (Mrs. C. F. Dayton), 75, Towan- 

da, Pa. 
Hitchcock, Andrew B., 84, Knoxville, Pa., 

Hite.Mrs. J. A. (nee Jennie Webster), 81, Lin- 
coln, Nebraska. 
Hoard, Harry Reed, E 02, S 94. Mansfield, 

Pa., insurance clerk. 
Hoard, Joseph S., 71, Mansfield, Pa., general 

Hoban. Charles Francis, 94, Plains, Pa., 

Hodgson, Mary D. (Mrs. D. S. Jennings), 84, 

Anatone, Wash. 
Hoffman, Edith M., 93, No. 414 N. Franklin 

St., Wilkes-Barre, Pa., teacher. 
"Holden, Mrs. F. (nee Hannah I. Dart, 6fi. 
Hollands, Louise J. (Mrs. Charles II. Friends), 

71. Millerton, Pa. 
Hollands, Lucy M. (Mrs. Chas. S. Rockwell), 

78, Blossburg, Pa. 
Hollenbeck, Amos F., 77, Springfield, Colo.. 

Hollenbeck, Conrad, 69, Lincoln, Nebraska, 

Holmes, Edward E., 81, Jackson, Pa., den- 
Hornet, Frank, 91, Wyalusing, Pa., student 

Boston Conservatory ot Music. 
Hornet, Lida H., 8fi,Wyalusing, Pa., teacher. 
Hooker, Mrs. A. S. (nee Jane C. Doane), 67, 

Troy, Pa. 
Hooker, Ida E. (Mrs. A. Baumann) E 75, S 79, 

Scranton, Pa. 
Hope, Bernard J., 91, Lovelton, Pa., lawyer. 
Horlacker, Kate E. (Mrs. P. M. Bullard), 7(1, 

Newberry, Pa. 
Hornbeck, Carrie Louisa, 94, Dingman's 

Ferry, Pa., teacher. 
Horning. Ida M., 93, Antrim, Pa., teacher. 
Horton, Belle C. 79, Blossburg, Pa., teacher. 
Horton, Chas. H., 88, Clifford, Pa., teacher 
Horton, Flora, 91, Daggett, Pa., teacher. 
Horton, Helen B., 94, Westfield, Pa. .teacher. 
Horton. Mary A., 75, Lawrenceville, Pa., 

Horton, Myra (Mrs. J. C. Doane), 69, Bloss- 
burg, Pa. 
Horton, Nellie Campbell, 94, Westfield. Pa. 
Ilotchkiss, John N., 91, Lambs Creek, Pa. 
"House, Julia E., 87. 
Houghwout, Adell, 8D, No. 128 Prospect St., 

Binghamton, N. Y., teacher. 
Howard, Bloomfleld H., 88. Auburn Center, 

Pa., student, S. N. S., Mansfield, Pa. 
Howe, Albert D„ Whitesville, N. Y., teacher. 
Howe, Mrs. Albert D. (nee Carrie E. Case), 

76, Whitesville, N. Y. 
Howe, Emily E., 78, Lansford, Pa., teacher. 
Howe, Mrs. John (nee Luella L. Howe), 83, 

Bradford, Pa. 

Howe, Luella L. (Mrs. John Howe), 83, Brad- 
ford, Pa, 
Howe, Lydia (Mrs. W. W. English), 71,Wells- 

boro. Pa. 
Howe, Mabel E. (Mrs. J. C. Hazlett), 81, 

Huntingdon, Pa. 
Howell, Wm. Harry, 92, Round Top. Pa., 

Howland, Eunice (Mrs. C. B. Campbell), 73, 

Nelson, Pa. 
♦Hubbard, Harriet L., 68. 
Hubbard, Wilson R. 82, East Charleston, Pa. 
Hudson, Mary E. 88, Seeley Creek, N. Y., 

Hudson, Mattie E.. 83, Elmira, N.Y., teacher. 
Hughes, Alice, 87, Blossburg. Pa., teacher. 
Hughes, Mary E., 67, Castine, Me., teacher 

S. N. S. 
Hulslander, Emma (Mrs. A. D. Colegrove), 

Liberty, Pa. 
Hulslander, Winfield S., LL. B.. E 75, S 77 

office No. 134 Washington ave., Scran- 
ton, Pa., lawyer. 
Hulslander, Mrs. W. S. (nee Mannie Coyle), 

E 75, S 77, Scranton, Pa. 
Humphrey. Wilmot G., M. D., 77, Elkland, 

Pa., physician. 
Hunt, Emma B. (Mrs. Frederick Moore), M 

71, Binghamton, N. Y. 
Hunt,FrederickB. ,91, Square Top,Pa.,teacher 

at Laceyville, Pa. 
♦Hunt, Lottie M., M 73. 
Huntington, Ellen, 92, North Bingham, Pa., 

■fpQ pllPT* 

Hurlbut, Carrie L., 88, Nelson, Pa., teacher. 
Hurlbut, Sarah B., 03. Westfield, Pa., teacher. 
Hurlbutt, Helen Louise, 93. Scranton, Pa. 
Hnsted, Ella A. (Mrs. Homer F. Kingsley), 

71, Mansfield, Pa. 
Husted, Ruth R, M. D. (Mrs. Frank A. 

Kirch), 88, No. 566 Superior St., Cleve- 
land, O. 
Huston, S. M..St C E 90,Mountain Lake, Pa., 

Huston, Mrs. S. M. (nee Lizzie B. Moody), 86, 

Franklindale, Pa. 
Hutcheson, Jennie Eva, 94, Blossburg, Pa., 

Hyatt, Mrs. B. F. (nee Phcebe Strong), M 91, 

No. 1405 Main St., Peekskill, N. Y. 
Hyde, Mrs. Jno. W. (nee Lizzie A. Gavigan), 

79, Elmira, N. Y. 
*Hymes, Geo. I., 83. 
Ingham, Anna B. (Mrs. Samuel H. Jewell) 

80, Canton, Pa. 
*Ingham, Frederick W., 76. 
Jagger, Carrie A. (Mrs. Thomas E. Evans), 

84, Stokesdale, Pa. 

James, Benton E., 77, Montrose, Pa., Princi- 
pal of Schools. 

James, Cora Rees, 84, Phillipsburg, Pa., 


James, Effle M. (Mrs. A. J. Dickinson), M 

71, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 
James, Mrs. Frank F. (nee Etta Squier), 88, 

Ely, Minn. 


James, Harry A., 11. D., 84, Montrose, Pa., 

James, Luna Evelvn (Mrs. Rev. Ferris B. 

Cornell), 91, Pike's Creek, Pa. 
James, Wayne T., 89, No. 83 Madison Ave., 

Wilkes-Barre. Pa., teaclier. 
Jarvis, Frank Henry, St. C. E. 92, Meshoppen, 

Pa., Principal of Schools. 
Jelliff. Glen Eli, 94, Mansfield, Pa., student 

S.N. S. 

Keeney, Florence A. (Mrs. F. M. Smith), 73 

Castile N. Y. 
Keeney, Nettie E.,80, No. 116 Michigan Ave., 

Chicago, jewelry inspector. 
Kehler, Sherman I.. 89. Liberty, Pa., student 

at Cornell University. 
Kehler, William Mortimer, 93, Liberty, Pa., 

law student, Wellsboro, Pa. 
Keiser, Aaron B., 78, Winfleld, Pa., salesman. 
jKelley, Charles B., 88, Port Allegany, Pa., 

Jennings, Mrs. D. S. (nee Mary D. Hodgson) ' Principal of schools. nminrrtm 

84 Anatone. Washington. Kelley, Clyde_Lmcoln, 90, West Covington, 

Jennings, Jennie M., M 91, Canton, Pa. 
Jewell, Mrs. Samuel H. (nee Anna B. Ing- 
ham), 80, Canton, Pa. 
Johnson, Carrie Belle, 90, Halstead, Pa- 
*Johnson, Ella F., 68. 

Johnson, H. Jean, grad. Holynke (Mrs. Har 

ris Tabor). S. 82, Elmira,N. Y., teacher. 

Johnson, Mrs. J. H. (nee Louise Lyon), 74, 

No. 614 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis, 


Johnson, Laura E. (Mrs. EC. E. Metealf), 78, 

Mansfield, Pa,. 
Johnson. Leona B., 91, Mansfield, Pa., 

Johnson, Lottie M., 89, stenographer, W T ells- 

boro, Pa. 
•Johnson, Lura E. (Mrs. W. G. Lent), 88. 
Johnson, Mortimer Elliott, 94. Mansfield, Pa. 
Johnson, Orlando H., 83, New Market, N. H. 

Johnson, S. A., 87. Milford, Pa., teacher. 
Johnson, Mrs. S. A., 87, Milford, Pa., teacher 
Jones, Anna L. (Mrs. Dr. E. H. Ashcraft), 77 

Coudersport, Pa. 
Jones, Frank D., 81, Steele, N. D., farmer. 
* Jones, Henry W., S 67. 
Jones. Morton Frost. 93, Mansfield, Pa. 
student Lafavette College, Easton, Pa. 
Jones, Rachel, 90, Blossburg Pa., teacher. 
Jones, Mrs. T. P. (nee Edith L. Shaw), 88, 

Mansfield. Pa., student S. N. S. 
Jones, Winnie, 90, Cherry Flats, Pa., teacher. 
Jordan, Edwin J., 84, Tunkhannock, Pa 

lawyer and member of Congress. 
Jordan, Ella C, 90. No. 1308 Pittston Ave.. 

Scranton, Pa., teacher. 
Jordan, Kate A., 93, No. 1:308 Pittston, Ave.. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Judge, Rose H„ 82, Mansfield, Pa., teaclier. 
Judge, Mrs. T. W. uiee Myra Lee Williams), 

88, Mansfield, Pa. 
Judson, Mrs. W T m. N. (nee Annie M. Bolles), 

71, South Auburn, Pa. 
Kane, Martha V., 89, No. 362 N. Main St., 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa., teacher. 
Karstetter. Alma, 78, Ickesburg.Pa., teacher. 
Kearney, Anna Teresa, 94,Wilkes Barre,Pa. 

Kearney, Rose H., 92, Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 


Pel tCcltllSr. 

Kelley, Elizabeth Josephine.04,Scranton,Pa., 

Kelley, Emmett M., 82, Belfast, N. Y., clergy- 
Kelley, Mark, 92, Black Creek, N. Y., clergy- 
man. _ . 
Kelley, Nathaniel Roger, 91, West Coving- 
ton, Pa., teacher. 
Kelley, William A., 89, No. 119 West Tama- 
rack St.. Hazleton, Pa., merchant. 
Kelly, Beatrice Maria, 93, No. 122 Kidder St., 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa., teacher. 
Kelly, Marion, 90, LeRoy, Pa., teacher. 
Kelly, Nellie M„ 91, No. 124 River St., Scran- 
ton, Pa., teacher. 
Kelly. William A., 88, Parsons, Pa., teacher. 
Kemp, Frank (Mrs. D. L. Satterlee), 80, Jack- 
son Township, Tioga Co., Pa. 
Kemp, Herman II., 91, Tioga, Pa., druggist. 
♦Kennedy. George, 75. 
Kennedy, Marion (Mrs. S. C. Delap), 67, 

1103 Main St., Kansas City, Mo. 
Kennedy, Stephen H., 76, Waukegan, 
lawyer, insurance and real estate. 
Kenny, John A., 89, No. 31 North St., Wilkes- 
Barre, Pa., teacher. 
Kenny, Maud Anna, 90, No. 31 North St., 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa., teacher. 
Kent, Edith V., 91. Brooklyn. Pa., teacher. 
Kent, Lou C, 84, Montrose. Pa., teacher. 
Kern, Sarah A. (Mrs. Thomas H. Grist), 68, 

Hayward, Sawyer Co., Wis. 
Kies, Henry H., 81, Coudersport, Pa., 
Kiesel, Anna, 92, No. 515 Lackawanna, Ave., 

Scranton, Pa., teacher. 
Kilbourne.Mrs.Edgar (nee Anna F.GUmour), 

84, DuBois, Pa. 
Kiley, Frank L., M. D., 89, Gordon, Pa. 
Kiley, John Hurlbut, M. D., 82, Morris Run, 

' Pa. 
Kilmer, Mrs. Joseph (nee Eva McKinney), 94, 

Elmira, N. Y. 
Kimball, Mrs.Rev.John (nee Minnie Bullock), 

84, Turner's Center, Maine. 
Kimberly, C. H., M 73, Oriskany Falls, N. Y. 
Kimble, Frank P.,76,Konesdale,Pa.,lawyer. 
King, Edna (Sirs. J. Wesley Beach), M 92, 

Houghton, Mich. 
King, Mrs. G. A. (nee Mari Close), 78, West- 
field, Pa. 

Keeler, Margaret Baldwin, 92,No.l30 Murray|*Kmgsland, Mary M. ... „._.„„,,, 

St., Binghamton, N. Y., teacher. Kingsley, Anna Kent E 91 S 93 Mansfield, 

Keeney, Agnes, 77, Keeneyville, Pa., teacher.! Pa., teacher at Wellsboro, Pa. 


Kingsley, Clarence Lewis, 93, Painter Run, 

Pa., teacher. 
Kingsley, Harry Bailey, 93, Mansfield, Pa., 

Kingsley, Mrs.Homer F.(nee Ella A.Husted). 

71, Mansfield, Pa. 
Kinsey, Katharine Elile, M 92, Covington, Pa. 
Kinsloe, S. E. Burke, E 81. S 89, Lawnsdale 

dale Station, Philadelphia,Pa.,teacher. 
Cinyon, Augustus, 83, Linda Vista, Cal., 

Kirch, Mrs. Frank A. (nee Ruth B. Hasted). 

M. D., 68, No. SC6 Superior St., Cleve- 
land, O. 
Klock, Martha May, 94, Covington, Pa. 

Knapp, Allen II., 88, Alton, N. Y., teacher. 
Knapp, Lucy M. (Mrs. L. W. Wehb), 67 

Wellsboro, Pa. 
Knapp, Samuel Dense, 90, Harrington, Del. 

Knapp, Mrs. (nee Susan B. Crandall), 69. 

otGYGIlSYllls Pel 

Knight, Susie A. Delphine, 90, No. 1547 Ca- 

pouse Ave., Scranton, Pa. 
Knowlton, Lillie, 8fi, Covington, Pa. 
Knowlton, Matthew Scott, 94, Mansfield, Pa., 

Knox, Mrs. C. H. (nee Sarah J. Shove), 66. 

Manson. la. 
"Koerner. Mame L., 83. 
Kohler, Lydia Ada, 91. Mardin, Pa., teacher. 
Krouse, Mrs. Louis (nee Elizabeth M. Fen 

sler), 87, No. 135 Washington, Ave., Al 

toona, Pa. 
Krusen, Mrs. Richard (nee Sarah I. Lewis), 

71 Westfield Pa 
Lacey, Asa P., 78, West Auburn, Pa., teacher. 
Lacey, Marion L. (Mrs. C. B. Whipple), 86, 

No. Ill Putman Ave., Brooklyn. N. Y 
Lain, E. Jennie (Mrs. Nesbitt), 83, Kingston, 

Lain, Lizzie, 89, Lehman, Pa„ teacher. 
Lain, Rachel B., M. D., 84, San Francisco. Cal. 
Lamb, Charles L., 70, Minneapolis, Minn., 

Landon, Bion W., 82, Elmira, N. Y., R. R. 

Lane, Mrs. W. F. (nee Emma Adams), 79, 

Ridgway, Pa. 
Langan, George, 71. 
Langdon, Winnie A., 90, Mansfield, Pa 

*Lannon, Robert M., 78. 
Lathrop, Wilbur F., 70, Carbondale, Pa., 

Lawrence, Josephine (Mrs. T. A. Fessler), E 

89. M 92, Mansfield, Pa. 
Lawrence, Margaret Eflle, 94, Mansfield, Pa.. 

Leach.Harvey B., 83, Blosshurg, Pa., lawyer. 
Leahy, James R., 91, Wilawana, Pa., teacher. 
Lee, Anna Frances, 91, Ashley, Pa., teacher 
Lee, Hattie W., 92, Honesdale, Pa., teacher. 
Lee, Jennie S., 84, Honesdale, Pa., teacher. 

Lee, Mame, 83, No. 125 Pine St., Harrisburg, 

Po tPipTiPi* 

Lee, Mary E., 92, Ashley, Pa., teacher. 

Lee, Mrs. Wm. (nee Florence S. Gray), 73, 

Russell, Kan. 
Leet, Mary Alice, 91, Dundaff, Pa., teacher. 
Leet, Frank Arthur, 93, Ulvsses, Pa., student 

LaFayette college Easton, Pa. 
Lent, Alberts., 80, Wellsboro. Pa., farmer. 
Lent, Cora Ethel, 93, Mansfield, Pa., teacher. 
♦Lent, Mrs. G. W. (nee Lura E.' Johnson), 88. 
Leonard, Anna Julia, M 90, Granville Center, 

Leonard, Austin, 68 Troy, Pa., farmer. 
Leonard, Frank M., 80, Wellsville, N. Y., 

Leonard, Mrs. Frank M. (nee Carrie H. Close), 

86, Wellsville, N. Y. 
Leonard, Fred C, 74, Coudersport, Pa., 

lawyer and member Congress. 
Leonard, Mrs. Fred C. (nee Estella G. Cook), 

74. Coudersport, Pa. 
Leonard, George Austin, 94, Troy, Pa., stud- 
ent S. N. S., Mansfield. Pa. 
Leonard, James N., 79, Elbridge, Pa.,teacher. 
Leonard, Mary G., 90, Scranton, Pa., teacher, 
Leonard, Solomon S., 90, Orvisburg, Miss., 

*Le Van Abbie G. (Mrs. William F.Porter),85. 
Levisee, Mrs. A . W. (nee Dora L. Stevens), 77, 

Lemon, Pa. 
Lewis, A. Llewellyn, 74, Covington, Pa., 

Lewis. Nellie A., 85, No. 57, School St., Brad- 
ford, McKean Co.. Pa., teacher. 
Lewis, Sarah I. (Mrs. Richard Krusen), 71, 

Westfield. Pa. 
Lewis, Winfield O., 71, West Covington. Pa., 

Lincoln, Mary E., M. D. (Mrs. Dr E. W. 

Gould), 80. Thomaston. Maine. 
Lindsley, Frank Irwin, 93. LawrenceviUe, 

Little. Jessie P. 

Lloyd. Morgan J 

E 75, S 77, Lapoite, Pa., 

_ . 87, Olvphant. Pa. .teacher. 
Loblugier, Mrs. Dr. Stewart (nee Kate Rey- 
nolds. M D.).70. Denver. Colo. 
Lockhart, Mrs. C, E. (nee Carrie E. Wiggins), 

86, Ridgwny, Pa 
Logan, Lizzie W..85. Blofshurg, Pa., teacher. 
Longbothum, Kay Clare. E 91, S 94, Mansfield, 

Pa., teacher. 
Longstreet . Wm. R., S3, Mansfield, Pa. , teacher, 

S. N. S 
Longstreet. Mrs. Wm. R (nee Lucy Ransom), 

82. Mansfield, Pa. 
*Loomis, Helen II. (Mrs. R W. Smalley). 71. 
Losey, Mary Emily, 94, Nelson. Pa., teacher. 
Lott, Mrs. Earnest (n«e Martha J. Carlin), 90, 

Auburn Four Corners, Pa. 
Lowe, Vlra (Mrs. M. P. Burch), 87, Aspln, Colo. 
Lownsberry, Edith A., SI, Conoe Camp, Pa., 

Lownsberry. Ida L. (Mrs. Rev. F. P. Simmons), 

S8, Almond. N. Y. 


Lubrecht.Willl»m.89,No.616 S.Maln St., Wilkes- 
Barre, Pa , teacher. 
Ludlam. Mrs Samuel (nee Florence E. Busu), 

9n, Academy Corners, Pa 
Lugg, Mr*. A Waldo (nee Einma L. Starkey) ; 

80. Knoxville. Pa. 
Lugg, Cliarles H.. 81. Knoxville. Pa . merchant. 
Lung. Eluora (Mrs. R. L. Bevens), 6ti. Decatur. 

Lung. Henry, 8i, Seattle. Wash . lawyer. 
Lung, Mary Grace 84, Wyalusing. Pa., student 

at Ann Arbor. Mich. 
Lusch, Mrs. Hannan S (nee Hannah Sherer), 

M "3, No 567 Carlton Ave ,Brooklyn,N. Y. 
♦Lyman, Samuel 11., 79. 
Lyon, Frank R.. 89, Aruot, Pa., civil and mining 

Lyon, Geo. Martin, 92, Spring Hill, Pa., teacher. 
Lyon, Louise (Mrs. J. tt. Johnson), 74, No. 614 

Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Lyon, Lncetta (Mra George W. Bolles), 69, 

West Auburn. Pa. 
Lyon, Mary, 91, Fall Brook, Pa., teacher. 
McCarthy,' Frank Augustus, 9;1, Miner's Mills 

Pa., teacher. 
McCarthy. Margurite A., 90, No. 150 Second St., 

Elmira. N Y. 
McCawley, John E., 84, Dickinson City, Pa., 

McCord, Mary. St. C. E. 69, Lewisburg, Pa., 

McC'onnell, Stella, 9-3, Mansfield Pa., teacher. 
McCoriuaek, John. 89, Ashley. Pa. , teacher. 
McCormack. Katharine Alberta, 90, Ashley, Pa., 

McConnick. Frank T , 91, No. 18 S. Franklin 

St . Wilkes-Barre. Pa., lawyer. 

McKean, Mrs.Chas. B.(ne8 Addle M.EllIott),T5, 
Santa Clare. Colo. 

McKee, James Millord, 78, Arcade, N. Y., Prin- 
cipal of Schools. 

McKinney, Edgar E,, 81, Spadra. Cal., teacher. 

*McKinney, Mrs. Kdgar E. (nee Mary S. Bald- 
win, 87. 

McKiiinev. Eva (Mrs. Joseph Kilmer), 93, 
Elmira. N. Y. 

McKinney, Mrs. Walter S. (nee Martha A. 
Baldwin). 78. No. 575 Washington, Boul., 
Chicago, 111. 

McLaughlin. Alice Clare. 93. No. 160 E. Market 
St.. Wilkes-Barre, Pa., teacher. 

McManama. Elizabeth C, 90, No 331 Pittston 
Ave.. Scranton. Pa , teacher. 

MoWhorter, Minnie B.. 86, Webb's Mills, N. Y., 

Mackey, .Wanley. »8, Larthrop, Pa., farmer. 

Maclay, Edwin, 84, Waverly, Pa., teacher. 

Mahon. Alfred Neale, 90, No. 30 N. Main St., 
Pittston, Pa., student Jefferson Medi- 
cal Collese, Philadelphia. 

Main, Joseph O., 80, Mehoopany, Pa..teacher. 

Maine, Chas. L., M.D.,83,Helvetia,Clearfield 
Co., Pa. 

Maine, Howard P., 80, Mainesburg, Pa., 

Maitland, Theodore H. , 

Major, Alice Gertrude, 

student S. N. S. Manstteld, Pa, 

Malia, Lizzie V., 91, No. 932 Prospect Ave., 
Scranton, Pa., teacher. 

Manley, Rush Emmett, 88, Presho, N. Y., 
student Ohio State University, Col- 
umbus, O. 

82, Liberty, Pa., 
Lehman, Pa., 


McCuUoch. Samuel Johnson. 75, Kansa3 City. Marcy, Milton S., M. D., 75, Aimesville, 111. 

Mo , lawyer 
McDade Maggie J , 84, Wllkes-Barre, Pa., 

McDowell, Mrs. Chaa. (nee Rena Watts), 91, 

Sylvania, Pa 
McFarland. Mrs. W. A. (nee Laura Z. Hall), 75, 

Watsontowu, Pa. 
MeGann, Agnes G., s>7, Wilkes-Barre. Pa., 

McOann. Ella. 87 Wilkes-Barre. Pa., teacher 
McGraih, John. 91, No. 932 Washington Ave., 

Scranton. Pa., medical student University 

of Pennsylvania. 
MeGraw. Ella. 88. Alton Pa., teacher. 
McGregor, Mrs. Kev. D. (nee Ada F. Cole), 71. 

Stevensvhle, Mon. 
Mcguigan. Julia. 90, No '.13'iS Birney Ave . 

scranton. Pa., teacher. 
McGnire, Frank II.. 91. Cicero. N. Y.. teacher. 
McGuire.GeorgeThoma3, 98, Wllkes-Barre.Pa., 

coal inspector. 
Mclnroy. Mrs. Samuel F. (nee Rose S. Rock- 
well), 87, Charleston, Pa. 
"McKay, James E.. 68 
McKeau, Charles B.. 73, Santa Clara Colo.,mine 

agent, Colorado Coal and Iron Co. 
♦McKean. Mrs. Chas. B. (Urania E. Dayton), 

M 73. 

Marsh, Jessie M., 89, Lambs Creek, Pa., 

teacher and farmer. 
♦Marvin, Harry B., 91. 
Marvin, Wiiliam Cameron, 88, Lawnsdale 

Station, Philadelphia, Pa., teacher. 
Marvin, Mrs. Wm. C. (nee Ina Reese), 89, 

Lawnsdale Station, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Mather, John W., 71, Welisboro, Pa., lawyer. 
Mathews, John I., so.Elmira, N.Y., salesman. 
Mattison, Fannie L. (Mrs. Woodford), 83, 

Tunesassa. N. Y. 
Maxey, Benjamin Franklin, 93, Forest City, 

Pa., teacher. 
Maxey, William Solomon, 90, Montrose, Pa., 

law student. 
Medley, Ida S. (Mrs. William H. Burdick),89, 

Franlclm, Mass. 
Meehan, Rose Anastasia, 94, Scranton, Pa., 

Meine, Philip,' 86, Germania, Pa., teacher. 

Melville, Mrs. Harry T. (nee Jessie O. Camp- 
bell, 89, Luther's Mills, Pa. 

♦Merrick, Alma M. (Mrs. W. L. Bliss), 70. 

Merrick, Clinton V., 70, Bradford, Pa., Supt. 
N. Y„ L. E. & W. Ry. 

Metcalf, Floral V., 93, Austin, Pa., teacher. 

Metcalf, Mrs. H. E. (nee Laura E. Johnson), 
78, Mansfield, Pa. 



Meylert, Frank W., 86, Laport, Pa., Supt. 

Schools, Sullivan Co. 
Michels, Mrs. J. S. (nee Nora I. Bond), 91. 

Meshoppen, Pa. 
Middaugh, Ella (Mrs. E. A. Beale), M 73, No. 

52 Easton Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Miles, Sarali J., 91, Kingston, Pa., teacher. 
Miliken, Beatrice, SO, Gelatt, Pa., teacher. 
Miller Albert Osser, Jr.,A.B., LL.B., LL.M., 

85, No. 70 Grove St., Passaic, N. J., 

lawyer, graduate ot Columbia College. 
Miller, Clarence B., 78, Nanticoke, Pa., Sup- 

perintendent of schools. 
Miller, Eliza M. (Mrs. Fred S. Fitzgerald), 79, 

Waverly, N. Y. 
Miller, Emma E., 92, Mainesburg, Pa., stud- 
ent S. N. S., Mansfield, Pa. 
Miller, John L., 85, Corning, N. Y., teacher. 
Miller, Lillian Rebecca, 93, Lovelton, Pa., 

Miller, William B., 86, Moscow. Pa., teacher. 
Miller, Willis S., 88, Tunkhannock, Pa., 

graduate Lafayette 1894, lawyer. 
Millmore, Mrs. Win. (nee Ida M. Rogers), &3, 

Sitka, Alaska. 
MUls, John, 76 1 No.416 Guaranty Loan Build- 
ing, Minneapolis, Minn., civil engineer. 
Mills, Mrs. Jno. (nee Rose Voorhess), M 73, 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
Mills, Mrs. Dr. J. M. (nee Lizzie Z. Beverson), 

82, Antrim, Pa. 
Mills, L. Agnes, 88, Ariel, Pa., teacher. 
Mills, Rachel Addie, 94, Round Top, Pa., 

"Ming, Jacob K., 73. 
Mitchell, Franc C. (Mrs. William C.Edwards), 

77, Larned, Kansas. 
Mitchell, Mrs. H. A. (nee Kate Neal), 84, 

Blossburg, Pa. 

Mitchell, Mary (Mrs. ), 89, Wells, Pa. 

Mold, Fred, 87, Blossburg, Pa. 

Mollahan, Anna A., 90, No. 345 Park Ave 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Mongan, Kate A., 92, Dunmore, Pa., teacher. 
Montgomery, Charles Richard, 93, West 

Franklin, Pa., teacher. 
Moody, Lizzie B.(Mrs.S. M.Huston), 86,Frank- 

lindale, Pa. 
Moody, Nono (Mrs. Eugene T. Barnes), 87, 

No.1439 N.Fifteenth St.Philadelphia,Pa. 
Moon, Charles J., 89, Butternut Grove, N. Y., 

Supt. Colchester Chemical Co. 
Moore, Mrs. Frederick (nee Emma B. Hunt) 

M 71,Binghamton, N. Y. 
Moran, Mrs. Jno. L. (nee Mary R.Richards) 

85, Rock Island. 111. 
More, Ed. v., 84, Castle, Mont., ranchman. 
Morgan, Edward W., 92, New Milford, Pa., 

teacher at Canton, Pa. 
Morgan, Elizabeth Roberts, 94, Kingston, Pa. 
Morley, Fannie, 90, No. 1720 N. Fifth St., 

Harrisburg, Pa., teacher. 
Morley, Grace E., 91, Green's Landing, Pa., 


Morris, Mrs. Wilbur H. (nee Carrie A. Coop 

er), 89, Tunkhannock, Pa. 
Morrison, Sarah (Mrs. B. F. Werline), 71, 

Liberty, Pa. 
Morse, Kate, 93, Athens, Pa., teacher. 
Morse, Lucy M., 77, Montrose, Pa., teacher. 
Moorse. William D., 91, West Franklin, Pa., 

Principal of Schools, Afton, N. Y. 
Morse, R. Lena (Mrs. Rev. T. D. Butler), E 71, 

S 79,Abington,Knox Co., 111. 
*Mowrey, Alfred, 83. 
Mulhern, Mary J., 87, No. 138 S. Grant St., 

Wilkes- 3arre, Pa., teacher. 
Munn, Alice R. (Mrs. Ralph E. Burdick), 89, 

Smethport, Pa. 
Munro. Belle. 94, Morris Run, Pa., teacher. 
Murdough, George P., 83, No. 5501 Lake Ave., 

Chicago, 111. 
Murphy, John Lester, 93, Mansfield, Pa., 

Murphy, Katharine Elizabeth,93,Morris Run, 
Pa., teacher. 

Murray, M. A., 88, Hazle Ave., Wilkes-Barre, 
Pa., teacher. 

Murray, Petronella. 90, Arnot, Pa., teacher. 

Myer, Nelle Rita, 92, Towanda, Pa., teacher. 

Myer, Tlios. E., 69, Towanda, Pa., Life In 

Nailen, May, 91, Canton, Pa., teacher. 

Nares, Mrs. Geo. (nee Mlna Hall). 82, Corn- 
ing, N. Y. 

Nash, Sara Agnes, 93, Antrim, Pa., teacher. 

Neal, Kate (Mrs. H. A. Mitchell), 84, Bloss- 
burg, Pa. 

Neefe, Addie C. (Mrs. Ernest L. Wells), 87, 
Oswayo, Pa. 

Nelson, Alexander, 82, 117 Chestnut St., Phil- 
adelphia, Pa., book-keeper. 

Nesbitt, Mrs. (nee E. Jennie Lain), 83, Kings- 
ton, Pa. 

Newell, Mrs. Rev. Chas. K. (nee Hattie B. 
Pitts), S3, Big Flats, N.Y. 

Newell, Frank M., 80, Mansfield. Pa., dentist. 

Nicholson, Mrs. Rev. J. (nee Blanche Crowl), 
88, Bioghamton, N. Y. 

*Nields, Anna, 68. 

Oakley, Martha L., 92, No. 312BatvSt.,Elmi- 
ra, N. Y., teacher. 

O'Boyle, Ella J.,90, No. 218 Railroad Ave., 
Scranton, Pa , teacher. 

O'Boyle, Kate, 93, No. 218 Railroad Ave., 
Scranton, Pa. 

O'Connell, Anna Gertrude, 93, Harrisburg, 
Pa., teacher 

O'Connell. Catherine M., 90, No. 1351 Vernon 
St , Harrisburg, Pa., teacher. 

O'Connor, Lura. 93. Morris, Pa. 

O'Dell, Mrs. T. E (nee Agnes M. Baynes), 80, 
Mansfield, Pa. 

Olmsted, Clement J., 78, Woilsville, N. Y„ 
medical student, Ann Arbor. 

O'Neill, Anna C, E 85, M 85, No. 212 North 
Main St., Wilkes-Barr», Pk 

O'Neill, Daniel L.,89, No. 212. N. Main St., 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa., teacher. 



F., 86, Forest Lake, Pa. 

Osborne, Chas 

♦Osthaus. Arthur C, 75. 
Overfleld, Edward F.,86, Silver Plume.Colo., 

Overfield,Minnie,93, Meshoppen,Pa.,teacher. 
Owen, May, 92, Job's Corners, Pa., teacher. 
Owen, Minnie Maud, 93, Job's Corners, Pa., 

Owen, William F., 84, Phillips, Wis. .lawyer. 
Painter, Frances M. (Mrs D. M. Blrkett), 89, 

Elmira, N. Y., teacher. 
Palmer. Eunice L. (Mrs. C. S. Vail), 79, New 

Milford. Pa. 
Palmer, Helen M., 70, Mansfield, Pa. 
Palmer, Jessie F. (Mrs. Lloyd G. Bullard),89, 

Canton, Pa. 
Palmer, Ulysses Grant, 80, Hutton, Md., 

Parfltt, Isaac C, 83, Morris Run, Pa., miner. 
Park, Mrs A. D. (nee M. Annie Demorest). 

75. Waverly, N. Y. 
Parke, Leonard A., 79, Russell, Kan. .teacher. 
Parks, Emma E. (Mrs. Ed Burton), 76,Mans- 

fleld, Pa. 
♦Parsons, Edna, 79. 

Pattison, Emily M. (Mrs. Adolph N. Wil- 
liams), 75, Stockholm, Sweden. 
Patton, Melcora (Mrs. J.B.Purdy), 83,Oakes- 

dale. Wash. 
Paul, Anna L.,67, Philadelphia, Pa.,teacher. 
Payne, Katharine M., 91, Morris.Pa., teacher. 
Pearson, Mrs. Samuel (nee Evalina Hickcox), 

82, Wellsboro, Pa. 
Peck, Anna G. (Mrs. William H. Capell), 83, 

Mansfield, Pa. 
Peck, Mrs. C. L. (nee Ida M. Stoddard), 71, 

Coudersport, Pa. 
Peck, Eva (Mrs. Wm. Spoor), 72, Osceola, Pa 
Peck, Welland A., 92, Elmherst, Pa., teacher. 
Peck, William H., 81, Nelson, Pa. 
Perkins. Ruth M., 89, Hazleton, Pa., teacher. 
Perry, Mrs. A. M. (nee Carrie A. Pratt), 77 

Mainesburg, Pa. 
Peterson, Mrs. W. S. (nee Helen O. Brandt) 

71, Rapid City, Black Co., Dak. 
Phillips, Cora H., (Mrs. Chas. H. Ashton), 

91, Cambridge, Mass. 
Phillips, Helen (Mrs. E. A. Cruttenden), 90, 

Troy, N. Y. 
Phoenix, Lydia Ellen, 79, A. M., 0. M., M. A., 

Troy, Pa. 
Pitts, David L., 75, Campbells, N. Y., clergy- 
Pitts, Hattie B. (Mrs. Rev. Chas. K. Newell), 

83. Big Flats, N. Y. 

Pitts, Mary Ellen, 93, Mansfield, Pa., teacher. 

Pitts, Wayne Apollos, 91, Mansfield, Pa., mer- 

Piatt, Mrs. (nee Elitabeth S. Atwood), 88. 
Herricksville, Pa. 

Pneuman, Susie A., 89, Meshoppen, Pa., 

Pollock, Mrs. Alexander, (nee Mary E. Greg- 
ory), 87, Antrim, Pa. 

♦Porter, Mrs. Wm. (nee Abbie G. LeVan,) 85. 

Potter, Electa L., 90, North Jackson, Pa., 

Potter, Faye R., M 91, Hammond, Ind., mu- 

^ip "tpfljpliPT* 
Potter, Frances Josephine, 93, Keeneyville, 

Powers, Mrs. W. W. (nee Emarene Conard,) 

67, Kennett's Square, Pa. 
Pratt, Carrie A.(Mrs. A. M. Perry), 77, Maines- 
burg, Pa. 
Pratt. Frank L., 93. Mansfield, Pa., teacher. 
Pratt. FredH., 88, East Charleston, Pa., far- 
mer. , 
Pratt, Mrs. Fred H. (nee Stella Snover), 89, 

East Charleston, Pa. 
Pratt, Vine R., 68, Reynoldsville, Pa., civil 

Pratt, Mrs. V. R. (nee Alice E. Darling), 68 

Reynoldsville, Pa. 
Presho, Bertha Mabel, 93, Raymond, Pa., 

fcp tidier 
Presho, Chester Edward, 90, Raymond, Pa., 

Preston, Elizabeth H., 92, East Troy, Pa., 

tp richer 
Preston, Emma J., 79, Meshoppen, Pa. 
Preston, Mrs. M. C. (nee Naomi S.Wilcox), 75, 

Canton, Pa. 
Preston, Susan R. (Mrs. E. G. Seamands), 67, 

Tioga, Pa. 
*Prevost, Vernet Edward. 79. 
Prosser, Cleora E., M. D., 80, Wheaton, 111. 
Prutsman, Angeline Horton, 94, Lawrence- 

"villp Pel tenctier 
Purcell, Kate A., 85,Spokane, Wash.,teacher. 
Purdy, Mrs. J. B. (nee Melcora Patton), 83, 

Oakesdale, Wash, 
uinlan, Katharine,88, Harford, Pa.,teacaer. 
uinn, John J., 91, No. 371 Hazle St., Wilkes- 

Barre, Pa., teacher. 
Rafter, Laura Etta, 91, No. 429 Linden St., 

Scranton, Pa., teacher. 
Raker, Lenora G., 84, No. 2319 Douglas St., 

Omaha, Neb., stenographer. 
Ralston, Ella P.,67,Honeybrook, Pa. .teacher. 
♦Ralston, Mary A. G.. 67. 
Ramsdell, Florian Lee, 90, Mansfield, Pa., 

Ramsdell, Ida Luella, M 91, Corning, N. Y. 
Ransom, Lucy (Mrs. W. R. Longstreet), 82, 

Mansfield, Pa. 
Raymond, Robb Roe, 93, North Bingham.Pa., 

Read, J. Anabel, 83, No. 935 Logan Ave., San 
Diego, Cal., teacher. 

Reading. James H., 78,Ridgway, Pa., lumber- 

Reading, Mrs. James H. (nee Phida E.Beards- 

ley), 78, Ridgway, Pa. 
, Reese, Addie L. (Mrs. O. E. Crediford), 79, An- 
trim, Pa. 

Reese, Amos Philip. 93, Round Top, Pa., 
student at LaFayette college, Easton, 

Reese, Ina (Mrs. William C. Marvin), 89, 
Lawnsdale Station, Philadelphia, Pa. 


Reese, Mrs. J. E. (nee Anna R. Farrer), 70, 

Mansfield, Pa. 
*Reese. M. Louise, 80. 
Regan, Ella T., 88, No. 54 Jackson St., Wilkes- 

Barre, Pa., teacher. 
Retan, Olney A., A. M., 79, Wellsburg, N. Y., 

Rew, Eleanor. 84, Weeping Water, Cass, Co., 

Neb., teacher. 
Rexford, Cora E. (Mrs. Snyder), 81, Leetonia, 

Reynolds, Mrs. E. G. (nee Carrie M. Stevens), 

86, Fleetville. Pa. 
Rexford, Mrs. J. C. (nee Ada A. Baynes), 85, 

Mansfield, Pa. 
Reynolds. Harry A., E 88, S 91, 147th St., 

Harvey, 111. 
Reynolds, Joshua N., 87, Emmitt, Idaho, 

Reynolds, Kate. M. D. (Mrs. Dr. Stewart Lo- 

bingier), 70, Denver, Colo. 
Reynolds, Mary E., 93, South Gibson, Pa. 
Reynolds, Myra, 70, Poughkeepsie, N. Y.. 

teacher English Literature, Vassar 

Reynolds, Walter Gurnsey, M 91, St. Paul, 

Minn., clerk. 
Reynolds, Mrs. William (nee Mary D. Good- 
rich, 76, Elmira, N. Y. 
Ribble, Ella, 82, No. 585 Superior St., Toledo, 

Ribble, Emma (Mrs. William Barnes), 76, No. 

585 Superior St., Toledo, Ohio. 
Rice, Jennie Louise, 93, Lamb's Creek, Pa.. 

Richards, Alfred J., 88, Cherry Flats, Pa., 

Richards, J. W., 87, Bald Mount. Pa., teacher. 
Richards, Mary R. (Mrs. John L. Moran), 85, 

Rock Island, 111. 
Richmond, Colin Roy, 94, Elk Run, Pa.. 

Reibsam, Addie M., 81, Wellsboro, Pa.. 

Rifenburg, Mrs. F. M. (nee Emma C.Vought), 

Riley, Mrs. Stewart (nee Eva L. Ely), 80, 

Springfield, Pa. 
Ripley, Adaline May, 92, Mansfield, Pa., 

Ripley, Sara Eleanor, 93. Lamb's Creek, Pa., 

Rlssell, Nellie A., 89, Williamsport, Pa., 

Rltter. Charles T., 91, Nauvoo, Pa., teacher. 

Ritter, Ella N„ 85, Liberty, Pa., medical stu- 
dent Woman's Med. College, Phila. 

Ritter, Margaret A., 86, Nauvoo, Pa.,teacher. 

Roberts, Ellen, 91, Plymouth, Pa., teacher. 

Robinson, Ella V. (Mrs. A. G. EstaBrook), 89, 
Mt. Alton, Pa. 

Robinson. Ina, 89. Strasburg, Pa., teacher. 

Robinson, Jennie C, 85, Nicholson, Pa., 

Roblyer, Herbert, 77. Wellsboro, Pa., farmer. 

Rockwell. Mrs. Chas. S. (nee Lucy M. Hol- 
lands). 78, Blossburg, Pa. 
Rockwell, Frances L. (Mrs. Coly J. Beach), 

88. Mansfield, Pa. 
Rockwell, Mrs. Frank H. (nee Lucy B. Bailey) , 

88, Wellsboro, Pa. 
Rockwell. Nellie M. (Mrs. Chester Blanch- 

ard), 77, Farmington Hill, Pa. 
Rockwell, Rose S. (Mrs. Samuel F. Mclnroy), 

87, Charleston. Pa. 
Rockwell, Teressa Holmes (Mrs. Dr. Herbert 

P. Haskin). 92, Gaines, Pa. 
Roderick, Mrs. D. D. (nee Mary A. Griffith), 

83. Wilkes-Barre. Pa. 
Roe, John C, 80, Keeneyville, Pa. 
Rogers, Ida M.(Mrs.Wm. Millmore), 83, Sitka, 

Alaska, missionary. 
Rogers, William Louis, 91, Harford, Pa., 

Rolloson, Mrs. Metta D.. 93, Alba, Pa. .teacher. 
Rose, Emerson J., 67, No. 1115 C. St., N. E. 

Washington, D. C. 
Rose, Jay W., 90, No, 776 Elmwood Ave.,Buf- 

falOj N. Y., clerk. 
Rose, Julia A., 91, Mainesburg, Pa., teacher. 
Rosengrant, Emery Judson, 85, Mansfield, 

Pa., clergyman. 
Rosenkrans, Daniel H., 86, Fairdale, Pa., 

Rosenkrans, E. C. 88 Fairdale. Pa. 
Ross, Charles S., 7H, Mansfield, Pa., banker. 
Ross, Mrs. Edward H. (nee Mary E. Waldo), 

92, Mansfield, Pa. 
Rounds, Herman II., 91, Uniondale, Pa., 

teacher in Pleasant Mt. Academy. 
Rounds, Wellington, 93, Uniondale, Pa. 
iRowe, Ella E. (Mrs. A. S. Carver), 75, Breck- 
inridge, Texas. 
Rumsey, Albert J., 77, Leona, Pa., farmer 

and teacher. 
Rumsey, Grace, M 94. Mainesburg, Pa. 
Rundall, Ed. A., 80, Tioga, Pa., clerk. 
Russell, Flora May, 90, Orwell, Pa., teacher. 
IRyan, Stella M., 88, Wellsboro, Pa., teacher. 
Ryon, David H., 78, Lawrencevllle, Pa., far- 
'Ryon, Wm. W., 74, Shamokin, Pa., lawyer. 
Sabln, Charles, 77, Elkland, Pa., teacher. 
ISackrider, Daniel A., 74, Randolph, N. Y., 

Sampson, Anna Eliza, 91, Crooked Creek, Pa., 

teacher. » 

Samuel.John, 93. No. 63 Sheridan St.,Wilkes- 

Barrk, Pa., teacher at Harford, Pa. 
Sandbach,EmilyM.89,Wellsboro,Pa., teacher. 
Sands, Mrs. Frank E. (nee Edna M.Furman), 

86, Scottdale, Pa. 
Sanford, Walton A.,86,Waverly. Pa.,teacher. 
Satterlee, Mrs. D. L. (nee Frank Kemp), 80, 

Jackson Township, Tioga Co., Pa. 
Satterlee, Esther Ennis, 73, Elmira, N. Y., 

Saylor, Mrs. J. F. (nee Lottie A. Dean), 78, 
Lincoln, Neb. 




Schmitt, Mrs. Carl (nee Mary Emma Cod- 

dington),90,N. Main St., Wilkes-Barre. 

*Scott, Lillian (Mrs. George Trim), 71. 
Scouten, Hattie B.,88,Sylvania, Pa.,teacher. 
Scouten, Jennie. 91, Sylvania, Pa„ teacher. 
Scouten, John G.. 76, Dunshore, Pa., lawyer. 
Seaniands, Mrs. E. G. (nee Susan R.Preston). 

67, Tioga, Pa. 
Searles, Jennie B., 88,Seeleyville, Pa.,teacher 

at Los Angeles, Cal. 
Seely, Lena Edna, 94, Nelson, Pa., student 

S. N. S., Mansfield. Pa. 
Selby, George W., 78, Utica. N. Y., architect. 
Selph, Frank D., 82, Nelson, Pa., teacher. 
Shappee, William A., M. D.,71, No. 107 W. 

Main St., Xenia, Ohio. 
Shappee, Mrs. Dr. William A. (nee Hattie D. 

Close), 73, Xenia, Ohio. 
Sharpe, Arthur B., 92, Jenningsville, Pa., 

Shattuck, Alfred J., 77, Wellshoro, Pa., grad- 
uate LaFayette, lawyer. 
Shaughnessy, Agnes, 88, Wilkes-Barre, Pa., 

tpp f"j~]PT 

Shaw.Anna Louise,91,Mansfield,Pa.,teacher 
Shaw, Benjamin Franklin, 92, Mansfleld,Pa. 

student S. N. S. 
Shaw, Delos Whitman, 93, Farmington Hill 

pp tpjucliGi* 
Shaw Edith L. (Mrs. T. P. Jones), 88, Mans 

field, Pa., student S. N. S. 
Shaw, Edward Porter, 93, Lamb's Creek.Pa., 

*Shaw, Eliza J. (Mrs. Julius M. Bates), 71. 
Shaw, Ella L., 72. Mansfield, Pa., teacher. 
Shaw. James A., 90, Blossburg, Pa„ teacher, 
Shaw, John H., 89, Mansfield, Pa., teacher. 
Shaw, Llewellyn, 91, Mansfield. Pa., teacher. 
Shaw, Mary E., 88, Mansfield, Pa., teacher. 
Shaw, Nellie Leone,94,Mansfield,Pa., teacher. 
Shay, Oscar D.. M. D., 83, Montrose, Pa. 
Shea, Mary G., 90, No. 311 Pittston, Aye., 

Scranton, Pa., teacher. 
Shelter, Maud E. (Mrs. Harry J. Wilcox), 

Wellsboro, Pa. 
Sheive, Will G., 79, Millerton, Pa., teacher. 
Shelve, Mrs. Will G., (nee Mettie Voorhees), 

83, Millerton, Pa. 
Shelly, Richard, 93, Ransom, Pa. 
Shepard, Nana, 91, Mansfield, Pa., teacher. 
Shepard, Nettie, 87, Seeley Creek, N. Y., 

Sherer. Hannah (Mrs. Hannah S. Lusch), M 

73, No. 567 Carlton. Ave.,Brooklyn,N.Y. 
Sherer, Mary, 70, South Montrose, Pa. 
Sherer, Sarah A., 71, No. 564 Carlton Ave., 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Sherman. E. H., 87, Springfield, Pa.,teacher. 
Sherwood, Hugh M., 92, Mansfield. Pa., sur- 
veyor and law student. 
Sherwood,Minnie, Elizabeth, 94,Washington, 

Shipman, Mabel Rose, 93, Mansfield, Pa., 

Shove, Fannie H. (Mrs. F. E. Watrous), 75, 

Wellsboro, Pa. 
Shove, Sarah J. (Mrs. C. H. Knoxt, 66, Man- 
son, la. 
Shultz, John A., 87, Arnot, Pa., clerk. 
Sidman, Mrs. Arthur C.(nee Ella May Brooks), 

90, Hornellsville, N. Y. 
Silvius, Gertrude Minerva, 94, No. 18 S. Wells 

St. Wilkes-Barre, Pa., teacher. 
Silvius. Lulu Ruth, 90, No. 18 S. Wells St., 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa., teacher. 
Simmons, Frank W.. 82, Salamanca, N. Y., 

traveling auditor U. S. Leather Co. 
Simmons, Mrs. Rev. F. P. (nee IdaL. Lowns- 

berry), 88, Almond, N. Y. 
Simmons, John L., 89, Salamanca, N. Y., 

Simmons, Laura L.(Mrs. Myron L.Whitman), 

76, Farmington Hill, Pa. 
Simrell, Carrie Agnes, 90, Wilkes-Barre, Pa„ 

*SimreIl, Eugene W., 72. 
Slade, Byron B.,69 Whitesville,N.Y.,druggist, 
*Smalley, Mrs.W. R.(neeHelenH.Loomis).7l. 
Smiley, Mrs. J. Mert (nee Cora A. Haight),90, 

E. Canton, Pa. 
Smith, Augustus B., M. D., 82, No. 51 East 

Diamond St., Allegheny City, Pa. 
Smith, Belle A., 90, Starrucca, Pa., teacher. 
Smith, Bertha Gertrude, 93, Liberty, Pa., 

Smith, Carrie Mabel, 90, Montrose, Pa., 

Smith, Cora Belle, E 90, M 91, Binghamton, 
H. Y., music teacher. 

Smith, Ella M. (Mrs. V. Fletcher), 8™, Maines- 
burg, Pa. 

Smith, Francis M., E 71, S 74, Arcade, Wyom- 
ing, Co., N. Y., Principal schools. 

Smith, Mrs. Francis M. (nee Florence A. 
Keeney, 72, Arcade, N. Y. 

Smith, Gaius R., 80, Mount Pleasant, Pa., 

Smith, Grace L., 91, Montrose, Pa,, teacher. 

Smith, Joseph N., M. D., 80, Wellsboro, Pa. 

Smith, Mrs. J. T. (nee Lucy Bunnell). 80, 
Montrose. Pa. 

Smith, Katharine D., 88, Dunmore, Pa., 

Smith, Margaret G., 92, No. 71 Loomis St., 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa., teacher. 
Smith, Melvin Eugene, M 91, Syracuse, N. Y. 
Smith, Mildred, |93, Mansfield, Pa., teacher. 
Smith, Morton Hartman. 94, Mansfield, Pa., 

medical student Philadelphia. 
Smith, R. Belle, M. D. (Mrs. Dr. Charles A. 

Beach), 75, Waverly, N. Y. 
Smith, Samuel W., 71, Port Allegany, Pa., 

Smoulter, Elizabeth C.,88,Wilkes-Barre,Pa., 

jpo pTipi* 
Snover, Stella (Mrs. Fred H. Pratt), 89, East 

Charleston, Pa. 
Snyder, Mrs. (nee Cora E. Rexford), 81, Lee- 

tonia, Pa. 


Soper, Clinton Elbert, 94, Covington, Pa 

Soper, Elwin, 69, Rutland, Pa., farmer. 
Spaulding, Rose, 94, Chatham Valley, Pa. 
Spencer, Emma D., 88, Eleven Mile, Pa 

Spencer, Elwin A., 74, Mansfield, Pa., steward 

S. N. S. 
Spencer, Flora I., 69, Riviera, Dade Co., Fla., 

Post-Master and Telegrapher. 
Spencer, Fred Fellows, 92, Canoe Camp, Pa. 

Spencer, Ina V. (Mrs. Lewis K. Foote), 86. 

Annin Creek, Pa. 
Spencer, Louis A., 85, West Superior, Wis., 

Sperry, Eva E., 84, Wellsboro, Pa., deputy 

Register and Recorder Tioga Co. 
Spoor, Mrs. William (nee Eva Peck), 72, Os- 
ceola, Pa. 
Sprague, Mrs. W. L. (nee Alice A. Everett), 

M 7.3, Buffalo, N. Y. 
Spurr. Mrs. G. D. (nee Fannie J. Voorhees), 

68, Puyallup, Wash. 
Squier. Etta (Mrs. Frank F. James), 88. Ely, 

Squier, Violetta, 88, Niven, Pa., teacher. 
Squires, Arthur William, 94, Sullivan, Pa., 

Stapleton, Daniel P., 79, Lewisburg, Pa., 

principal of schools. 
Stark, John Gerry, 87, East Lemon, Pa. 

bank clerk. 
Stark, Oscar David, 88, East Lemon, Pa., 

Starkey, Emma L. (nee Mrs. A.Waldo Lugg), 

86, Knoxville, Pa. 
Starkey Foster H.,81, Mansfield, Pa. teacher 

South Jersey Institute, Bridgton, N. J. 
Starner, Chas. J.. 81, Lindley, N.Y., teacher. 
Starner, Herbert R., 84, Ulysses, Pa., sta- 
tion agent. 
Stearnes, Geo. A., 88, Harford.Pa., teacher. 
Steere, Charles, 67, No. 27 School St., Bos- 
ton, Mass., lawyer. 
Steigerwalt, William F., 68. Carroll, Iowa, 

surveyor and farmer. 
Steigmaier. Mrs. Geo. (nee Mame G. Cos- 

tello), 86, Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Stephens, Clara A. (Mrs. Benjamin Black), 

63, Idaho Springs, Colo. 
Stephens, Wm. M., 76, Williamsport, Pa., 

Stevens, Alden J., 89, Nicholson, Pa., drug 

Stevens, Alice Margarite, 90, Keeneyville, 

Stevens, Arther J.', 78, No. 420 S. Main St., 
Los Angeles, Cal., dentist. 

Stevens, Carrie (Mrs. I. M. Gray), 88, Mont- 
rose, Pa. 

Stephens, Carrie M. (Mrs. E. G. Reynolds), 
86, Fleetville, Pa. 

Stevens, Dora L. (Mrs. A. W. Levisee), 77, 
Lemon, Pa. 

Stevens, Grace Matilda, A 91,Hammond, Pa. 

Stevens, Jeannette Eunice, 94, Coudersport, 

Pa., teacher. 
Stevens, Mollie T., 92, Coudersport, Pa., 

Stevens, Mrs. (nee Emma Hayden), 84, Elm- 
hurst, Pa. 
Stevens, Mrs. P. A. (nee Ellen R. Doane), 69, 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
Stevenson, Mrs. A. W. (nee Kate Barden),84, 

Mansfield, Pa. 
Stevenson, Robert Kerr, 83, Morris Run, 

Pa., student State College, Pa. 
Stewart, John Q., St C E, 85, Harrisburg. 

Pa., Deputy Supt. Public Instruction. 
Stickney, Jessie F., 82, Hornellsville, N. Y. 
Stiles, Milton D., 69, Elmira, N. Y., traveling 

Stilwell, Jessie Sellna, 93, Trowbridge, Pa. 

Stoddard, Ida M.(Mrs.C.L.Peck),71, Couders- 
port, Pa. 
Stone,Daniel A.. 81, No. 710 South Main Ave., 

Scranton, Pa., teacher. 
Stone, Lottie A., 84, Berchardville, Pa., 

Stone, Myrtle' Jeannette, E 91, M 91, Denver, 

Colo., teacher hi Conservatory Music. 
Stone, Norman C, 80. 
Stone, William A., 68, No. 110 Diamond St., 

Pittsburg, Pa., lawyer and member of 

Storms, Alice Bennett, 94, Big Flats, N. Y., 

Story, Mrs.Frank (nee Marv J. Briggs) 66., 
Strait, Editli M. (Mrs. Thomas D. Farrer),89, 

Boise City. Idaho. 
Strait, George Bennett, 87, Knoxville, Pa., 

Principal public schools. 
Stratton, Jennie M. (Mrs. William C. Town- 
send), 88, Hornellsville, N. Y. 
Strauss, Carrie Elizabeth, 90, Sayre, Pa., 

Strauss, Mrs. S. (nee Minnie Weiss), 83, 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Strickland, John J., 88, Springville, Pa., 

Stringfellow, Mrs. J. W. (nee Mary I. Gil- 

lett), 68, Keewaydin, Pa. 
Strong, Harriette Louise, 94, Springfield, 

Pa., teacher. 
Strong, Phoebe (Mrs. B. F. Hyatt), M 91, No. 

1405 Main St., Peekskill, N. Y. 
Stull, Emmett W., 88, Elkland, Pa., student 

in Ohio State University. 
*Stull, Nancy M., 74. 
Sucese, Julia Augusta, A 94, Mansfield, Pa., 

teacher of Art S. N. S. 
Swan, David Z., 82, Wellsboro, Pa., book- 
keeper First National Bank. 
*Sweet, Frances R., 89. 
Tabor, Mrs. Harris (nee Stella Young), 67. 
Tabor, Mrs. Harris (nee H. Jean Johnson), 

graduate Holyoke, S 82, Elmira, N. Y. 
Tate, John H., 68, Smethport, Pa. 
Taylor, Jasper C, 81, Scranton, Pa., Supt. 

schools of Lackawanna county. 



Taylor, T. Herbert,S6,Mansfleld,Pa.,teacher. 

Taylor, Mrs. W. D. (nee Amy A. Davis), 67, 
Mansfiold, Pa. 

Tears, Alice E. (Mrs. George G. Beardsley), 
80, Troy, Pa. 

Tebo, Levi D , M. D., 68, No. 163 Farnsworth 
Ave., Bordentown, N. J., physician. 

Terry, Nathan Lacey, 89, Towanda, Pa. 

Tewksbury, A. L., 75, Harriman, Tenn., ste 

Thomas, Mrs. C. M. (nee Carrie V. Billings), 
86, Starkville, Pa. 

♦Thomas. Edith, 90. 

Thomas, Elizabeth, 90, No. 320 Market St. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. , teacher. 

Thomas. George M., 93, No. 350 Hazle Ave. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa., teacher. 

Thomas, Grace Vernon, 92, Adrian, Mich. 

Thomas, Helen B.,88, Adrian, Mich.,student. 

Thomas, Jennie E.,E 86, M 86, S 88, Adrian, 
Mich., teacher. 

Thorne, May M., 84, Horseheads, N. Y., 

Tiffany, J Louise, 93, Montrose, Pa, teacher. 

Tiffany, Nellie J , 90, Brooklyn, Pa , teacher. 

Tinkham. Brush Fenton, 90, Waverly, Pa., 
insurance agent. 

Tinirley, Ida May, 93. Harford, Pa., teacher. 

Tingley, R. May, 86, New Milford, Pa., stu- 
dent S. N. S., Mansfield, Pa. 

Toye, John J., 93, Pittston, Pa., teacher. 

Townsend, Mrs. William C. (nee Jennie M. 
Stratton), 88, Hornellsville. N. Y. 

Tracey, Cora Adelaide, 90, Westfleld, Pa., 

•Tracey, Elouise, 68. 

♦Tracey, Helena Lois, 90. 

Tracey, Judah D , 79, Wetona, Pa., mer- 

Treat, Alice (Mrs. Jud A. Butler), 91, Osce- 
ola, Pa. 

Treible, Robert B., 85, No. 59 S. Grand St., 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa., teacher. 

Treible, Mrs. Robt. B. (nee Carrie Guard).S5, 
No. 59 S. Grand St., Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

*Trim. Mrs George S. (nee Lillian Scott), 71. 

Trim, Sirs. George S. (nee Cora L. Close), 78, 
Westfleld, Pa. 

Trowbridge, Georgiana (Mrs. O. W. Fergu- 
son). 85, No. 526 Gray St., Ehnlra, N. Y. 

Turrell. Marion C, 82, Drums, Pa., teacher. 

Twltmyer, George Wells. St C S 90, Hones- 
dale, Pa., Principal Public Schools. 

Updyke, Austin Hiel, 94, Jackson Summit, 
Pa , teacher. 

Updyke, Fannie Bell, 94, Jackson Summit, 
Pa., teacher. 

Updike, Harriet Elouise (Mrs. Frank A.Cole- 
man), 88, Sheffield, Pa. 

Upham, Caroline. 94. Neath, Pa., teacher. 

Vail, Mrs. C. S. (nee Eunice L. Palmer), 79, 
New Milford, Pa 

Vail, Frances Graee,92,Jermvn.Pa ,teacher. 

Valentine, Jennie M. (Mrs. Nelson Hayes), 
84, No 156 McLean St., Wilkes-Barre, 

Valentine, William Orson, 84, Supt. Normal 
Dept., Rangoon Baptist College, Ran- 
goon, Burma. 

VanAman, Tillie (Mrs. J. C. Campbell), 87, 
Wilbcs-BcirrG Pft 

VanDusen, Mrs. F.'(nee Delia Hall), 85. 

VanGorder, Franklin, 91,Tunkhannock, Pa., 

VanKeuren, Mrs. F. E. (nee Kate E. Van 

Ness), 81, Mansfield, Pa. 
Vapnauker. George N., 82, White Haven, 

Pa., publisher. 
VanNess, Kate E. (Mrs. F. E. VanKeuren), 

81, Mansfield, Pa. 
♦VanNess, Minnie. 87. 

VanNess. Susie. 90. Mansfield, Pa., teacher. 
VanNort, Charles Franklin, Jr.. 93, No. 436 

Adams Ave., Scranton, Pa., teacher. 
Vermilyea, Adelbert R., 66. No. 4556 Lake 

Ave., Chicago. 111., salesman. 
♦Vermilyea. William H., 69. 
Vincent, Rose B., M 71, Wysox, Pa., teacher 

in Buffalo. N. Y. 
Voorhees, Amanda (Mrs. Elwood Clark), 85, 

foot of E. 128th St.. New York City. 
Voorhees, Fannie J. (Mrs. G. D. Spurr), 68, 

Puyallup, Wash. 
Voorhees, Grant S..90,Daggett, Pa., teacher. 
Voorhees, Mettie (Mrs. William G. Shieve), 

83, Millerton, Pa. 
Voorhees, Pearl E.,92, Daggett, Pa. .teacher. 
Voorhees, Rose (Mrs. John Mills), M 73, Min- 
neapolis, Minn. 
Voorhees, Shepard, M. D.,81, Newtown.N.J., 

Vought, Emma C. (Mrs. F. M. Rifenburg),75, 

Rome, Pa. 
Walbridge, George Barnes, 93, Stony Forks, 

Pa., student Lafayette College,Easton, 

Waldo, Mary E. (Mrs. Edward H. Ross), 92, 

Mansfield, Pa. 
Waldo, Stella, M 71, No. 81 5th Ave., New 

York City, teacher vocal music. 
Walker, Bertha May, 91, Covington, Pa., 

Walker, Huston F., 86, Blossburg, Pa., 

Waller, Nellie A. (Mrs. John Walter), 85, No. 

349 N 8th St., Lebanon, Pa. 
Walsh, Margaret, 87, Wilkes-Barre, Pa., 

Walsh, Mary, 93, No. 246 Railroad Ave., 

Scranton, Pa., teacher. 
Walter, Mrs. John (nee Nellie A. Waller), 85, 

No. 349 N. 8th St„ Lebanon, Pa. 
Walters, Kate, M 73, Mansfield. Pa. 
♦Warner, Emma L. (Mrs. F. H. Whitaker), 

Warner, Eva Louise, M 92,Jacksonville,N.Y. 
Warner, Grace Edith, 92, Jacksonville, N, 

Y., teacher. 
Warren, Gertrude, 83, Nelson, Pa., teacher. 
Warren, Jennie L. (Mrs. John Bunyen), 90, 

Canton, Pa. 


Warriner, Mrs. Rev. E. A. (nee Jessie E. 

Bolles), 79, Montrose, Pa. 
Washburn, Nellie Mae, 94, Wellsboro, Pa. . 

Watrous, Mrs. F. E. (nee Fannie H. Shove), 

75, Wellsboro, Pa. 
Watson, Fannie C.,90.Mansfleld, Pa., teacher. 
♦Watson, Mrs. W. T. (nee AnnaEdwards),87. 
Watts, Grace Delphine, 90, East Canton, Pa., 

Watts, James G., 80, Omaha, Neb., lawyer. 
Watts, Mary Louise, 93, Hast Canton, Pa., 

Watts, Rena (Mrs. Charles McDowell), 91, 

Sylvania, Pa. 
♦Weaver, Alice E. (Mrs. H. C. Freck), M 73. 
Webb, Mrs. L. W. (nee Lucy M. Knapp), 67, 

Wellsboro, Pa. 
Webb. Mrs. Watt (nee Frances R. Wylie). 73, 

No. 723 Troost Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 
Webster, Emma, 81, Windfall, Pa., teacher. 
Webster, Eugene E., M. D., 74, Hornellsville, 

N. Y., physician. 
Webster, E. W., 88. Xenia, 111., jeweler. 
Webster, Hobart, 82, No. 222 East 126th St.. 

New York City, stenographer. 
Webster, Jennie (Mrs. J. A. Hite), 81, Lin- 

coin, Neb. 
Webster, J. G., 87, Grand Forks, N. D.,book 

keeper and stenographer. 
Webstor, Milburn O., 73, Auburn, Pa. .farmer. 
Webster, O. A.,80, Grand Forks. N D., insur- 
ance and loan broker. 
Webster, Stella (Mrs. George Ludlum), 91. 

Crooked Creek. Pa. 
Webster, Sylvester J. ,92,Morris, Pa. .teacher. 
Weed, Alice T. (Mrs. George Barnes), 68. 

Trout Run, Pa. 
Weeks, Abbie E., 88, Elkland, Pa., teacher. 
Weeks, Sherman A., 85, Elkland, Pa., book 

Weiss, George L., 79, Eckley, Pa. 
Weiss, Minnie (Mrs. S. Strauss), 83, Wilkes 

Barre, Pa. 
♦Welch, Alice M., 70. 

Welch, Bertha M., 91, Mansfield, Pa., princi- 
pal's secretary S. N. S. 
Weldy, Burton E., 92, Madisonville, Pa. 

Welliver, Earl, 89, Elmira, N. Y., clerk. 

Welliver, Myrtle L. (Mrs. Frank H. Bailey) 
89, Elmira, N. Y. 

Wells, C. Sumner, 80, Trenton, N. J., whole- 
sale produce. 

Wells, Emily H., M. D., 70, No. 92 Chenango 
St., Binghamton, N. Y., physician. 

Wells, p:rnest L., 87, Oswayo, Pa.,merchant. 

Wells, Mrs. Ernest L. (nee Addie C. Neefe), 
87, Oswayo, Pa. 

Wells, Myrtle, 87, Oswayo, Pa., teacher. 

Wells, Walter, 87, Coudersport, Pa., lawyer. 

Wells, William O., 80, Trenton, N. J., whole- 
sale produce. 

Werline, Mrs. B. F. (nee Sarah Morrison), 71, 
Liberty, Pa. 

Werline, Marion M.,91,Liberty, Pa., teacher. 

Tioga, Pa., teacher. 
Harrisburg, Pa., 

Westbrook, Alta L., 85, 
Wetmore, William J., 

Wheeler, Benj. Clark, 71, Aspin. Pitkin Co., 

Colo., lawyer and journalist. 
♦Wheeler, Mrs.Benj.C.(nee Carrie A.Bailey), 

Wheeler, Hllanor, 94, Pleasant Mount, Pa., 

Whipple, Mrs. A. M. (nee Cora B. Durand), 

85, Laceyville, Pa. 

Whipple, Mrs. C. B. (nee Marion L. Lacey), 

86, No. Ill Putnam Ave.,Brooklvn,N.Y. 
Whipple, Cullen H., M. D., 78, New P"ortage, 

O., physician. 
Whipple, Kate H.,M.D. (Mrs.Nelson S.Cory), 

68, Akron, O., physician. 
Whipple, Lucy J. (Mrs. Joseph C. Barnes), 

72, Mansfield, Pa. 

White, Burton C, 78, Ubet, Fergus Co.,Mon- 
tana, lawyer and sheep ranching. 

White, Cora M„ 84, Whitesville, N. Y. 

White, Olin, 92, Mansfield, Pa., teacher. 

Whiting, Amie S.,72, Midway, Ohio, teacher. 

Whitman, Myron L., 75, Farmington Hill, 
Pa., farmer. 

Whitman, Mrs. Myron L. (nee Laura L. Sim- 
mons), 76, Farmington Hill, Pa. 

♦Whittaker, Mrs. F. H. (nee Emma L. War- 
ner), 71. 

Wiggins, Carrie E. (Mrs. C. E. Lockwood),86, 
Ridgway, Pa. 

Wilcox, Adda Ethelyn, 94, Stony Fork, Pa., 

♦Wilcox, Daniel, L., 76. 

Wilcox, Mrs. Harry J. (nee Maud E. Sheffer), 
89, Wellsboro, Pa. 

♦Wilcox, Henry T., M. D., 76. 

Wilcox, Naomi S. (Mrs. M. C. Preston), 75, 
Canton, Pa. 

Wilcox, Viola. 87, Honesdale. Pa., teacher. 

Williammee, John T., 93, Hoytville, Pa., stud- 
ent S. N. S. Mansfield. 

Williammee, Orson, 75,Hoytville,Pa., farmer. 

Williams, Mrs. Adolph N. (nee Emily M. Pat- 
tison), 75, Stockholm. Sweden. 

Williams, Anna D. (Mrs. W. J. Evans), 89, 
No. 14S,v s. River St., Wilkes-Barre.Pa. 

Williams, Anna M. (Mrs. George Heibeck),91, 
Strasburg, Pa. 

Williams, Bertha G., 89, Springville, Pa., 

Williams, Bessie, 91, No. 200 High School St., 
Scranton, Pa., teacher. 

Williams, Gertrude, 92, No. 200 High School 
St., Scranton, Pa., teacher. 


Williams, Myra Lee (Mrs. T. W. Judge), 88, 
Mansfield, Pa. 

Williams, Mrs. Theo.F.fnee Emma C.Hayes), 

73, Mansfield, Pa. 

Wilson, Edgar Stephen, 90, Mansfield, Pa., 

Wilson, William Caldwell, 98, Blossburg, Pa., 





Winans, Clara, 91, South Auburn, Pa., stud- 
ent S. N. s:, Mansfield. 
Wood, Dann L., 91, Mansfield, Pa., student 

Union College, Schenectady, N. Y 
Wood, Galen, 72, Butte City, Montana,clergy- 

Wood, Harvey D., 84. Arnot, Pa., farmer. 
Wood. Mrs. Harvey D. (nee Jennie E. Calen- 
der), 84, Arnot, Pa. 
Wood, John Harrison, 90, New Milford, Pa 
Wood, Libbie E. (Mrs. Samuel H. Barrett),86, 

Hiram, Ohio. 
Wood, Mrs. Fred, (nee Ella M. Youmans),92. 

Westfleld, Pa. 
Woodbury, Chas. M., 82, Knoxville, Pa., 

Woodbury, Mrs. Chas. M., 82. Knoxville, Pa. 
Woodbury, Edgar E., 84, Knoxville, Pa., 

Woodford, Mrs. (nee Fannie L. Mattison), 83. 

Tunesassa, N. Y. 
Woodruff, Arthur E., 84, LeRaysville, Pa., 

Woodruff, Clara Elmina, 93, LeRaysville, Pa., 

Woodruff, Clarence S., S 82, grad. Yale, 

Scranton, Pa., lawyer. 
♦Woodruff, Mrs. Clarence S. (nee Susie M. 

Bullock), 79. 

Woodruff. Dora N. (Mrs. O. D. Goodrich), 74, 
Elmira, N. Y. 

Woodruff, Geo. W., 83, grad. Yale, No. 3607 
Locust St., Philadelphia, Pa., law stud- 
ent and instructor of Athletics, Uni- 
versity of Pennsylvania. 

♦Woodruff, Sarah A., 66. 

Worden, Maud Alma,91,Ulysses.Pa„teacher. 

Wright, Frances M.,M. D. (Mrs. Dr. Matthew 
B. Gault), 67, Markleton, Somerset Co., 

Wright, May E. (Mrs. Orange P. Barnes), 81, 
Leavenworth, Kan. 

Wright, Samuel Seward, 74, Montrose, Pa., 
Register and Recorder. 

Wylie, Elizabeth (Mrs. Jay H. Clark), 85, No. 
1433 Market St.. Harrisburg, Pa. 

Wylie, Frances R. (Mrs. Watt Webb), 73, No. 
723 Troost Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

Wylie, Janet. 88, Sugar Notch, Pa., teacher. 

Youmans, Ella M. (Mrs. Fred Wood), 92, 
Westfleld, Pa. 

Youmans, Levi A.,70,Gillett,Pa., telegrapher 
and station agent. 

Young, Ezra B., 68, Wellsboro, Pa., lawyer. 

♦Young, Stella (Mrs. Harris Tabor), 67. 

Summary of alumni. 

State Certificates— Scientific Course, 3 

State Certificates— Elementary Course, 3 

Normal Certificates— Scientific Course 27 

Normal Certificates— Elementary Course, 1,374 

Music, 48 

Art, 5 

Total 1,360 


Members of the Alumni are urgently requested to notify me of any error in name, 
address, or occupation, as given in this catalogue, of changes of address or occupation, 
and of deaths among the Alumni, that the same may appear correctly in the next cata- 

Notice of the marriage of the ladies of the Alumni is also desired, with the full 
name of the husband. JOS. S. HOARD, Sec'y Record Committee, 

Mansfield, Pa.